-Chapter 46-

"You can go to bed. I don't need watching." The Doctor said shortly. He had been under the console for about an hour, and that was the first thing he had said the entire time.

"Hide it all you want, I know how you're really feeling. So yes, you do need looking after. And no, I won't go to bed until you do." Rose said softly, not accusing or annoyed in the least.

The Doctor put down his screwdriver and let out a breath, closing his eyes. "Rose. Just go."

She tried not to be hurt by that, really it was stupid to be, but hearing him say that to her didn't exactly make her feel warm and loved. "No." She said simply, not caring about what he said he thought he wanted because she knew him. And being alone was never good for him.

He looked up at her. "Whatever it is that you think you are accomplishing, I can assure you that you are not. The TARDIS needs work. I won't be done for a while; if she finishes her scan before I'm done I will call all of you."

Rose narrowed her eyes just slightly, "I'm going to grab a cuppa, want anything?"

"No, thank you." He said simply. He waited until he heard her footsteps fade out and down the corridor to let out a heavy sigh and run a hand through his hair.

She was trying so hard without even really trying, if that made any logical sense. Of course it didn't nothing about this day made any logical sense. Books...?

Now on a very, very long and thin stretch he could see Donna's subconscious leaking bits and pieces here and there. A familiar smell that shouldn't remind her of anything but somehow it did or an unusual color or sound that gave her a de ja vu feeling. But even then she should not have been able to get clear and complete details. What she had...they were more precise than they should be. What was more, that information should be killing her, if not causing deep, unbearable pain.

Even though none of that made any logical sense, it was more likely than the rest was. Not only did Donna write down years of his life before he even met her, she wrote exact thoughts and feelings that he had when those years were being lived!

Now, he reasoned, yes she had part of him in her, but that didn't account for her being able to contain all that information and knowledge. He couldn't understand it. Donna was strong...but she shouldn't be this strong. No human should. It was impossible. Completely. Yet it had happened and was happening right this very moment.

"Did you reason out what I did?" Rose asked, suddenly right behind him

The Doctor jumped and let go of the wrench in his hand, dropping it right on his foot, "ah! Oo ooh. Rose...please announce yourself much more clearly..." He said, staring at his throbbing foot.

Rose just smiled, holing her cup of hot tea with both hands. "Not exactly what I asked, was it?"

"What? Oh, reasoned out what?"

"That there's no way she should be alive, much less without any pain. So...her subconscious must be leaking things through when she sleeps. Which...to her must just be dreams. She doesn't take them as anything more than a silly story."

The Doctor's eyebrows came together. "So?" He wanted to see where she was going with this.

Rose rolled her eyes. "We'll that's just it, isn't it? I don't know much about all of this, but I know she's perfectly fine and healthy. So there has to be some sort of reason. Maybe, because she doesn't think about them as real and it's all made up to her that's influencing or tricking her brain. We do that all the time, trick ourselves into believing something there when it's not, or that nothing is there when it really is. That's not always physical objects, and I think that's part of what's happening with her."

The Doctor stood with his mouth partially open, not moving. Then he blinked. "Rose that's not possible," he said, crossing his arms and standing up straighter.

Rose raised an eyebrow, "why cause you didn't think of it first?"

"What!? No! It's-it's...it's complicated. It has to be more complicated than that, that's just a stupid human saying for when they just aren't observant enough."

"Even if that was true, which there is a possibility of it not being, we still need to reach out to her. We have to protect her and get close to her so that the others out to get her can't."

He continued as if he hadn't heard her. "Actually that's just what you stupid humans say to make yourselves feel better! The lot of you, mindless apes. Wouldn't know left from right if someone hadn't intervened for you! Always making excuses and conditions to make yourselves feel better about your own mistakes!" The Doctor said, yelling and throwing his hands in the air. "Getting close to her? Have you no comprehension of how dangerous that is? How her mind could break and explode with the simplest bit of a memory? You don't understand anything at all. She is important to me. She will not be touched. She's safer that way and I won't put her in more jeopardy that I already have! It's like you humans don't have the simplest idea of how things function."

