Conversations with Teddy

By: Amilia Padfoot

Disclaimer: I don't own anything! Just the idea, plot and any OC's that pop up.

Summary: We have many conversations through out life, interesting ones, boring ones, hurtful onse, some full of jokes, some...more somber. Talks of love, betrayal, pure madness and misery. But it's the ones with Harry, Teddy remembers most. Care to take a peek?A/N: I just love those little moments between Harry and Teddy and so many pop into my head. Here is where I'm putting those 'conversations' that I actually write down. They may be long, short, mostly dialog or even just a couple of paragraphs I have no idea but here they will go here. Some parts may be without Harry but most of them will be. Totally random, plots will vary.

Stuck in Traffic

Beep. Beep! Beeeeeeeep! A car horn blasted out from behind him, its owner yelling in rage, demanding for the traffic to move. He might as well be yelling at the sky though for all the good it would do him, for he was going nowhere. The infinite cue of vehicles that snaked its way up the busy motorway was in no hurry to slither on.

Harry closed his eyes as he griped the steering wheel, his nails digging into the leather, praying for what was left of his sanity.

"What the hell is the hold up?" an irate man shouted out his window, blasting his horn once more.

"Chill out, you idiot!" another voice sounded, just as angry, just as frustrated.

"Don't tell me to chill out, you arse!" the first retorted.

"Oh, you want a piece of me? Come and have a go if you think you're hard enough!" There was a slamming of doors and a jeer went up.

Harry turned up the car radio louder, and rested his head against the steering wheel while wishing the world would just fade into the background. He felt his eyelids drooping, exhaustion of the last few weeks catching up with him. Perhaps the halt wasn't such a bad thing after all, he mused sleepily, dreams already beginning to invade his consciousness.

Crack! Harry jumped, startled, his hand impulsively flying to his heart at the sound - and sudden presence of someone sitting beside him.

"Ahhh! Dear Godric alive, Teddy! What the hell do you think you're playing at?"

"I'm sorry! Sorry, calm down." Teddy spluttered apologetically, hands held up as if to show he was unarmed, smiling sheepishly as his godfather clutched his heart.

"You can't just apparate into a moving vehicle, Teddy!" Harry berated him once his breathing had returned to normal.

"It's not moving," Teddy pointed out half-heartedly.

"How are you supposed to know that? I could have crashed! You could have been seen!"

"No, no, it's okay. I timed it right," Teddy reassured him, a slight hint of hurt in his voice that Harry though he would be so careless.

"Just don't do that again," Harry snapped.

"Ok. Sorry." Teddy muttered and slumped down in the seat. "You all right?" Teddy asked eventually glancing at his pale godfather. Harry sighed.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Put your seatbelt on if you're staying." Teddy did as he was told, relieved that he wasn't being yelled at anymore.

"I was wondering what was taking you so long."

"Really?" Harry glanced at the dashboard to look at the time, surely he wasn't that late? He had left early, after all, anticipating the current traffic jam.

"Yeah. Hermione was getting worried." Harry smiled at the mention of his friend, then waved a hand at his windscreen, a never ending sea of traffic stretched out in front of them was visible.

"Well, as you can see..."

Teddy frowned at the sight, finishing his godfather's sentence. "You're stuck in traffic."

"Your powers of deduction are inspiring Teddy," Harry dead-panned.

"You're a wizard and you're stuck in traffic?" Teddy asked incredulously, ignoring his godfather's sarcasm. "Can't you just skip the queue?"

"No, I cannot!" Harry told him firmly, a determent glint in his eye as he spoke, "I'm no better than anyone in this queue, so I'll wait - just like them." Teddy rolled his eyes in exasperation at Harry's 'moral stubbornness', a fond smile tugging at his lips.

"Why are you driving to work anyway?" Teddy questioned fidgeting in his chair. Sitting up slightly he reached underneath him, pulling out a newspaper he had been sitting on. He held it up to read the unfamiliar title, 'The Times', wondering why the front picture wasn't moving. "And why are you reading a Muggle newspaper?"

"Well I'm doing this Muggle liaison meeting thing with Smith-" Harry began explaining, but was cut off by Teddy's amused and poorly stifled snort.

