Hi. Fan fiction and Tumblr are ruining my life. I have math homework and I'm here. But I love you guys! I was re-watching Original Songs and I still squeal.

Anyway, THE FOLLOWING IS VERY IMPORTANT; the time frame for this is Kurt went to Dalton and he and Blaine got together BEFORE the time frame for Original Song. So regionals HAVE NOT HAPPENED YET! This is for an important scheme of mine. But, Kurt has already transferred back to McKinley. Got it? Regionals soon, Klaine, Kurt at McKinley. And I know this isn't true, but imagine Regionals is sometime soon after Thanksgiving. Got it? Good.

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"Blaine, the police called, they have your parents. We can go back to your house to get your things." Burt said about three days after the private investigator had come.

Kurt had not gone back to school, and wasn't planning to for the rest of the week. Luckily, he was a good student so he didn't have any problems doing the work Finn was bringing home for him.

"Blaine? Are you ready?" Kurt asked gently.

"Yeah. Let's go."

Kurt and Blaine got in the car and Blaine gave Burt directions. They arrived at his house and Blaine walked inside with Kurt close behind.

He took a deep breath and walked up the stairs. They entered a miniscule room and all Kurt saw was a bed, a dresser, and closet.

"It's so… bleak. Nothing like your personality." He said frowning.

"I know." Blaine replied.

Blaine walked up to the closet and took out the clothes. It was microscopic compared to Kurt's vast wardrobe. Blaine threw it in a suitcase. He then went over to the dresser and took out some accessories, socks, underwear, and a few more articles of clothing. He opened another drawer and out came a large collection of books.

"You really like to read, don't you?" Kurt said trying to lighten the mood.

"Yeah. I have Harry Potter, some classics."

Blaine put the books in the large suitcase. Then he got on all fours and crawled under his bed and came out with a medium sized cardboard box.

"My keepsakes." He explained. "I'll show you later."

Then Blaine went back over to the closet and stepped inside. He knocked on a wall and part of it opened. He took out a small blanket, a teddy bear, and a small doll.

"I've had these since I was a baby." And he smiled, remembering distant memories.

"Can you get the suitcase?" he asked as he put the possessions in the box and picked it up.

"Let's go."

Blaine walked down the stairs and into the living room. He set the box down and surveyed the room. He then proceeded to walk over to the couch and start jumping on it.

"This is the best for jumping on, but I was to afraid with my parents around." He said and hopped off. Then, with a more serious expression on his face he walked over to a wall where a picture of a man and Blaine with a fake smile hung.

"That was the summer when my dad built the car with me." He whispered and took it off the wall.

"Go ahead." Kurt said.

And Blaine hurled the picture as hard as he could at a wall, and it shattered.

"I feel a lot better now." He said, and they grabbed his belongings and left.

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