"None of you, not one, has a bloody clue in the world of how things work! You piddle along, stumbling in the dark for a millennia just going around in circles. It's pathetic! Helping you day in and day out for the vast majority, nearly the entirety, of my life and nothing ever changes, not a thing. Not ever. You're all the same! Thinking yourselves smarter than you are, thinking you're just so clever when you don't know a thing! Primitive lot of apes letting your emotions rule your pointless little lives! Calling you apes is an insult to the actual bloody apes."

He was ranting and yelling so loudly and so much that he might have forgotten what the point of it was. All he knew was that he was angry. Angry at humans, angry at Earth and at the universe, angry at his own anger and feelings.

Rose stood, every word cutting at her like knives. She wasn't a human anymore, not completely, but she had been. The people she loved were humans. At heart, she was still human. And those were still her people.

He hadn't shouted at her like this since she was nineteen, and he was leather clad and rough around every edge possible. It hurt. She blinked back feelings and made her face a mask, just like he had.

"That's enough," she said finally. "I get it."

That statement made him even angrier. "You don't! You don't get it at all! I'm right, you're wrong. You don't understand a thing so just sod off and let me figure this out so maybe I can fix everything again and save another bloody stupid human from their own self!"

"Right. Well I'll just let the all mighty master get back to his ever so complicated and important business of ignoring any possibility other than what his own brilliant Time Lord head comes up with! Shouldn't let my stupid ape tendencies get in the way of such a superior being like yourself," she spat back sarcastically. Without giving him another chance to yell and scream at her and her species, she set the cup aside and stormed up the stairs and out of the console room.

"At last you take a hint!" He shouted back, slamming his fist on the nearby wall. He was breathing hard and thinking a million things at once. Still so angry, he hit the wall again and stormed off to his room.

Amy opened her door when the shouting stopped and she heard footsteps running down the hall and into the one next to them, slamming a door. She frowned, that was Rose's old pink room. Not Rose and the Doctor's room.

"Rory...I believe mummy and daddy had a little tiff..." She muttered, peeking out of her door.

"Little? Ames, you and I both heard that mad man shouting at the top of his Time Lord lungs. That wasn't a tiff, it was a full-out row," he said flipping the page of his magazine.

Amy shut the door and hoped up on the bed, kneeling on it beside him. "Oh you sound so casual, they never fight like that. I think it's this Donna woman, she's the reason behind it all."

Rory chuckled and shook his head. "What? You think it's the Doctor's other woman or something? Have you met him? He wouldn't know how to go about getting another woman, it's a shocker he's got a girl like Rose."

Amy rolled her eyes. "Oh people used to say that about you, didn't they?"

Rory cleared his throat and shifted, looking back at his magazine, "well..." he mumbled.

Amy just smiled. "What I'm saying is underneath all the pompousness and acting like a child, he has the same problems as you human men do. He doesn't get women and how to live with us. Yet you can't live without us of course, and quite literally too."

"So you're saying he's a normal bloke deep down? Amy, that mad man has more baggage than the entire northern hemisphere. And that's putting it extremely lightly. He's not normal. He's insane and completely...oh that's not a nice look," he said, trailing off as he realized the narrowing of Amy's eyes.

"Completely mad, yeah, and in love. And married. And struggling under the weight of his past, yet again. You're not being fair to him."

Rory put down the magazine and shifted to hold Amy's hands and sit in front of her. "Ames, I know. But you can't go about this like he's just some simple bloke. I know you care about him, hate to admit it but so do I. But all this going on? He's bound to lash out at times, if he did't he'd collapse in on himself."

"You don't lash out."

"I haven't done all he's done."

"You've lived longer. You've killed too. And you don't take anything out on me."

Rory touched her cheek and cupped it with his hand. "I did it for you. I knew through everything that when it was all over I'd still have my Amy. He didn't have that constant hope, did he? Every friend he either killed, died on their own, moved on, taken away from him, and sometimes he forced them to leave for their own good. In any case, they all left eventually."