"I'm sure that's going well."

Harry shot him an annoyed look then attempted to sound dignified, "We may not get along Teddy, but we're mature adults..."

"Yeah, huh? What was it exactly you said after you first met him? Oh yeah, you said, and I quote: 'He's the most narcissistic, supercilious, pompous nitwit I've ever had the displeasure of meeting'." Teddy imitated Harry to near perfection.

"I did not!" Harry cried. Teddy raised an eyebrow. "Okay, maybe I did," he conceded. "So we may not have started off on the right foot-"

"You can say that again," Teddy sniggered.

"Shut up," Harry huffed, slumping down in his seat. "Why are you so surprised anyway?" He asked after a while, "I tell you that Ron and I flew a car to Hogwarts and you're like... 'Oh wow. Cool.' But I drive a car, to work, and your surprised?"

Teddy just shrugged nonchalantly, "Just seems a bit pointless."

"At least I'm less likely to crash into a tree this way," Harry muttered and Teddy snorted.

"Never know with your driving."

"Oh! And where's your driving licence, hmm Teddy? In your back pocket is it? Or your wallet perhaps?"

"Okay, okay so I'm on my twentieth try! I'm trying all right? It's just so confusing! All those buttons and gears...urgh." Teddy threw his hands up in frustration, glaring at his bemused godfather.

"How is it that you can pull of a perfect Wronski Feint at-"

"That's different," Teddy cut in impatiently. "How many Muggles can do that anyway?"

"You'd be surprised Ted. Just because they don't use broomsticks to fly doesn't mean they couldn't if they had a proper one."

"How many Muggles know about magic anyway?" There was more curiosity in his voice than annoyance.

"Well, there's those who witness it accidentally, but people usually dismiss them as nutjobs and the ministry clear it up before it goes too far. Then there's the R.o.W.P.P. - Relatives of Wizarding Power Possessor's - usually the parents of Muggle-born's, maybe the odd gobby Nan or auntie. And then, those that are trusted. Those in high power, the people who the Muggle government assume can 'handle the truth'. There's more people aware of us than most think."

Teddy stared at Harry, trying to figure out whether he was being serious or not. "How do you know that? How is you know everything?" Teddy's mind briefly wandered back to when he was smaller, and had actually believed that Harry did know everything.

"I don't know everything Ted, and Muggle liaison, remember? Had to do some research." Teddy let out a hoot of laughter at that.

"You're like, forty and you're getting homework?"

"It's thirty-six, thank you very much. And yeah, suppose I am." A smile tugged relentlessly at the corner of his lips as he tried to look annoyed at his godson, but he couldn't help it. He always felt so much better whenever Teddy was around, not that he was going to tell him that, or the fact that he was glad Teddy was next to him now, a welcome relief in the midst of abuse hurling drivers and a symphony composed entirely of beeping sounds.

The music on the radio changed and Teddy smiled as he recognised the familiar tune. "You know for a thirty-six-" Teddy made sure to stress the number "-year old, you don't have bad taste in music."

"Thanks." Harry paused wondering if he had just been insulted or not "I think." He just put it down to a back handed compliment and shrugged.

"So what do you want then?"

"I told you! I was wondering what was taking you so long," Teddy protested. Harry gave well practised look of 'come on, how long have I known you?' Teddy, knowing exactly what the look meant, arranged his face into one of mock hurt.

"Why can't a guy just pop in-"

"Literally," Harry muttered.

"-and see his dear godfather?" Harry chuckled at his godson's fake indignation.

"Is that a trick question?" he quipped and Teddy smiled sheepishly.

"Okay, maybe there is something."

Harry rolled his emerald eyes fondly. "Come on then out with it."

"Well-" Teddy began hesitantly "It's about Grimmauld-"

"Oh!" Harry interrupted, his eyes lighting up as if he understood something. "So that's why you were trying to give me a heart attack?" Teddy shot him a confused and slightly concerned look so Harry continued in a mock accusation, poking Teddy in the ribs. "Trying to kill me off already, are you?"

Teddy gaped at him eyes wide. "No-no! I –what?" he spluttered.

