I'm back with something new! Now, let me warn you- this is unlike anything I have written so far. It is humanized, first person, and present tense. Three things I haven't tried yet. I wanted to challenge myself though, so I thought it was worth a try. This story is set after the first film and has no connection to my other works. I'd love to give you a plot description but it would give away most of the story. All I can say is I hope you'll give it a read and see where it goes!


Chapter One

"Truthful Eyes"

(Sally's POV)

My heart stops as I squint into the sunlight. My eyes glue onto the jumbo-tron television and I watch McQueen's car flip out of the corner and towards the grass. It twists and turns so many times I swear it will never stop, and with every impact to the ground I gasp and cringe.

When the race car stops rolling, it's lying roof down. The smoke rises out of it, creating a sheath around it that blocks any sight of the car. My knees turn weak and I feel Sarge's strong hands bracing my shoulders to keep me upright on trembling legs. There's so much noise all around me in the pits, though I hear it, I don't listen. All I can think about is my boyfriend in that beaten and battered car.

My entire body shakes as I watch the rescue crew race out towards the flaming vehicle. The grandstands are ominously quiet for a crowd of over 150,000 fans. I see people sobbing and a small family with their heads bowed in prayer. My heart aches upon the sight, and I can only hope that whatever God they are praying to will bless their souls. I'd say a prayer if I could, but I'm speechless. I can't find a single word until Doc brings me back into reality.

He leaps from his podium and tosses aside the headset from his peppered hair. He grips my forearm with such strength that I meet his blue eyes with alarm.

He drags me forcefully in the direction of the pit area exit, leaving the others behind us.

"Doc? Doc! Stop! Where are we going? Lightning-," I cry out with fear and confusion.

"We're not letting that ambulance leave without us!" he yells back as I continue to trip clumsily in attempt to keep up.

"Wh-what about Mater?" I protest, looking quickly over my shoulder. The team is already lost in the folds of swarming people.

"No, he can't handle this," Doc pauses outside a gate and places both hands on my arms. He searches my face for a minute, then tells me, "Be brave, Sally."

Inside the jolting ambulance, both Doc and I sit solemnly. Lightning lies still on the stretcher between us. His short, dark brown hair is mussed and a mask is strapped over his nose and mouth. The brilliant blue eyes I love so much are sunken in his swarthy skin behind closed lids.

I reach for his cold hand and intertwine my fingers with his; I press my warm palm to his flesh. I squeeze tightly and look up to Doc who is resting a hand on Lightning's shoulder. I slowly read the truth from his eyes; this is the end.

I know it was short but the chapters do get a bit longer. It is going to be a short fic and though it has a dark theme to it, I just want you guys to know I'm not suffering from depression or anything! Hopefully this caught your interest though, please tell me if you would like to see more. Thanks for reading :)