Amy looked at him for a while, not saying anything. This Rory, the man she loved, had changed so much. Had seen and done and matured so much that he understood people so much more. He always was good with people, being a nurse after all, but this was different. "He's got Rose now. She's his new constant, and he's just shoving her away."

"Maybe he doesn't get how to let her in, Ames, not like he's experienced when it comes to this, is he?"

"No...but he's just so bloody dense." She said, exasperated.

Rory laughed and shook his head. "Yeah there's that too. Just calm down Amy, our little Doctor will be alright."

She grinned, "Ours? Acknowledging him as part of the family now?"

He shrugged and pulled an indifferent face. "Sure why not."

"I like the sound of that." Amy said, a new look on her face that Rory couldn't quite place.

"Sound of what?"

"Our family, the family. That. I could get used to that sound."

Rory tried to hide it but his eyes widened a bit and he broke out in a partial smile that lit up his face. "Really?"

"Our family...yeah. I like it," she said slowly.

"Well it's a bit small at the moment," he tried.

"A bigger family...hmm...I think I like that too. Easy enough to make happen."

Rory smiled wide and rushed his lips to hers, tackling her so she fell sideways and he was hovering on top of her. "Do you mean that? Really? A bigger family?"

Amy giggled and nodded, "yeah I do."

He kissed her again and pulled back just slightly, "say it again," he mumbled, his voice gravely.

"I want us to have a family of our own. A bigger one."

"Amelia Pond...I can help with that. And god, do I adore you." He said holding her head with one hand and crushing his lips down to hers.

Amy pushed his chest away just a bit and giggled again when he groaned in annoyance. "Just one last thing. It's Amy Williams to you mister. Now kiss me before something else happens in this mad house of a spaceship."

He lowered himself back down. "With pleasure m'lady," he said in a lower voice and brought his lips back to hers, kissing her with everything he had.

They didn't care to notice, but the lights dimmed and the walls became much more sound proof just then.

Rose let out an angry breath of air as she paced around the room.

"Mindless ape am I, now?" She mumbled to herself. She let out a frustrated sound, one that if she wasn't so angry would remind her of a teenage girl.

How dare he call her an ape, if he kept up acting like this she'd show him just how "primitive" she could be...

Pointless lives? She'd saved more people than she could even keep track of, and without his help back in Pete's world. Her mother had bloody well supported her for her entire life, and all on her own without help from some arrogant prick from space. Her dad had made everyone around him happier while he was alive; no one could call that pointless.

Maybe humans were a bit slow at times but they were just starting to get up on their own two feet. They were just starting out on a planet that was so young. Maybe they needed some help at times to understand things and learn a thing or two, but who didn't? What species could claim they were perfect and always had been? Not the Time Lords, that's damn well sure.

He could shut her out all he wanted; ignore what's right in front of his face. Donna is one of the most valued beings in the universe, but the whole universe couldn't have known that. Someone tipped them off. Someone started this race to get the ginger human woman, and there was a good reason for that.

She was more than just smart, locked away in that red-head was information that could destroy worlds and create them at the same time, tear down civilizations and win wars instantly. That was too much power to be left unprotected, and now they knew that's exactly what she was. Powerful. She had been the most important woman in all of creation. And now she was yet again.

Donna was the key, and she needed protecting. The Doctor could deny all he wanted that she was in immediate danger but Rose sure as hell wouldn't. And she wouldn't stand for him treating her like a child.

She was hurt, angry, sad, frustrated, and annoyed all at once and for some reason she was feeling it all so much stronger than she thought she should have.

He thought he could tell at her like that and poke at her weak spots? Insult her race and her family? Demean her to some little insignificant spec? No. Maybe she had been too nice with him all these years. Too soft.

He was allowed to be sad, what he was not allowed to do was exactly what he had just done. What was worse he was putting Donna in more and more danger with each second that went by without action.

He could do his scans all he wanted, she wasn't going to stand around twiddling her thumbs and groveling at his feet.

