Lala's First Rose, A monster high story

By Icceygurrl55


I wish I could have seen you one more time,

You had me soaring far up high.

You had me going, chasing you, far away,

It made me sad not to see my friends every day.

I'm sorry, but you got me oh so mad,

And yet at the same time, you got me hurt and sad!

Before, you got me singing gladly,

It's now you just don't have me.

That was at the breakup with Heath. It all started when I tripped on a nut in the path at the park. I tripped, and Heath helped me. Sparks flew between us. "Are you OK?" Heath asked politely. "Yeah, just a scrape on my knee is all." "That's no tiny scrape, that's a huge whollop of a cut!" Heath said, shocked. He got it clean and a Band-Aid over the cut. After that we got ice cream at the Coffin Bean. Later when Heath got me home he asked, "Could we, uhhh, you know, date?" "Sure" I said, glad I tripped in the park, "SWEET!" Heath exclaimed as he jumped into his car. I bounded up the steps to the house. I got in, ran to my room as fast as the wind and wrote a poem in my journal of poems.

I'm so happy this day,

In the park I fell and screamed "Hey!"

Our love sparks up a storm,

Life for us is anything but in the norm.

As I write this by my cat,

I think about my Dawn of the Dance hat.

I thought love was oh so far away,

I hope I think about you every day.

"Oh Jasmine, my dear cat, Heath is such a nice guy." I sigh. I love Heath….