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It was five weeks after they finally caught Anson. He was locked away in the highest security prison and was never getting out. Michael made good on his promise to Fiona to buy a house. Little did Fiona know but Michael had already picked out a couple houses that he liked and just needed to see which one Fiona wanted. Shortly after they picked out their new home, Michael had to go the mission that Agent Pearce had told him about a few weeks ago. Michael of course tried to get out of it, but couldn't. He left Fiona in their new house to get everything set up and told Sam to help as much as Fiona would let him. It was a week and a half after Michael left that he was able to go back home. The mission was complete and he told Pearce that he wanted out.

It was 4:30am when Michael finally walked through the door. He briefly looked around to see what Fiona had done since he was gone. Everything was unpacked and in its proper place. Michael made his way up the stairs to the master bedroom. At the moment he was wishing that the house only had one floor because he had twisted his knee while "working" as well as broke a few ribs and dislocated his shoulder. He decided that before entering the bedroom he would stop in to the bathroom and get ready for bed so there would be less chance as to waking Fiona. When he opened the bedroom door, he saw Fiona sleeping peacefully in the king size bed they picked out. The moonlight lighting the room enough so he could see where he was going. He watched her sleep for a moment before he heard her say, "Are you gonna stand there and watch me sleep or are you going to come to bed." Fiona opened her eyes to see Michael smile at her. Michael carefully slid under the sheets and laid his head on his pillow. Fiona quickly moved closer to him not knowing about his injuries and when Michael winced and gasped she quickly sat up and turned on her lamp on the night table.

"Michael what happened? I thought this was just a simple surveillance mission?" Fiona examined him and noticed the bruised ribs and swollen shoulder.

Michael attempted to sit up but Fiona held him down, "It was simple until the last day I was getting ready to leave and the people we were watching realized we were watching them and before we could get away they had us surrounded." Michael yawned. "Fi can we talk about all this in the morning I haven't slept in 48 hours."

Fiona gently lay back down and turned off the light and moved as close to Michael as she could with out hurting him. "Fine Michael but I want the details tomorrow." She turned her head a little and kissed him on the cheek, "I'm glad your home Michael."

Michael had his eyes closed and was almost asleep when he said, "Me too Fi."

Fiona was awake by 8am; she carefully moved the sheet off Michael so she could get a better look at the condition of his body. She already knew about his ribs and shoulder but now she saw that he had done something to his knee. It was bruised and swollen. Fiona covered him back up and was surprised that he did not wake up; he must be exhausted she thought to herself. Fiona decided to get out of bed before she woke him by accident. She showered, dressed and ate breakfast. Michael was still sound asleep. Fiona knew she had some errands to run so she might as well do it while Michael was still asleep. She left a note on his night table along with a couple of Tylenol and a glass of water.

Fiona returned home just before noon, she expected to here Michael moving about the house but it was dead silent. She went up to the bedroom to see what he was doing. When she opened the door, he was in the same position he was in when she left. She carefully sat on the edge of the bed and put her hand on his chest lightly.

"Michael." she waited for some kind of response, when he didn't move she gently tapped his chest with her hand and said his name again. That time his eyes slowly opened.

He blinked his eyes a few times, "Hey Fi, what time is it?"

Fiona looked at her watched, "It's almost noon."

Michael slowly sat up and looked around the room, when he noticed his night table and the Tylenol he smiled and picked them up along with the water and took them. "Thanks Fi." Michael leaned closer to Fiona but she backed away from him. He gave her a confused look, "What's wrong Fi?"

Fiona stood up and pulled the sheet off of him. "You tell me Michael, what happened to your knee? Then you can tell me about your ribs and shoulder. Have you even been checked out by a doctor?"

Michael swung his legs over the side of the bed and went to stand but Fiona put her arm out and pushed him back down. "Fi I will tell you everything as soon as I use the bathroom." Michael went to stand up again, this time Fiona let him up. The first few steps he took he took with a limp.

"Michael do you need help?" Fiona started to follow Michael.

Michael turned around and she was right there, 'I got it Fi, it only hurts for the first few steps." Michael turned and continued out of the room and to the bathroom. When Michael returned Fiona was sitting on his side of the bed. Michael stood in front of Fiona and leaned in to give her a kiss but she backed away.

"Michael sit." Michael sat next to her on the bed. "Now tell me what happened."

Michael sighed, "It really was nothing Fi. We were finished with our surveillance when the guys we were watching noticed that the van we were in. Everyday we had a different vehicle I guess they were smarter then we gave them credit for and they ambushed the van before we could get out of there. We fought for a while until our back up came then they were all arrested. I ended up with three broken ribs a dislocated shoulder and a twisted knee." Michael paused for a moment. "Happy now?"

Fiona studied his face to see if he were telling the truth, "No there is something you're not telling me, now out with it Michael."

