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"Kurt, I'm going to do it." Blaine said taking a deep breath.

"Do what?" Kurt replied, not turning away from his newest edition of Vogue.

"Tell my parents. About us."

"What? Are you sure they're ready?" Kurt said, suddenly dropping his magazine. Kurt had talked with Blaine, and found out his parents were slightly homophobic. They knew he was gay, and put up with it, not enjoying it. So Blaine had decided to hold off on telling them about Kurt. And he fully agreed, knowing what could happen if he wasn't careful.

"Well, I think. They've been friendlier toward me, and I think they finally came to terms with everything. Besides, it is Thanksgiving tomorrow. I want to be a family with no secrets."

"I am so proud of you." Kurt said, and with misty eyes, gave Blaine a big hug.

"Well I have to go now. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving." Blaine said standing up.

Kurt got up to and put his arms around Blaine's neck.

"You know what I'm thankful for?" Blaine said, his face only inches from Kurt's.


"A boyfriend as amazing, wonderful, beautiful, and caring as you."

Kurt smiled and then pulled him into a kiss. After breaking apart, he whispered "I love you."

"I love you too."

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