"How about this one?"

"No, a little too flashy..."

"Mmmm, and this?"

"Something more, ahem, subtle, perhaps?" –Castiel sighed in a troubled manner, for the umpteenth time since he came to the jewelry store.

He was buying Dean an engagement ring, or at least trying to buy.

But everything the sale's lady showed him, he dismissed.

Nothing worked for Dean, nothing he could imagine him wearing.

Dean was so much, he was strong, capable, brash, bold, candid, and no ring fit his persona.

He would never wear a gemstone.

Or flower engraved.

He trailed his eyes through the rows and rows of rings in front of him, while the lady busied herself under the counter for more rings.

And then he spotted it.

A simple, thin, gold ring, with a line of white gold in the middle.

The images of Dean eating dinner with him, the ring on his hand as he dives his fork in his plate, came to Castiel's mind.

Dean working through a car in the garage, his face lighting with a smile as he waves Castiel over, ring intact on his greasy hand.

Deans glossy eyes, as he looks over Castiel in their bed, his hands roaming over the planes of his body, the ring sparking a shine in the glum night.

He took the ring and examined it in his arms.

It felt right.

Something that spoke of them, what they have, what they want.

What Castiel wants.

And he wants Dean to be his husband.

"You like?" –The sale's lady smiled knowingly, already sure she was getting a sale done.

"Yes. I love it. Wait..." –He remembered to order the size, and rummaged through his pocket for a ring he borrowed from Dean for this occasion.

"Can you please have it done in this size?" –He gave her the rings, not really up for gushing with her about the ring and his "hubby". He had a job to do here, and someone that's waiting for him back home.

She took the rings and nodded curtly while going to the back.

He waited impatiently while she came back only seconds after.

"I'm happy to inform you it's the right size." –She smiled happily.

"Excuse me?"

"They're the same size. The rings." –She chuckled as she saw the surprised expression on Castiel.

If this wasn't a sign he doesn't what is.

"I-I'll take it."

"Right now?"



Dean was lounging on the couch in their home, flicking mindlessly through some TV channels.

Castiel was late.

He knew he sometimes had a lot of accounting to do, Zachariah being a dick of a boss as usual, but he couldn't help but worry.

He had already made dinner, left the chicken in the oven so it doesn't get cold.

He just wanted to see him.

A pair of keys twirling in the door's lock had Dean raising from his seat in an instant.

"Hello, Dean." –Castiel's voice rasped as he smiled widely at Dean.

He looked worse than usual, hair wild from his hands constantly roaming through it in aggravation, three days worth of stubble, tie slung carelessly, but Dean noticed how his eyes were brighter than usual, his smile wider than usual, his cheeks pleasantly flushed.

It made Dean wonder, but he didn't feel right questioning his apparent happiness.

If Castiel was happy, then that's all he needs to know.

"Hey, Cas." –Dean said softly as he closed the space between, for a small, but loving kiss, his arms wrapping instinctively around the man's waist.

"You're late." –He couldn't help but bring it up, resting his forehead against Castiel's.

Castiel huffed, smiling.

"I'm sorry" –A quick peck of Dean's lips. –"Got hold up at the office. But, I promise you I'm all yours tomorrow. As you are mine." –


And he couldn't help but laugh, as he sank into another kiss.


Castiel made arrangements for the both of them in one of the fancier restaurants in town.

He was making his tie as he got ready for their night.

He knew this was the right thing to do.

He and Dean have been through enough together.

And through all the hardships and obstacles they've faced, they remained together.

Castiel knew they were permanent.

And it was time the whole world knew it too.

A glance to Dean's hand and they'll know that he has something wonderful, that somebody loves him so, so much.

Dean drives as Castiel gives him directions. It's their first time there, and he can feel how nervous Dean is.

He is cracking jokes in the car like he doesn't know how to stop, he keeps pulling at his shirts collar, blaring the music louder and louder.

Castiel thinks that Dean might be guessing why they are going there.

So when he parks, Castiel just holds his hand, in between his and looks at him, really looks at him.

Dean has a way of falling apart under Castiel's eyes.

Like his all defences brake under the man's intense gaze.

"Will you come with me, Dean?" –Castiel asks, and he knows Dean understands what he's asking.

"Yeah, of course." –Dean smiles easily, all of his anxiety vanished.

Hand in hand they walk to the restaurant, an easy aura of affection around them.

Dinner is surprisingly light.

They drink their wine, enjoying each other's company.

And when Castiel feels the moment is right he takes Dean's hand in his own.

Dean's eyes spark in an instant.

Castiel knows Dean's been expecting this.

He brushes the man's rough hand with own.

He feels the ring in his pocket like a bowling ball, heavy, like if he dosen't get it out and on Dean's hand it will carry him to the ground.



They both smile easily, finally feeling sure.

"Twenty-one years ago we met for the first time. And since then we haven't left each other's side."

"Yes." –Dean says quietly, a little breathless.

"You've been there for me when no one else was."


"Twenty-one years ago you asked me something."


"Today, I'm asking you."

And with that he slid to the ground on one knee, taking the box from his pocket, opening the lid with a pop.

"Dean Winchester, will you marry me?" –He trembled on the ground, not noticing how the whole restaurant was looking at them, his eyes set only on Dean.

"Yes. Yes, Castiel, I-I would be honored." –Dean's quivering lips spoke, his eyes watering, but his smile was honest, and so, so happy.

Castiel slid the ring on Dean's hand and it looked so right. He felt like he was meant to be here at this moment, to do this with Dean. Like this is what he had been looking up to his whole life.

To slid that ring on his lover's hand.

Dean took his shoulders roughly pulling him up and kissing him for all he's worth.

They shut out the applause they were getting in their moment, revealing in each other, in their love, and their bond.

"I love you so much." –Dean said sounding choked, his face wet with tears, holding Castiel's face in both his hands.

"I love you too, Dean."

Twenty one years ago, at an orange desk, a boy with green eyes approached a boy with blue eyes.

Today those two boys got married.

Fluff sequel is fluff! I actually wasn't planning a sequel but come on x)). ( Also I understand that proposing is not the same as marrying, but come on all that's left now is the paper work ;) )

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