Michael shook his head in disbelief at how she could always read his face. "Ok there is one more thing; I was going to wait until later to tell you but… I told Pearce I want out, that I'm done."

Fiona smiled, "And what did she say to that? I'm sure she wasn't happy about it."

"No she wasn't, she told me I was injured and not to make any decisions until I'm healed. But I've decided Fi, I'm out." Michael leaned toward Fiona and tried to kiss her again, once again she backed away, "Fi seriously what's wrong?"

Fiona was still leaning away from him, "So what you're telling me is that Anson is gone and you are done with the CIA?"

Michael looked directly in her eyes knowing she would be looking for any sign of a lie, "Yes Fi that is what I'm telling you." Michael grabbed Fiona's arm with his good arm and pulled her towards him, she hit his ribs but he didn't care he gave her the kiss he'd been trying to give her only to have her back away again.

Fiona saw that Michael was in pain after he made her hit his chest, "Now how do you feel?" She said with a slight smile. "Now you have been sitting in a van for the better part of a week and you smell, not to mention you still have some dried blood on your face. Go take a shower and I'll let you near me." Fiona got up and went over to his dresser to get him some clean clothes when she had everything he would need she threw them at him and pointed to the door, "Go."

Michael carefully got up and winced as he tried to turn towards Fiona, "What if I need help?" he said with a smile.

"Fiona smiled back at him, "If you need help call for me and I'll help you. You know that, but I also know that look on your face and with you being hurt, it may not be best to connect in the shower. Now be a good boy and go get cleaned up."

Michael left the bedroom and took his shower Fiona decided to make the bed and get Michael some breakfast ready. After twenty minutes Michael was still not out of the shower, Fiona knew he usually only took ten minutes in there. She went up to the bathroom and knocked on the door. There was no answer. "Michael are you ok in there?" Still no answer, Fiona slowly opened the door and walked over to the shower. She opened the curtain a little and saw Michael sitting on the floor of the bathtub with the water spraying on his head. Michael was shivering a little. "Michael what happened, why didn't you call for me?" She sat on the edge of the tub and wrapped a towel around his shoulders.

"My knee gave out, so I figured I'd sit for a minute. But then I couldn't get up. I tried to yell for you but have you ever tried to yell with broken ribs. I knew eventually you would get curious and come check on me." Michael tried to stand but couldn't do it on his own so Fiona helped him up and was able to support him enough to get him back to the bedroom.

Fiona helped to dry and warm him up, "Well at least you're clean now. You just need a shave."

"I'll take care of that later. I just wanna relax right now." He went to sit on the bed.

"Nope you're not spending the day in bed; you know that since it's your first day back Sam and your Mother are going to want to see you and I don't want Sam in here. Be like every other man and go sit on the couch and watch TV."

Fiona helped Michael downstairs and got him settled in the living room. She handed him the remote and told him not to move. Michael turned on the TV and started to flip through the channels. He quickly realized that he had no idea what was on TV any more and tried to find some kind of channel guide. When Fiona came back into the room, she saw him standing near the TV with a channel lineup in his hand. "Michael I told you not to move, now get your ass back on that couch." She pointed at the couch.

Michael slowly made his way back to the couch and noticed the arm full of medical supplies in Fiona's arms. "What's all that for Fi, I'm fine?"

Fiona sat next to Michael and put his injured leg on the coffee table, "You are not fine, did you already forget that I just had to help you out of the shower because you couldn't get up? Now sit there and let me wrap your knee and ribs."

"Fine if it will make you feel better wrap my knee and ribs." Michael sat there and let Fiona take care of him. He kept flipping through the channels until he found a Red Sox game on, and then put the remote down. Once Fiona was done wrapping him up she got him his breakfast and sat with him while he ate and watched the game.

After a while of just sitting watching the game Fiona broke the silence, "Is this what normal people do? Just sit and watch TV? I don't know how people do it. Especially watching baseball, it's kinda boring."

"Baseball is something that you need to know the history of in order to be able to watch Fi. Take this game for example it's the Boston Red Sox against the New York Yankees, they have been rivals for I don't know how long. It makes these games exciting cause you never know when a fight could break out." Michael quickly looked at Fiona before returning his attention to the TV.

"What ever Michael it still boring." Fiona went to get up but Michael stopped her.

"Hey where you going? You don't want to sit with me?"

"Michael this is boring if you want to watch be my guest I'll find something to do." Fiona tried to get up again but again Michael help her down.

Michael carefully put his arm around her shoulders to keep her sitting there, "You said I have to stay here so you should stay here too. I can change the channel to something we can both watch."

Michael gave Fiona the remote and she started flipping through the channels and found and action movie that they sat and watched together. Fiona had a happy smile on her face. Even though Michael was hurt at the moment he was leaving the CIA and they would finally have there time alone.

The End

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