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"Loki please don't make me do this." Darcy's voiced cracked through her tears. The world was dying and only his demise would suffice the cruelty of fate. There had been a text, as old as time which promised the end of the world by the hand of one once hated and that his fate would be sealed by those he loved.

"Darcy I have to die." It wasn't news. All of the nine Realms had grown up with variations of that ancient tale. Only recently, through his spat with his brother, his fall to Earth and in his final moments of redemption and finally the beginning of Ragnarok had he managed to piece together that it was meant for him. He had unwittingly started it through his anger, it had fed off him like a leech until it was a second being capable of a level of evil Loki could barely imagine.

The Avengers had forgiven him when he agreed to assist in any way he could. Unfortunately that meant he would have to die. Only with his death could this mascot of all things dark be destroyed. However the cruellest twist of the knife was that it would have to be Darcy who performed the deed.

"We were going to do so much." Darcy was past caring about what she looked like. She, Loki and the Avengers were standing in the rubble and carnage that was once 5th Avenue, New York. Her clothes were filthy and torn, the heroes were bloodied and injured and all were waiting on her decision, could she save the world or couldn't she? It was clich├ęd, like something from a bad chick flick or cheesy action movie. Before now her only responsibility was paying her rent on time and keeping her apartment clean.

It was a hollowing, decaying feeling in the very core of her being that knew she would have to kill him, with his own blade of course. She felt dead, worse than dead, even zombies had more reason to live than this.

"Please let me fix this."

"There is nothing you can do love." Loki was beginning to lose his nerve, he wanted to look death in the face and die with the honour he had lacked in life. If he was going to die by the hand of anyone, it would be the hand of the woman who showed him how to live.

"Stark helped me send out a message throughout the nine realms. Loki is dying; please, please help. You've decided the universe is better off without you but the universe doesn't agree." Darcy was refusing to give up hope. If there was one thing that could help her it was hope.

"That wouldn't mean anything to anyone." Throughout all his years he had never thought highly of himself. He knew he was powerful and clever but he was never popular or much-liked. He doubted any of the Avenger's were there because in order to say goodbye to him, rather the need to follow Thor.

"You're wrong! All that interference and satellite bullshit that's been on the news, it's been a cover. The universe if full of voices saying 'Yes of course we'll help'. You think after all your time and everything you've done, when you needed help you'd have to do more than ask?." Her eyes were pleading, begging. She didn't care about how she looked. The Avengers shifted, Captain America looked like his heart was about to break, Thor could barely keep his eyes on the scene unfurling in front of him.

"No one can help me."

"I can't let you die."

"Darcy I-"

"SHUT UP!" Darcy's sudden outburst caught everyone's attention, Loki looked her straight in the eye, "I can't let you die without knowing you are loved. By so many and so much." She let her tears slow and regained her composure, "and by no one more than me."

"Darcy; you and I we know what this means. We are the core of an explosion that will engulf the entire world. Billions upon billions will suffer and die all because of this."

"I'll suffer, if I have to kill you."

"More than every living thing in the universe?"

She looked at him as if the answer was the most obvious thing in the world. To her of course, it was.


Loki wiped the tears from her face, pulled her close and for a brief moment forgot everything in her simple embrace. He looked her over; scruffy jeans, ripped Sonic Youth shirt and old floral boots. This silly girl who had enticed him and overwhelmed him over a year ago, standing in front of him doing everything in her limited mortal power to fend off the unstoppable and didn't care that it was an impossible task to uptake.

"Brother tear a strip off my cloak, Darcy take one end and wrap it around your wrist. We're in the middle of a combat zone so we'll have to do the quick version of this; Thor repeat after me 'I consent and gladly give'"

"To what?" Thor knew what the words meant, but didn't know why his brother was about to say them.

"Just say it, please." Loki couldn't waste another second, if he was to die, he would die a happy man.

"I consent and gladly give."

"Stark you need to say it too; guardian of the bride." Darcy looked at him with joy and bliss in her eyes; two things she thought she would never feel again.

"I consent and gladly give."

"Now Darcy I'm going to whisper something in your ear and must never repeat it but always remember it," leaning into the ear of his new bride he whispered something so faint no one else could of possibly heard it. Darcy physically swelled. "I just told you my most ancient and sacred name. There you go Mrs Laufeyson. You're the woman who married me." She beamed, "And wife, I have a request, this world is dying and it's my fault and I can't bare it another day. Please help me." Damn his pride. She was his and that was all that mattered now. He had to die but that didn't mean he couldn't smile at his wife, and for her to smile back at him. Finally he felt acceptance, and more beautifully, contentment of life. "There isn't another way."

She looked into the specks of blue in his ridiculously green eyes.

"Then you may kiss the bride."

"I'll make it a good one."

"Oh you better."

As far as kisses went this one was perfect. She had never imagined getting married looking like a hobo, or marrying a Norse God, or in fact that she would stop the end of the world. He pulled away, planting a soft kiss on her forehead.

"You are forgiven; always and completely forgiven." As Darcy had been preoccupied sealing the deal, Loki had placed his staff in her hand, keeping firm hold of her before plunging the blade into his own chest.

Darcy screamed.

Thor let out a roar more fitting to a wounded animal.

"I could never let you live with the guilt." Loki fell onto the rubble. Darcy clutched at his body, Thor was on his knees, his giant shoulders heaving with his sobs.

There was a great burst of light and when it faded everything looked somehow better. The world was still carnage but the gleam of hope was visible on every fallen brick, every dirty face. It was almost like a light from within everything was shining. And in the midst of it all was a newly widowed bride, her dead husband, his grieving brother and the Earth's mightiest heroes; all stunned and awed at the sacrifice their enemy and rival had made in order to save the realm he probably cared about the least.

Loki was smiling when he died.

1 year later

In honour of his dead brother Thor cared for Darcy as if she was his own blood. She lived with him and Jane, continued her work with S.H.I.E.L.D and lived quietly and contently.

"I still dream of him you know." Thor would always want to talk of Loki, and even if it pained Darcy to hear it she would never stop him.

"So do I, all the time."

"Darcy what did he really whisper in your ear?"

She was caught off-guard. Thor was usually passive and polite when discussing Loki's last moments. Damn him, he knew.

"I know all the names of Loki in all the languages in all the realms; we were princes we had to know so to me or anyone who reads into it there is no mystery behind his old names." He literally got on his knees and clasped her hands in his massive paws to plead at her feet. "Please Darcy, tell me this."

"Rule one. Loki lies."

"Of course he does he's the prince of lies."

"Well so do I, had to otherwise all hell would literally have broken loose. That mischievous bastard is always one step ahead of everyone isn't he?" She smiled despite herself, "The Loki we saw in New York was a copy, one of his clones. The real original Loki is still alive and very well."

Thor's puppy eyes welled with tears before he dragged her into a hug so tight she could barely breath.

"So what did he say to you?"

"He told me to wait. I don't know how long for but I will. In my dreams he's been sending me hints about when he can come back but he's worried everything will end again. All he needs is time."

"You're certain?"

"Hells yeah, I'm his wife after all."