Author: jenwin23
Title: Undercover Boss
Rating: PG13 for now
Summary: Bruce and Oliver are offered a slot on a reality show. Chloe offers her opinion.
Disclaimer: Clearly not mine. I barely even know anything about Smallville so it couldn't have come from me.
Warning: Consider all the seasons spoiled,

Word count: 655

Chloe enters Oliver's office to find him sitting across from Bruce Wayne.

"What are you two discussing? No wait, do I even want to know?" She looks fresh and beautiful in a silk shirt that drapes over the curves tucked into a well fitting black pencil skirt.

"Chloe." Bruce's voice is full of warmth and pleasure, so different from his normal watchful coolness.

"I think that's Ms. Sullivan to you Bruce," Oliver says with a warning tone.

"Chloe, so good to see you." Bruce ignores Oliver and stands to greet her.

She stops just beyond his reach, throwing a warm, open smile at Oliver. "Still an outrageous flirt, I see Mr. Wayne."

"You wound me. Haven't you heard that all a man like me needs to reform is the love of a good woman?"

He reaches out to take her hand, as was his custom. Chloe knew if she gave it, he would raise it to his lips for a chaste kiss. But no matter how chaste the kiss, Oliver would not be happy. Instead she lifts her cup of coffee to her lips to take a sip, and keeps her other hand loose at her side.

"So really, is this corporate business? Just old friends catching up? Or something I should be aware of?" As she speaks she moves around Oliver's desk, and Bruce falls back into his seat.

Oliver stands up to meet her, kissing her on the cheek. "We've both been offered a reality show."

Chloe spits out her coffee. "What?"

"That show, Undercover Boss," Oliver looks faintly upset at the mess, little spots of coffee covering his desk and she grabs the handkerchief out of his jacket pocket.

She gasps for breath, wiping coffee up. "And you're considering it?" Her tone is breathless, full of skepticism and a hint that she finds them both idiotic.

Bruce has his typical poker face in place, Oliver grins and shrugs.

"Seriously? What do they want Ollie to do? Pose as a male model? " She stares at him "Are you even in the fashion business?"

Oliver looks affronted then flashes a smile at the compliment. Even Bruce deigns to smirk.

Chloe turns to Bruce. "And what about you? You do realize that you'd be placed in entry level positions. With people telling you what to do all day long. And you wouldn't be able to yell at them or tell them off. They'd be your boss. You'd be at their beck and call." Her tone is clearly mocking. "And if you quit you'd look like a total spoiled douche bag."

Bruce frowns. Oliver grins.

"Tell me you two are not seriously considering this, that you were just egging each other on? You know this is crazy right? Do you really want more people to know your faces and voices? Do you think you'd be able to keep your secrets with a camera crew following you around for a week?"

Oliver and Bruce share a look.

"I think the show does a good job of showing how the boss being more connected to the workforce can improve things. If we were to sign on, imagine the change we could effect?" Bruce offers casually.

Chloe's mouth works open and closes as her eyes travel from one billionaire to the other, trying to determine if they're just playing with her. She narrows her eyes. "You two are both jerks, and you have too much time on your hands if thinking up things to annoy me is on your to do list."

She walks towards the door, her steps quick, showing her annoyance.

"Chloe, come back…" Oliver calls. She doesn't stop. "Are we still on for dinner?"

She slams the door behind her. Oliver's face falls.

"Don't be so sad Oliver, I'll have dinner with you." Bruce smirks.

"Fine. But only so we can lay out the rules of behavior for you being around my fiancée. Again."