"Ted, I was just joking," Harry told him reassuringly no longer smiling. Teddy however was not reassured in the slightest, horror shining in his eyes.

"You're leaving it to me? Like- like in a will or something?"

Harry nodded looking like he regretted saying anything. "Yeah. I'm mean, Sirius left it to me, so it seems fitting, don't it? And you did live there yourself for a few years as a kid. Plus, it was in your mother's family..." Teddy's face darkened considerably at the thought of certain members of his mother's family, but he forced himself to think only of Sirius his mother and grandmother. Oh how, he missed his Gran. He had been six, going on seven years old when she had passed away, when he had lost the very last connection to his blood family. He could barely remember her now.

Harry hurried on, hating to see the sadness in his godson's eyes. He didn't want to be to one to drag up bad memories. "...and well, I want to. You don't have to live there, you know. But it will be yours."

The last few words echoed in Teddy's mind and he imagined living there. He imagined seeing a memory behind every door, smelling Harry's scent, seeing his coffee mug left unused in the corner of the kitchen, walking into Harry's designated room there.

It was next to Sirius's old room, which hadn't been touched. No-one had dared go near it, not wanting to upset Harry. He knew Harry would go in there. He had watched him. Saw the pain in his godfather's eyes, a small sad smile on his lips. Even as a kid, when he didn't understand what was going on, why his godfather was standing in the room, or what the room meant to Harry, he had felt it. He had felt the pain washing off of him like waves. He imagining himself like that, the same look on his face, the same dull ache in his heart, standing in Harry's room.

"Teddy," Harry's voice cut through his thoughts and Teddy turned to look at him startled to find his vision slightly blurred. "I'm not planning on dying anytime soon, you know." Teddy nodded, knowing that worrying about it was not going to help him, but nevertheless there was a lump in his throat. He tried to swallow it, but it seemed to be stuck in place.

"I'm not sure I want it," he confessed. "I wouldn't want it if you..." Teddy trailed of mentally cursing himself as his breath hitched. Harry squeezed his arm reassuringly, as if to remind Teddy he was still there, healthy and whole. "I mean... the memories… you know..."

Harry nodded in understanding, knowing exactly what Teddy meant. It had been hard getting used to Grimmauld, knowing his godfather had lived there, had been trapped there, had hated the place so much. Everything there just reminded him of Sirius. It had been Teddy really who had got him through it, who had given him a reason to keep going, that had reminded him that it was his turn to be the godfather; and that one day when he had turned to leave Sirius's room and had seen Teddy standing there, so tiny and small, looking at him, he had sworn that he was never going to leave Teddy, that he was going to be as good a godfather as Sirius was to him - better, even. He had picked Teddy up and holding him tight he had vowed that he was going to look after Teddy with every waking breath. Harry frowned, coming back to reality.

"They'd be good memories though, right?"

"Yeah, course," Teddy agreed quickly, then shook his head, trying to clear his thoughts. "I-look, I don't want to talk about this." In the effort to make his voice come out properly, he spoke more harshly then he intended. He shook his head again and spoke more softly "I can't talk about his... I don't want to even think about it. Please."

Harry nodded. "Okay, Ted, but, er, didn't you want to ask me something?" he prompted gently.

"What? Oh yeah," Teddy cleared his throat with a cough, glad that the lump was gone. "Well, I was just wondering if, well...Vic and I need a place to stay." He continued, relieved to hear his voice come out normally as if he hadn't been thinking about his godfather dying only seconds before.

"Ted, why are you even asking? People stay there all the time."

Once Harry, Teddy and a very pregnant Ginny had moved out of Grimmauld to a cosy cottage in Godric's hollow, a far better place to raise children, Grimmauld had become a place for the whole family. A place to crash for the night if needs be or to meet up either casually or at a huge family gathering when there wasn't enough room at the Burrow or Molly needed a break. Teddy shook his head.

"I don't mean just to crash for the night."

"Oh! You mean more long-term?" Harry asked cottoning on. Teddy simply nodded. "What's wrong with your apartment?" Teddy shrugged.

"It's a bit too cramped for the both of us."