She threw her hair up in a high pony tail and when she turned around her holiday bag was at the foot of old her pink bed. Silently thanking the TARDIS, she smiled briefly at the ceiling and sighed. At least someone was on her side today.

She quickly moved to the wardrobe and started pulling out clothes and tossing them into the bag. Grabbing her toothbrush and shoving it in there as well, she picked up the bag and left the room as quick as she could.

She managed to sneak past Jack's room and the Pond's without trouble, not stopping when she heard something hit the floor in the Doctor's room. That's probably what it was to him anyway, his room. He just let the brainless human sleep there so she could be a small use to him when he got a bit bored.

Just as she suspected after having heard that noise, no one was in the console room and she briefly paused with her hard on a lever. "Not leaving you, don't worry. I'd never leave you on your own with that one again," she whispered, and the responding hum she heard in her head made her smile. "See you soon."

Jack woke up from a nap and walked out of his room, stretching and feeling incredibly refreshed. Something odd he noticed right away, however, was Rose's old pink bedroom door wide open. He frowned in confusion and walked inside, pushing the door out all the way.

Inside drawers were sloppily open and some half closed with clothes hanging off the sides, the tall doors of the wardrobe looked as if they had been flung open and clothes ripped out, leaving hangers strung out all over the floor. The sheets were missed in one spot and a scuff mark was left on the edge of the bed.

His mouth hung open slightly as he looked for some sort of note, but there was nothing around but untouched objects from their past and pictures in slightly dusty frames. It looked as if a storm blew three in a very specific line, seeming to lead towards the door.

"Rosie...what did you do..." He muttered, rubbing his jaw. It wasn't like her to leave without warning, and no one could have kidnapped her as no one could even get into the TARDIS, much less as far as Rose's old room.

That left two options. She had a plan, or the Doctor had done something so incredibly stupid that resulted in her wanting to leave the TARDIS. His bet was on a mixture of both.

"Ponds! Hey, stop your passionate love-making and get out here. Dressed or not, preferably not. Just get out here," Jack said loudly, knocking on their door. He heard a groan of annoyance, then hushed mumbling and a slight stumbling of feet. He smirked, the love-making thing was right then.

The door flew open, Amy with her hand on her hip, seeming unfazed while Rory was in the background trying desperately to pull up his trousers and put on his sweater. "What is it Jack? We're a bit busy here," Amy said, trying to sound nonchalant.

Jack grinned and nodded. "Yeah I bet you were. But sadly there's another very pressing matter that isn't located in Rory's pants."

Rory coughed loudly. "Oi, shut it, yeah?

Amy just rolled her eyes, "so what is this very pressing matter? The Doctor said the scans wouldn't be done for a good while?"

"Oh, now that I have no clue about. What I'm conserved about is why Rose's room looks ransacked and there's quite a bit of clothes missing. And no Rose."

Amy looked confused then her face fell at the same time as her hand fell from the door. "Oh." She mumbled.

"Yeah. What did I miss exactly?" Jack said, crossing his arms.

Amy ran a hand threw her hair. "Oh Rose...Rory I told you I should go check on her!"

"Sorry! If I'd known she was that upset I'd have gone with you."

"Wait upset? Back up and explain."

Amy sighed. "We were in here, and from what we could hear there was lots of shouting and yelling, mostly from the idiot's end. I guess they had a row. But Rose stormed off to her room and slammed the door...then we suddenly because otherwise occupied. But only because Rory said we should let them work it out, I thought the Doctor would have gone to apologize so much sooner."

Jack let out a frustrated breath. "Dammit, Doc. Ok, well her phone is on her bed so she obviously doesn't care to talk to us. But if she took clothes with her..." He trailed off and put a finger to his mouth in thought.

"Wait Rose wouldn't just shove of at a time like this." Amy added.

"No...she wouldn't. So. What was she fighting with the Doc about?"

"Not a clue, but I know how we can find out," Amy said, already growing more and more agitated at the Doctor by the second.

What does Rose have planned? Where did she go? What will the Doctor's reaction be? And what is going on with Donna?

All that and more to be answered soon!

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