Author: jenwin23
Title: Spicing up a party
Rating: PG13 for now
Summary: Oliver and Chloe attend another fundraiser, Bruce Wayne is there. Chloe is not impressed.
Disclaimer: Clearly not mine. I barely even know anything about Smallville so it couldn't have come from me.
Warning: Consider all the seasons spoiled.

"Oliver. Chloe. Always a pleasure to see you. " His eyes barely acknowledge Oliver, focusing on Chloe.

"Bruce," Oliver's reply oozes easy charm. "I thought we might see you here."

Here is yet another fundraiser for the rich and terminally bored.

"Mr. Wayne," her reply is uninterested, barely acknowledging him, as her hand caresses over Oliver's tuxedo clad arm.

"I thought I asked you to call me Bruce." His eyes are lit with amusement.

She smiles, her face full of openly mocking disregard as they finally focus on the dark billionaire. Bruce smiles back, and Oliver smiles too, well used to Bruce and Chloe's sparring at this point.

"I hardly think we know each other that well yet. Mr. Wayne."

Their eyes lock, his vaguely annoyed, but full of respect. Hers amused and challenging. He wouldn't acknowledge that she knew about his secret life as yet another billionaire with a hero fetish. She refused to allow him entrance into her circle of friendship until he did.

"How can we be friends if you won't even call me by my name?"

"Who said we were going to be friends?" She asks blandly. "I've extended an offer of assistance to you, which you rejected. That hardly constitutes friendly behavior."

"I am not currently in need of help," Bruce protests.

"I'm afraid I have to disagree," her tone is light, but faint annoyance is still discernable. "Sorry Oliver. I know you and Mr. Wayne are old friends. But your friend has some issues. His ego is clearly overwhelming his better intentions." She glances at Oliver, then back at Bruce, a real smile on her face now as Oliver smiles back down at her, his eyes gleaming with enjoyment. "I have a bit of experience in this area."

Bruce watches as her smile grows impossibly larger, directed at her the tall blonde who's arm she adorned, of course, before she stretches up to kiss him then walks away, Oliver's amused and proud eyes following her.

"You said you found her in Metropolis?" Bruce questions.

"No. I didn't find her. If anything she found me," Oliver states with the ease and confidence of a man who knows he is in love and loved in return.

Bruce's eyes move off of Chloe to Oliver one eyebrow raised, but then cut back to Chloe immediately, his eyes focused on her backside.

"That's my wife, Bruce."

"You're a lucky man Oliver."

"I know. "