Hello :) this is my first ANYTHING in a very very very long time. But I just fell in love with this show and this couple, so I thought I would just start this small little thing. I am always wondering what Cassie and Adam are thinking whan they are near eachother, so I decided I would just make something up. I'm not the best writer, I know that. My spelling is reallllllly bad, and I stop paying attention to the space bar when I get excited. But I think it's enough to get my point across. I am thinking about making another chapter and making it Cassie, from Adams POV. But here is this either way :) Don't forget to review! thank you!


Cassie's POV

Being near him is so complicated. When I walk into a room and see him, it just feels right. His presence is intoxicationg. Just being in the same room with him relaxes and excites me

at the same time. I can feel it when he is near me. I sense his magic and it makes me all jumpy. But I hate feeling like this. Feeling like I'm betraying my best friend. I know they love

eachother, they've both told me. So for the sake of my friendship with Diana, I try to hide what I feel for Adam. But it's so hard not to smile when I see him smile, and my eyes, they

always gravitate towards him. No matter how I try to focus on something else, I always catch myself trying to define the color of his eyes. I've tried avoiding him completely but since

we've started getting attacked I can't aford to leave the circle unable to protect its self, not to mention the idea of running into a demon without them was completely terrifying.

Probably they most difficult part of this whole.. whatever it is, is knowing he feels something too. He says he doesn't know what it is, and he says that he can't help it either. I can

see how it hurts him to feel this way for me. I can see how he wishes he didn't. Because every time Diana saw it he could read the pain in her eyes and that killed him. It's hard on

both of us, feeling this thing neither of us can seem to describe. I hate having to watch the way I act around him. I have to fight my first instinct to tell him things first, because I'm

afraid it will cause a fight between them, and I don't want her to hate me, or him to blame me. But if Im being honest, he is really like a drug. I feel this surge of power when I'm near

him. Like I can do anything. But when he is gone the feeling fades and fades, and when it's gone I crave it again. I wonder if its the same for him.

So there it is. I hope you enjoyed it and i hope you'll review :) Thank you again and I love you for being you! (aka- Awesome)