The freezing wind blasted against Hiccup's face, the cold winter sun doing nothing to shed warmth across the island of Berk. But then again, Hiccup was used to it, and as Toothless shot up into the sky, wings beating furiously as they climbed higher and higher, he wouldn't have gone inside if it was offered. He let out a loud whoop, leaning forward eagerly as Toothless shot downwards. A whirl of adrenaline sped through the boy, and Toothless's wings shot out around him, the dragon stopping in his descent and swooping forward.

Dark clouds hung over the frozen ocean underneath, heavy with snow. Hiccup had to squint to see accordingly, but it didn't put a damper on either of their spirits. It was far too early in the morning for other Vikings to go out and fly, leaving the whole sky to the two. Thanks to Toothless, Hiccup never really believed in 'sleeping in' anymore.

"Alright, here we go!" Hiccup hollered above the wind, Toothless yipping excitedly in a reply. Slipping his prosthetic leg from its hook, Hiccup straightened, standing up shakily as Toothless's wings started to beat more unevenly. Hiccup had been perfecting his jumps, and he had been making a lot of progress. As the large rock came closer and closer to the two, Hiccup narrowed his eyes carefully, bending his knees as he braced himself for the leap.

Right as he threw himself forward, something moved in the corner of his eye, the boy's head whipping around as a black shape flashed past him. Toothless let out a loud yowl, snapping Hiccup's attention just as he crashed into the rock face-first, a small groan of pain escaping him as he did so. Hands shooting forward, Hiccup's fingernails dug into the surface of the rock, white scratches appearing as he struggled to find a grip on the slippery surface.

Glancing down, a stab of fear went through him as Hiccup caught sight of Toothless loosing air, the Night Fury flapping furiously as he looked at Hiccup with fear. The Viking faltered as he looked at Toothless, eyes widening as he looked back up in the direction where the strange flash had shown itself. A small sound made its way to the child's ears, and the Viking froze as he realized that the sound was familiar. It couldn't be possible…it was-

Hiccup let out a yell as a burst of purple fire exploded forward, careening for the boy almost quicker than he could react. Looking back down at Toothless, Hiccup closed his eyes tightly and let go, the fireball crashing into the rock with a purple explosion right after he let himself slip. Cold air sliced through his vest, chilling him to the bone as he cracked open one eye, a wave of relief crashing over him as the dragon floundered forward to meet his human.

Looking back up, Hiccup's heart froze as it finally came into sight. A large Night Fury. It was slender and smaller than Toothless, but it's eyes burned with anger as it swooped forward, looking with a huff at the empty rock. It was strange to see the other black tailfin, Hiccup was so used to the red one that was made for Toothless.

Before he could do anything else though, he crashed into Toothless, the dragon jerking under the weight of Hiccup. Flipping over onto his stomach as quickly as he could, Hiccup pushed his leg back into its position, his dragon's wings immediately straightening, beats becoming more controlled as the Night Fury shot upwards, just barley grazing the frozen surface of the ocean. Hiccup swallowed uncomfortably as Toothless let out a loud roar, eyes narrowed into furious slits as he saw the other Night Fury. Flattening closer to the dragon's back, craning his neck to the side as he tried to see what was going on.

The Night Fury blinked, starting as it saw the human riding on the back of the strange-acting dragon, eyes slowly narrowing. "What's going on?" She barked out, sweeping forward and landing neatly on what was left of the ledge of the rock. She saw the human's forehead crease slightly, and she bared her teeth at the small thing. He couldn't even understand the dragon's language. So what was he doing on the back of a Night Fury?

The human's pet growled as he came to a stop in midair, hovering as he looked at her furiously. "What are you doing?" He snapped angrily.

"What am Idoing?" She repeated stiffly, eyeing the dragon as if he had grown another head and became a Zippleback. "What are youdoing? What is that insolent human doing on your back?" She shot another glare at the human, the thing tightening his hold on the dragon as she did so. "Humans are our enemies! Why aren't you with the other Night Furies?"

"Humans are different than what we used to think!" The dragon said sharply. "They don't kill us anymore, we are friends with them! You have obviously not have noticed that the Master has been killed. Hiccup killed it and brought peace between dragons and humans, we all live on Berk now."

