Chapter two: preparations.

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Warning: Language of course.


"Uh, no I don't think so." Ichigo silently screamed. He had been sat surrounded by several of Inoue's friends for the past ten minutes. He had received a total of twenty six questions, all based around his old home and the things he missed. It was driving the orangette insane, and he had only just met the group!

The petite raven haired girl, named Rukia continued to spew questions, she was the main culprit. She just wouldn't stop talking. She seemed to have some strange fascination with Japan. She appeared to be of Asian descent, but Ichigo wasn't too sure.

"You've never heard of Chappy?" the tan teen found himself wishing he had lied to the girl because now she was standing before him her fists clenched tightly at her sides. "Wait! I think my younger sister likes it." Ichigo replied, he honestly had no idea what kind of crap he was talking about but it seemed to have worked, the dark haired girl smiled slightly before sitting back down.

"It's really cool to have someone different here, out of all the foreign students we have had here, there's never been a Japanese citizen. It's quite irritating." Ichigo gave the girl a small smile, not really taking in anything she had been saying. Rummaging in his bag he pulled out the lunch his younger sister had prepared.

Ichigo was about to shove the box back into his bag when he noticed his sister had packed Japanese food, but he didn't have the chance. Rukia pounced like a wild animal snatching the box from his hand a doe-eyed like expression covered the small girls face almost as if she had just witnessed her greatest desires come to life.

"I-it's beautiful!" she cried out holding the box to her chest. Oh god. Ichigo thought allowing his head to hit the trunk of the tree. This was going to be a long day…


"Ya' have to be fuckin' kidding me!" several heads turned to glare at the outburst of noise, only to quickly turn the other direction when they realised it was the albino. And if his shouting was anything to go by, he was pissed, more so than he usually was therefore it wouldn't be a good thing if they were caught staring.

Shirosaki's foot met the wall effectively creating a large hole in the plaster. "What the fuck?" the boy seethed. A few seconds past before the albino's counterpart joined him. Grimmjow eyed the pale teen with a small smirk. "What the fuck is up with ya?" he cackled leaning against the wall. "This fuckin' bullshit!" the teen stabbed his index finger at the foreboding sheet of white paper attached to the wall.

Grimmjow arched an eyebrow and repositioned himself. "Why the fuck are ya' reading the drama notice board? Ya' don't even participate half the time. Ya' always get picked to manage tha' curtains anyway!" Grimmjow sighed clearly having not read the notice. "Just fuckin' read it!" Shirosaki sighed in irritation.

"The Titanic musical…the students below have been assigned roles. These roles are not to be changed, any problems please speak to the head of drama, Miss Matsumoto. The roles…" Grimmjow was unable to finish due to the boisterous laughter that escaped from his mouth.

"Oh man!" he roared holding onto his chest. "You're a chick?" Grimmjow snuck a look at Shirosaki who seemed to be silently raging, if his heaving chest was anything to go by. "A' don't know why ya' laughin' if anythin' ya should be jealous Grimm." Shirosaki replied. "Why would I be jealous, you're playin' a girl…" Shirosaki pointed his finger to the name listed just below his.

"Kurosaki…Ichigo…Jack." Shirosaki bluntly stated. Several seconds passed before Grimmjow took in the albino's words. "Why tha' fuck would ya' be pissed about that?" the bluenette replied simply, but Shirosaki knew the teen was seething, after all if wasn't hard to see that Grimm was clenching his jaw almost dangerously tight. "It's a typical musical, jus' like Romeo & Juliet, I'm gonna' have ta' kiss tha' fucker. The kiss is always the main part in Romeo & Juliet. It's fuckin' bullshit!" Shirosaki kicked the wall once again.

Out of all the fucking schools Kurosaki had to pick, Shirosaki's day would be going fine if it wasn't for the orangette. Now, he'd have to practice for the play with the gorgeous boy, he wasn't going to get a time out from him. How was he meant to stop finding Ichigo attractive if he popped up everywhere he went? What's worse, his guardian had threatened to kick him out if he failed another subject.

"This is gonna' be hilarious. Seeing ya' submit to someone was something I never thought I'd see." Grimmjow cackled swinging an arm around the white haired boys back. "What do ya' mean 'submit'?" Shirosaki raised an eyebrow in confusion. "Well, you're playin' a chick right? As if ya' supposed to get the upper hand. You'll be told ta' take tha' kiss from Ichi, and you'll be completely dominated." Grimmjow explained with a grin. "Son of a bitch." just when he thought his day couldn't get any worse…


When the bell sprang signaling the end of lunch Ichigo let out a breath he hadn't known he had been holding. "Bye guys!" he quickly stood up and attempted to get away from the group, if the light weight on his arm was anything to go by, it didn't work. A glimpse of orange hair made him sigh.

"Hey Inoue." he forced a smile. The girl returned the smile, except she looked a lot happier when she did it. "We have drama next Ichigo-kun! Aren't you excited?" she asked clinging to his arm a little tighter. Pushing open the double doors Ichigo attempted to pull himself away from the girl as she stepped through the door, sadly it didn't work. "Yeah, I guess." he replied simply.

Slipping through the classroom door Ichigo assumed Inoue would let go, clearly he was wrong. She clung to him like a leech, even when he reached his seat she refused to let him go. "Class doesn't start right away Ichigo-kun, stand with me and talk." she smiled leaning closer to the boy. Completely contradicting her words, the teacher stepped through the door placing her books on the table, she then began to write on the large chalk board.

