This is basically just a preview into the story I am writing. Obviously it involves the Doctor, but I am a huge Doctor/Rose shipper so if you don't like that stuff I apologize. But there might be some Amy/Rory because I just love those two! I don't want to give too much away so just read this it'll give you an idea of what's to come.

Disclaimer: I own nothing, not Doctor Who or BBC or any of the actors involved. Trust me you'd know if I did!

-Last Chance at Forever-

There he sat, staring off into space. Quite literally actually, as he was sitting with his legs dangling off the TARDIS as it floated threw open space.

Exactly two hours, fifty two minutes, and twenty one seconds ago he had died. Well he had been inside a robotic form of himself when it was shot at Lake Silencio, but still. He hadn't thought to think how hard it would be to hear Amy scream his name as River Song shot him. But all had worked out, Amy and Rory were safe at their home and River had undoubtedly told them he was still alive.

As he sat there lost in thought, which was quite easy to do seeing as he could think of many things at once, an alarm bell sounded from the console. He checked the monitors, everything seemed to be working just fine. The he saw it. A light was blinking, a little one. An impossible little light.

No...nah...couldn't be... He thought his mind racing. He checked the monitor. There it was, that impossible light wasn't lying. There it was, so close. A hole, a breech, a tear, one in the universe. One that led to somewhere he thought was impossible to get back to. He beamed.

"Finally!" he shouted.

So this was only the very first part. It isnt really even a full chapter so don't worry, not all will be this small! I hoped you were at least interested in reading more into the story. This is only my first so please any critiques would be very much appreciated!