Me, Myself, The Sinner

and the sinner asks Him, "Why would I want to be saved?"…

The first time they meet is a flash of white and red and blinding pain, then black.

He could sum her up just like that.

White, red, black.

Love, pain, and the fact that she is hopelessly out of his reach (it hurts, doesn't it?).

The back of his head is pulsing, hot with blood, slipping through his fingers as he presses down, harder then he should maybe. Don't go with them, his brother had warned him, they don't play fair.

He doesn't know why he's surprised; they are the children of crime lords.

It's not deep enough to be dangerous, he can feel that, but he should find his brother soon, convince him to heal it. Philip might not—school isn't for another month.

Cassel takes a deep breathe, breathing out the dizziness.

He sits upright.

A girl is standing in front of him, eyes sharp and calculating. For a second he thinks she is an angel and, then, a demon.

She's pale, hair a blonde white. Her lips are red, though, curving upward.

The girl reaches out a hand. He hesitates then takes it.

Instead of pulling him up, she digs her nails in.

It hurts.

A second later, he realizes she's not wearing gloves. A demon, then.

He blacks out.

(The morning after, the blood is dried in red clumps.)

(He might be in love.)