The Night Fury blinked, relaxing and tilting her head to the side. "Hiccup?" She echoed. "What's a Hiccup?" Not waiting for the new dragon to reply, she drew herself up, sticking her nose into the air smugly. "We Night Furies were always above the so-called 'Master'. We never had to steal food for it, if you were a real Night Fury, you would have realized that. We all lived in the same pack together."

"I know." The dragon said sourly, deadpanning at her. "I lived in it before I found my place." There was a pause for a moment, the two dragons becoming quiet as they looked at each other thoughtfully. Hiccup straightened slightly, looking at the new Night Fury with sudden interest. He looked at Toothless, smile fading as he realized that his dragon didn't seem to happy to be seeing another of his kind. Hiccup always thought that he would be overjoyed to find another to be with, and upon closer look, it appeared to be a female. But Toothless remained cautious, glaring at the she-dragon as he refused to get any closer.

The female blinked rapidly, eyes suddenly brightening. "It's you! I knew you looked familiar to me! That's why I went to try and help you get away from…" She trailed off, shaking her head once to herself. "But it really IS you, right? When you didn't come back, we were all so worried about you! I missed you-"

"My name is Toothless now." Toothless interrupted.

"…But you remember me, right?" She prompted, kneading the face of the rock eagerly. "I'm Nightflight! You remember me, right…Toothless?" She made a face, as if the word was disgusting to her. Toothless opened his mouth to say something, but was cut off as Hiccup straightened fully, looking carefully at the new dragon. She growled dangerously at him, flattening her ears to her head.

"Hey- it's alright." Hiccup said softly. There was a tremor of nervousness in his voice, and he quickly pushed it away. Night Furies were of course the dangerous dragon out there, but if he could train Toothless this well, it was possible to do it again. He edged Toothless closer, and reached out his hand to her snout slowly, looking down at the saddle as he did so.

Nightflight blinked, looking at the boy oddly. She roared loudly as he came too close, Hiccup immediately drawing back with a small jump. Toothless narrowed his eyes at her, "Nightflight." He said warningly, the she-dragon making a face as she saw that her friend was getting protective of the boy. Protective…she couldn't even imagine it. "Nightflight, you have to give the humans a chance. They aren't as bad as we made them out to be. Not anymore."

Shifting from one foot to another, Nightflight glared at the boy sharply, drawing her tail tighter around herself. "It must be something." She muttered, glancing at Toothless quickly. "For them to make you stay with them and be so committed at the same time. What did they do to you?"

"Nothing." Toothless said sincerely. "Just come back to Berk with us. Hiccup and I can show you, and then you'll see why. You just can't attack anybody." He added, narrowing his eyes. "Especially Hiccup. Alright?" When Nightflight was quiet for a moment or two, Toothless repeated his words, sharper this time. "Hiccup is my human. We all have our own humans now. If you come back with us, then maybe you can get your own."

Nightflight blinked, giving a small nod to her old friend. Toothless did a strange thing with his mouth as he looked back at his…Hiccup? Was that the Hiccup? Toothless lifted up both sides of his mouth, and Hiccup did the same back to him, a gesture that was unfamiliar to Nightflight as she tilted her head to the side.

"Alright, she'll follow us?" The boy asked, looking over at her carefully. "We have to be careful about this, then." Nightflight looked at him sourly, rolling her eyes and looking at the blackened rock angrily. "Let's go, buddy!" He said, glancing back one more time at Nightflight before turning on the dragon and starting back the way they had come.

Nightflight paused for a moment, remaining still as she looked after Toothless. He certainly wasn't the dragon she had known before, he had changed. Her claws slid out and she narrowed her eyes into slits, grimacing slightly. What had happened to change him? It must have been the human, she decided darkly. A rush of anger swamped her for a moment or two, and she glared at the human's back. Toothless was perfect the way he was. And he didn't have an idiotic name such as…Toothless.

Her thoughts rushed back to what Toothless had said before: "If you come back with us, then maybe you can get your own." Her own master. Her own ruler. Somebody to control her and think that her rewards would be pets and coos. She growled under her breath, "I really doubt that, Toothless."

But alas, she pushed herself off up from the rock, wings shooting out and beating through the bitterly cold winds. What was with the weather here? It wasn't like at home, she must have gotten turned around. Maybe that was what happened with Toothless. And he ended up getting stuck here.

Well, she wouldn't let that happen to her. And neither to him. He was mixed up here, she could tell. She had to take him back to their home, where they belonged. And that little twig of a human was certainly not going to rule over him anymore.

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