She sees him walking down the street towards her. Quickly she ducks behind the corner of the building and peeks out, watching him get closer. She debates with herself for a minute then decides, she has to do it. Once he gets close enough, she backs up slightly and takes off at a run around the corner, colliding directly into his hard and muscular chest, sending him flying to the ground with her crashing on top of him.

"I'm so sorry!" she exclaims and then she pretends to realize that its him, "Oh its you, never mind, I'm not sorry then."

Darien sits up and rubs a sore spot on his side, "Stupid Meatball head! You're always running into me! Can't you ever watch where you're going, you big klutz?"

"Don't call me Meatball head! My name is Serena, you big jerk! And I was watching where I was going until this huge beast suddenly stepped in front of me!"

Darien rolls his eyes and stands up, brushing off his clothes and offers a hand to Serena that she refuses. She starts collecting her papers that had gone flying. Glancing down at what she's doing, Darien stoops over to help her pick them up. "You don't need to help me, I can do it myself," she says huffily. Darien rolls his eyes again and hands her back her papers. "Thanks," she replies gruffly, taking them and standing up.

As he turns to continue on his way, Darien casually calls back to her, "Your marks are improving Meatball head, maybe you aren't so stupid after all!" and he gives her a wink before starting on his way.

"Hey!" she cries after him as he starts to walk away, "You jerk!"

He keeps walking and, unseen to her, a smile spreads across his face.

Unknown to him, Serena is clutching her papers tightly and smiling as well –her plan went perfectly.