"Oh." The two lapsed into a comfortable silence broken only by the prattle of the radio presenter and occasional half-hearted beep. "So you two are getting pretty serious then? Moving in with each-other and that." Harry commented, tapping his fingers against the steering wheel in time with the music that had started up again. Teddy was about to reply when a loud cheer when up from behind them. Teddy glanced back at the sound.

"What's going on out there?"

"Some idiots are fighting each other," Harry replied unconcerned, leaning over to change the radio station as the previous one had suddenly moved on to traffic news which he had more than enough of for one day. "You know you're always welcome at ours," Harry casually reminded him leaning back in his chair. Teddy look at him dubiously.

"Me and Vic?"

"Well no. I meant you don't have to leave home so early, I mean you're only nineteen and Vic's only seventeen."

"You left home round the same age," Teddy pointed out and was startled by the dark shadow that crossed his godfather's eyes.

"If you mean the Dursley's..."

"No, no I meant the Burrow." Teddy corrected quickly. Harry had stayed at the Burrow for a year after the war, the whole family wanting to stay close and he had finally accepted that he was part of that family. Plus, he got to stay with Ginny, which needless to say had been a bonus.

He had then moved to Grimmauld, after much renovating. Everyone had helped out with trying to make the place more habitable, which was no easy task but after a year of relentless work it was fit for humans to live in comfortably. Even random people he had never met before had stopped by to help out. With so many people now knowing where it was and coming in and out all the time most the concealing enchantments had all but crumbled. Harry had been reluctant to accept help, especially from random people, but after being told to either shut up (Ron), to stop being so stubborn (Most the family) and that it was the least they could do (seemingly half the Wizarding population), he had relented.

Teddy knew Harry didn't consider the Dursley's his family, and he couldn't really blame him. He knew little about the Dursley's or Harry's childhood outside of Hogwarts. It was almost as if Hogwarts had been Harry's home - that's what he had picked up whenever Harry talked about the place, that is. His eyes would light up and his voice would become animated as he talked about his time there. The very rare moments when Vernon and Petunia was mentioned, a dark look would cross his face and the adults nearby would look either sad or angry - or even both.

Dudley wasn't so bad as he and Harry got along better now, seeing each other at Christmas now and then - even Teddy had gone along sometimes - but Teddy (in fact, all the kids) knew better than to bring the topic up. Sometimes though it would come up un-expectedly or even Harry himself would bring it up without realizing.

He remembered clearly the day when Molly had been feeling unwell, and Harry had offered to cook much too everyone's surprise and unease. As the guest had arrived one by one to discover the identity of the cook for the evening they were less then subtle in their surprise. After the sixth or seventh proclamation of 'Harry? Cooking? Can he cook?' he had blurted out to a stunned silence 'Look, I've been bloody cooking since I was old enough to walk, I think I know how to make a simple meal for one lousy occasion!' What had followed had been a mouth-wateringly delicious and very awkward meal.

Harry nodded, accepting the correction and Teddy continued.

"I know I'm welcome, don't worry, I just want to be with Vicky."

"It's all right Teddy" Harry interrupted. "I understand. Just don't grow up too fast, yeah?"

"Wouldn't dream of it" Both Godfather and Godson jumped at the sound of mass beeping coming from behind them. Harry turned to see what the commotion was but Teddy tugged his arm and pointed at the windscreen. What was once a sea of traffic was now a near-empty road.

"Guess were moving again."

"Finally," Teddy muttered as Harry when to start the car up again and he frowned as Harry hesitated.

"Do you want to apparate out before I get going?" Harry turned to look at him and didn't bother to resist an eye roll. Did Harry really think he'd just leave after getting what he wanted? He paused pretending to think about it.

"Nah. Think I might stick around for a bit, you know… poke you if you fall asleep, all that lark, don't want you to crash into a tree again."

"Aw, didn't know you cared," Harry sniffed as if deeply touched as he started the car up again, ignoring the insistent beeps. Teddy once again rolled his eyes, a recurring habit from his earlier teenage years, one that Harry blamed him for passing on to James, as he inwardly thought:

'More that you probably know.'

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