It's 1:30 in the morning, I have a final in my nutrition class tomorrow that starts in five hours, and I am angry. I am angry, and I am suddenly posting to this story, because it just occurred to me it is still here, it just occurred to me that I love How to Train Your Dragon, and it just occurred to me that this story is old as hell. Pardon my French. I'm a little surprised when I still get favorites and follows for it, I literally ask aloud: "Are you sure?" Some of it is newer, but most of it I looked back at it I was like: "Wait a minute….huh?"

So. Apologies for my sudden intrusion. Nobody's angrier at the moment than I am, though I say it kindly, and jokingly, of course. Because it did occur to me that I could go back and redo this story, and while the idea would take some work, it does interest me a bit. I write much better now…well especially as far back as Deception, I can say that much. But looking back at this story, and I still haven't looked back at all of it yet, there were some things that didn't make sense, things I could have cut back on, things that didn't really connect because I hadn't known exactly where I was going back then, and there were some things I could make worlds better if I wanted to. And it occurred to me that I did want to, because I adore this movie, and I watched it just the other day, and got so many emotions because I remembered how much care I put into this series, and how much I enjoyed writing for you all.

I was just going to put it out there and ask how many people would want to see that happen, if anyone even did at all. I could put a counter up in the description, and I would say, for example with this story, how many chapters out of 29 are redone. I would make the characters better, and I would spruce up the scenes and I would add things that should have been in there the first time around, and I would make the plot flow much easier than it did back in 2012, at the very least haha.

It's just an idea I was fiddling with, I'm not sure if I wanted to actually start on it and do it. So I figured I could come on here and run it by, see how many people if any at all would be interested, and then make a more final decision from there. Because this was a very popular thing when it was in its hayday, and I still think it could be much better. So yup! If you would be interested in me redoing this series, and you would be interested in reading it over again, I would love to hear from you! Or if you think it would be a waste of time and you wouldn't stick around, I'd like to hear that too, and more power to you!

Thanks so much! Hopefully I get some feedback so I can make my decision, because I've been agonizing a bit over it the past couple of days!