Pain shocked his body as he tried to drag his body up the thousand steps

Slowly inching his way up each one, body screaming in agony

'must… regain trust, I'm sorry… Shifu'

Tai Lung woke up with a jolt and was drenched in sweat from that nightmare. Slowly and quietly he rose off his mat and snuck down the hall and out of the barracks. Sighing, he then took off through the valley towards his meditation spot on the south end. Once there he sat down and closed his eyes. A while later he opened his eyes to find that the sun was just beginning to rise, before he took a step, a twig snapped behind him. Whirling around, he saw nothing and resumed his journey back the The Palace. He faled to notice the pair of amber eyes watching him.

'Yeah, I got time' Tai Lung thought as he sprinted back up the Thousand Stairs. Jumping up to the top gate he found a slightly irritated Shifu.