Tribute to Master Jedi Krell. I also love the song "Kidnap the Sandy Claws". You can probably guess what this is, then. Enjoy! J They are contemplating what to do with Krell.

Set to the tune of "Kidnap the Sandy Claws" from The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Sung by: The 501st Clones

Kidnap Mr. Jedi Krell?

I wanna do it!

Me as well!

Ani said we should do it together

One of a kind

Birds of a feather

Now and Forever!

(evil laughs)

Da, da, da, da, da,

Da, da, da, da, a,

Da, da, da, da, da,

Da, da, da,

Kidnap the Jedi Krell

Lock up real tight

Throw away the key and then

Blind him with the lights!

First, we'll use trooper Tup as bait

In a nasty trap and wait

When he comes a-running we will

Snap the trap and mark the date!

Wait! I've got a better plan,

To catch this big green four-armed man

Let's feed him to a hungry sarlacc

And when he's out let's do it again!

Kidnap the Jedi Krell

Throw him in a crate

Bury him for ninety years

Leave him to his fate.

Then Mr. Palpatine

Can take the whole thing over then.

He'll be so pleased, I do declare

That he will cook him rare!


I say that we take a cannon

Aim it at his door and then

Knock three times and when he answers,

Jedi Krell will be no more!

You're so stupid, think now!

If we blow him into smithereens

We may hit Fives,

Then Ani will be really mad at us!

Kidnap the Jedi Krell

We will have him bound

Throw him in the ocean

The biggest one around.

Because Mr. Palpatine

Is the meanest guy around

If I were on his blasting list

I'd get off Coruscant…

He'll be so pleased by our success

That he'll rewards us well, I'll bet

Perhaps he'll make his special brew

Of bantha and tuber stew


We are his loyal soldiers

And we take our job with pride

We do our best to serve him

And stay in his good graces.

I wish my batchies weren't so dumb.

I'm not the dumb one!

You're no fun!

Shut up!

Make me!

I've got something, listen now

This one is real good, you'll see

We'll send a present to his door

Upon there'll be a pad to read

Now, in the box we'll wait and hide

Until his curiosity

Entices him to look inside

And then we'll blast him

One, two, three!

Kidnap the Jedi Krell

Beat him with a stick

Lock him up for ninety years

See what makes him tick!

Kidnap the Jedi Krell

Slice him into bits

Mr. Palpatine is sure to get his kicks

Kidnap the Jedi Krell

See what we will see

Lock him in a citadel

Then throw away the key!

(much evil laughter)