"Move out tha' fuckin' way." The orange haired girl instantly dropped her arm from Ichigo's and scampered over to the other side of the table. "Hey!" Ichigo scowled at the albino before him. He had to be honest, he was thankful to regain the movement in his arm, but did the white haired boy have to be so rude?

"Wha?" Shirosaki's gold on black eyes bored into Ichigo's causing the boys scowl to deepen. "Did you have to be so rude?" Shirosaki bit his tongue, he just had to think how he usually did, this was some random kid back chatting, not Ichigo Kurosaki. Not the new kid he was falling for.

"It was in mah way clingin' ta ya' like a cat on heat. Perhaps if it wanted meh ta' be a little nicer, it shouldn't have stood right in tha' middle of the fuckin' desks! A' obviously walk through here, along with everybody else. M' not gonna' wait for it ta get it's ass in gear and fuckin move." Shirosaki growled out. Ichigo couldn't believe him, he had referred to Inoue as 'it'…an animal.

"It? Don't you have any respect for other people you arrogant prick?" Ichigo snarled back. "No, a' don't. Don't like it? Tough. Deal wit it." Shirosaki smirked slightly before turning his back to Ichigo and slipping into his chair.

Ichigo turned to the girl who was currently attempting to stop her eyes overflowing with tears. He honestly felt horrible for her. Taking her hands softly into his hands he squeezed them slightly. "Just ignore him Inoue. He isn't worth your tears." Ichigo smiled kindly wiping away the girls tears. She simply nodded before quickly taking her seat a small blush covering her tear stained cheeks.

A small piece of paper was slammed onto Ichigo's desk along with the one behind him, causing him to jump. "Both of you will be seeing me in detention tonight due to the disgusting language coming from your mouths." Their drama teacher, Miss Ise scolded. "What? Did you hear how rude he was to Inoue?" Ichigo snapped back holding up the detention slip.

"Retorting only fuels his fire Kurosaki. Now shall I make that two hours?" she replied pushing her glasses up with her index finger. "…no, sorry miss." Ichigo replied allowing his eyes to fall to his desk. The woman smiled slightly before casting a stern look at a smirking albino.

"Now, for those that have not seen the drama notice board I shall be reading out the roles of this years adapted musical." Just like that all of Shirosaki's worries hit him dead on, causing the large smirk to literally plummet from his lips.

Letting his head fall to his desk he waited patiently for the outburst that was going to come from the orangette within seconds. "Shirosaki Ogichi - Rose." a chuckle came from Ichigo, causing Shirosaki's smirk to return. Oh he couldn't wait to see the fuckers face after this. "Ichigo Kurosaki - Jack."

"You have got to be fucking kidding me!" Ichigo immediately jumped up allowing his chair to hit Shirosaki's desk with a clatter. "I suggest you calm down Kurosaki. These roles are final. If you continue to swear and be disruptive I'll be giving you another detention slip." Miss Ise barked, before returning to the role list.

"This is fucking bullshit." Ichigo muttered. "Ya' tellin' meh." Shirosaki replied back. "Why the fuck aren't you doing anything about this? You know what we're going to have to do in that play right?" Ichigo shifted round and met Shirosaki's eyes. "Hey, ya' think m'ok bout' this? Go ta' tha' drama notice board, there's a nice lil' hole from mah foot coverin' it. That's how fine a' am bout' this bullshit." Shirosaki growled out in annoyance.

"And if a' fail this mah guardian is kickin meh out. This is a lot arder' for meh Kurosaki." Shirosaki added with a frown. "Shit." Ichigo chuckled slightly. It was then the pair realised they had both managed to have a civil conversation, even if it did only last a few seconds. "Looks like we're just gonna' have to suck it up." Ichigo sighed turning his chair back around so he was facing the teacher, who was now handing out scripts.

"Everybody pair up in two's. Your partner shall be the student you are listed with." Miss Ise announced passing the orangette his script. Shirosaki snatched the script from the woman with a frown. Shifting in his chair Ichigo turned so he was facing the pale boy. Both of the boys began reading through the script in their heads.

Sixty pages later Ichigo found himself fuming, Shirosaki wasn't far off either. "This is just an excuse for the girls to witness live smut. I swear it." Ichigo growled out shoving the script onto his table. "A' counted eleven kiss scenes. Am' a right?" Shirosaki sighed, Ichigo nodded. Miss Ise perched at the corner of the boys desk a small smile on her lips.

"How are you two getting along?" She asked. "Are all these kiss scenes really…necessary?" Ichigo sighed ignoring her question. "This is a raw, emotional yet passionate movie. We need to make it as close to the original as possible. You are both the main characters, the whole script will need a lot of practicing but you need to get it perfect, after all we'll all be counting on you both. We've only got two months till show night so I'm afraid you will have to do most of this in your free time. " she explained with a smile.

Out of everything she had said Shirosaki only picked up on one thing. "Ya' mean we have to practice the…" "Yes you need to practice the kiss scenes. Those parts are going to be the most passionate and emotional! Two lovers bound by tragedy!" the teacher held her hands to her chest breathing in and out slowly.

Shirosaki slowly turned to Ichigo ignoring the woman. Gold on black eyes met with toasted mocha, an unspoken promise was sent through the connection. They both knew they had to do this, to get a good grade, and to give the audience the best show they would ever see.