and the sinner asks Him, "Why would I want to be saved?"…

There are a lot of things Barron doesn't write down. There are a lot of things that he doesn't have words for.

(Fingers around his neck.)

The way he sees it, he's been given a chance. Chances. Hell, if he's feeling optimistic he'd even call it a blessing. Every morning he can wake up fresh and innocent and undamaged.

Such a pretty word, no? Damaged.

He scrawls it in red marker on the bathroom mirror so that one day when he burns his bridges and doesn't know which direction is back, he won't leave this part behind.

(Fingers in his hair.)

He is nobody and everybody and the world is his for the taking. There is nothing he can't do, can't be. Just ink on paper. That's all it takes.

So easy.

Easier than lying, then pretending. Always easier then telling the truth. He hasn't done that in a really long time. Like he said, some things can't quite be packaged into neat little words.

Some things are little more complicated. A little more scary if you say it out loud.

(Fingers in his mouth.)

God is trying to tell him something.

(Fingers around his- fuck, yes.)

Maybe someday, he'll listen.