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It was the start of the new school year for the students of Franklin D. Roosevelt High School, and two of the school's students Gwen Wilson and Bridgette Miller were walking to their school.

"An all new year Eleventh grade is going to be the best year! Geoff is on the football team and I am going, to become a cheerleader cheering him on at all his games!" Bridgette said excitedly to her best friend Gwen.

"Agh you still want to become a cheerleader." Gwen replied.

"Yeah why?" Bridgette asked.

"Um I don't know... oh wait I do know! The captain of the cheerleading squad is the antichrist Heather Chan!" Gwen said.

"Gwen, Heather is not that bad."

"Really then how would you describe Heather?" Gwen asked.

"I don't know... mean spirited." Bridgette replied.

"That's just a nice way of saying she is a bitch." Gwen said playfully.

"Okay, okay! Fine I admit she is a bitch! Happy now?" Bridgette asked.

Gwen laughed "Haha yeah!"

"Besides the cheerleading uniform will come in handy, I will be the sexy cheerleader! And Geoff will be the hot football player! It will really spice up our love life! If you know what I mean."

"Okay eww I don't need to know about your sex life with Geoff." Gwen told her friend.

"Hey girls! What are you two talking about?" Bridgette and Gwen heard from behind them it was their friend LeShawna Parker.

"Oh Bridgette is just telling me about her sex life with Geoff." Gwen sarcastically told LeShawna.

"Hey at least I have a sex life!" Bridgette sarcastically said to Gwen.

"Sorry me and Shawnie are still virgins." Gwen replied.

"You maybe the only one!" Bridgette said. "So tell us LeShawna are you still dating that Joey Bishop?"

"Me and Joey broke up a few days before I came back to New York. I guess summer love in Florida just wasn't meant to last. And to answer your next question yes I am still a virgin." LeShawna said to Bridgette.

"Glad I am not the only one haha." Gwen said with a laugh.

"Alright so I am dating Geoff! And Shawnie just broke up with a guy, Gwen its time for you to get a boyfriend!" Bridgette said playfully.

Gwen rolled her eyes "I am fine being single." she said.

"I have to agree with Bridgette." LeShawna said chiming into the conversation. "You haven't had a boyfriend in like a year."

"Oh no not you too! I am fine being single I just haven't found a guy I like yet." Gwen said.

"Well Geoff told me Trent Davison likes you." Bridgette informed her.

"Trent Davison? Isn't he that musician guy? He is kinda cute what did he say to Geoff?" Gwen asked.

"They were hanging out and a few days ago and your name, was brought up and Trent said he thought you were pretty hot!" Bridgette answered.

"You knew about this a few days ago and didn't tell me!" Gwen said to Bridgette.

"I thought you didn't care about dating." LeShawna said to Gwen.

"I don't! But he is pretty cute." Gwen answered blushing.

"Oh my gosh! Does Gwen have a crush on Trent Davison?" Bridgette excitedly asked her friend.

Gwen didn't answer she just blushed Bridgette was embarrassing her.

"Okay I am sorry! I can tell I am embarrassing you, do you want me to ask Geoff if Trent is dating anyone?" Bridgette asked.

"Uh... yeah sure." Gwen answered.

The girls finally made it to their school it was a typical first day, teachers told them what they would be taught this year and, what they expected of their students. At lunch Gwen, LeShawna, Bridgette, and Bridgette's boyfriend Geoff McGraw sat at a table together. They had some small talk then Gwen finally asked the question, she wanted answered all day.

"So is Trent single?"

"Oh sorry I forgot to tell you.. .great news he is!" Bridgette excitedly answered.

"And he is totally into you! He thinks you're a total babe." Geoff told Gwen.

"Why am I always the last to know these things?" Gwen asked.

"Speaking of Trent." LeShawna said she pointed him out he was sitting across the lunch room. "Call him over girl!" LeShawna said to Gwen.

"No, no... I don't want to seem desperate." Gwen told LeShawna.

"Yo Trent! Over here man!" Geoff called out Trent heard him and started making his way over.

"Geoff!" Gwen said.

"Hey Geoff, whats up?" Trent asked.

"Take a seat man." Geoff told him.

"Cool." Trent said as he sat next to Gwen.

"You remember my girl Bridgette and friend LeShawna right?" Geoff asked the musician.

"Yeah how was your summer girls?" Trent asked Bridgette and LeShawna.

"It was nice I stayed in New York with Geoff." Bridgette answered.

"I went to Florida with my family." LeShawna answered.

"That's cool how was it?" Trent asked LeShawna.

"It was pretty nice but I am glad to be back in New York!" LeShawna told him.

"And you know Gwen right?" Geoff asked Trent.

"Uh... I've seen you around school but I don't think we, have met its nice to meet you." Trent said to Gwen.

"Yeah, yeah its nice to meet you." Gwen nervously replied.

"So Trent you coming to my party on Friday?" Geoff asked.

"You know it! Will you girls be there?" Trent asked the girls really only wanting to know if Gwen would be there.

"Of course I will be." Bridgette replied.

"Hell yeah! You know I will be!" LeShawna answered.

"Will you be Gwen?" Trent asked.

"Uh... yeah I'll be there." Gwen timidly answered.

"Cool I'll see you there then! I got get some lunch I'll talk to you guys later." Trent said he got up and left the table.

"I didn't seem weird did I?" Gwen asked her friends.

"No just a little bit shy." Bridgette told her.

"Great! He probably thinks I'm a weird antisocial goth girl." Gwen said disappointed in her lack of confidence.

"No he doesn't! This Friday just be yourself." Bridgette said encouragingly.

"Be myself? Yeah because that worked out so well for me last time. The last guy I dated dumped me for Sierra Campbell!"

"So! Girl you can do so much better than Cody Smith." LeShawna said.

"Yeah Cody doesn't know what he is missing. And trust me Trent likes you." Geoff reassured her. "At my party just talk to him and before you know it, it will be me, Bridgette, you, Trent, and LeShawna sitting here."

"That won't last long! No man can resist this booty!" LeShawna jokingly told her friends.