I listened

Author'sNote:Heyyyy yeah I know I need to update my other stories but I wanted to write this one while it's still in my head. So yeah. Enjoy!

She told finally told me. Everything. She told me every single detail, every gruesome moment. And I listened. Oh I wanted to do SO much more. I wanted to ring Will Cash's neck until he was dead; I wanted to hurt him so badly he'd have to rot in hell for the rest of his worthless existence. But the girl in front of me needed me. She needed me to listen. So I did. Because, for the first time in our friendship Annabel actually let it ALL out. She told me everything. And it hurt. It hurt so badly. When she finished, I stared at her a moment. Her doe-like eyes seemed to be begging me for forgiveness. Oh, why on EARTH would she need to be forgiven?

"I'm sorry Annabel. I'm sorry that happened to you." By the end of her story, tears had been falling in streams down her pale cheeks, now red from crying. Bottling up experiences and feelings is bad. It makes things worse in the end. Trust me, I know. But this…this was unbelievable.

"Come here." I held out my arms and she collapsed into them sobbing hysterically into my t-shirt. I could feel her tears soaking my shirt but I didn't care. I was never going to leave her like this. No matter how badly I wanted to kill Will Cash, I would stay. Because Annabel needed me to listen. So I stayed. I listened to her sobs fill my radio room, echoing through the room and piercing my heart. I wanted to destroy the monster that had caused her to suffer so badly. Don't get me wrong, he will pay. Dearly. But right now, my angel needed me. So I listened. I loved Annabel from the bottom of my heart. So I stayed. And I listened.