Normal: narration and speech

Italic: thinking

The little Urashima

Chapter 1.

Tokyo. 19 hours of the night.

As it was summer, there were more people on the street at this time... as a little girl sitting in a fetal position on a park bench. Couldn't see the girl's face, who was already head down, but she had dark brown hair, long and straight to the waist, and wearing an old and ripped dress.

In the girl's mind, had memories of her two years in a Japanese orphanage, located in Morioka. But one of them made her escape from the orphanage and go to Tokyo.

In the middle of the night in an orphanage of Morioka, a dialogue going on between the director and the deputy director.

Director: It's all going as planned. When Akemi complete 14 years old, will marry with my son and all the family fortune it will be our!

However, they didn't know that the little girl of 7 years, Akemi, all listened behind the door. Had been forced to wash the toilets and was going to the room after cleaning, but to hear her name, was curious.

Deputy director: It's a good plan to marry her to your son in the future, but... and her father?

Director: Keitaro Urashima? Bah, spare me! He lives in Tokyo and don't know the existence of the daughter! And I prefer he continue doesn't knowing.

Akemi: *shocked* My father is alive?

It was two years her mother had died in a plane crash and has since lived in an feminine orphanage where she was abused. Knowing she had a father was like a light at the end of the tunnel... and she had to find that light.

So much so that in a moment of distraction from the director and deputy director, stole her documents of the board and ran the orphanage.

Voice: Little girl, are you okay?

Akemi awoke from her thoughts with a male voice calling her and lifted her head, revealing her beautiful blue eyes. The male voice belonged to Keitaro Urashima, who scared her a little to be hurt. It was for less: he was caught again.

Akemi: *arching an eyebrow* I should ask, no? Look at your state!

Keitaro: *embarrassed* That's nothing, I'm used to. But what are you doing here alone? Where are your parents?

Akemi: *sad face* My mother died two years ago in a plane crash. My father, I don't know. That's why I'm here to meet him.

Keitaro: *slight grin* You'll find it, trust me.

Keitaro sat on the bench beside her, a little unsure, but was relieved when she didn't stop him. Akemi noticed when he took one of the bags he carried.

Keitaro: Want some bread? I just bought for dinner at the inn where I live, but unless one bread won't make a difference.

Akemi: *accepting the bread* Thank you. Oh, excuse the rudeness. My name is Akemi.

Keitaro: Nice to meet you, Akemi. I am Keitaro. Keitaro Urashima.

If Keitaro was already concerned with Akemi, even more so when she widenes her eyes... before starting to cry.

Keitaro: *worried* Are you okay?

Akemi: *excited* You are my father!

Keitaro was astonished, especially when Akemi gave him a tender embrace.

Keitaro: *nervous* A-as well as "You are my father"?

Akemi: *grin* It is! The name of my mother is Shane Takahashi. Meet a girl with that name?

Keitaro knew. He was just a teenager when they first saw and had a short courtship, before her family moved. But he didn't knew that Shane had gotten pregnant.

Keitaro: *suspicious* Does Shane... even had a daughter? I ask you something, just to be sure. Ahn ... Akemi, how old are you?

Akemi: *counting on fingers* Um ... 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7... 7 years old.

Keitaro: *shocked* Y-you are really my daughter!

Thrilled, Keitaro hugged Akemi, who returned the embrace of his father. Akemi just released the hug when remembered one detail that Keitaro was counted.

Akemi: You said you live in a inn?

Keitaro: Yes. I'm actually the manager of the inn, although sometimes I wouldn't be, because I catch a lot. Isn't easy being the only man in a female dorm.

Akemi: *serious* Female Dorm... I didn't like. I hate women.

Keitaro: *surprised* You hate? Why?

Akemi: *look away* For all the women I met at the female orphanage where I lived were mean to me. Apart from my mother, I never liked any other woman. But if you live there, what can I do?

Akemi gave a yawn and Keitaro, realizing that she was tired, carried her back. On the way, she fell asleep.

Keitaro: *warm smile* I've never felt like this before. It's as if I really wanted to protect her from all evil! Well, she's my daughter, and this is my duty as a father.

However, upon entering the pension, Naru was waiting... with a baseball bat.


However, when she was going to attack him...

Motoko: *appearing out of nowhere with the other* NARU, WAIT! URASHIMA WAS WITH SOMEONE ON HIS BACK!

Naru stopped just in time before you notice who was on the back of Keitaro.

Naru: *angry* Just what I needed! In addition to weigh, he's kidnapper!

Keitaro: *annoyed* I DON'T KIDNAPPED ANYONE!

Keitaro's scream scared everybody because they never had seen him angry like that. However, the scream has awake Akemi, who rubbed her eyes.