Love Is War.

By: Suki Halleran

There's nowhere for this to go,

In the heat of this love.


Grey clouds in the sky,

MONOCHROME hectic clamor.

The sunlight cast a shadow,

That changes from,

Twilight to darkness.


The world is blurring,

Around me.

Even so,

I will still be in love with you.

I know this,

What will I do, what will you think.

What a fool...

I am,

Fighting for the one I adore,

Because love is a war.

I watching you so happy and oblivious to me.

Earnestly loving you, but that is sinning too.

So how will I make you notice all the things I feel for you.

I tried screaming into a MEGAPHONE that was broken.

It doesn't matter how hard I try,

I always fail your sight.


A clear sky appeared,

But it does not suit me well.

Can't stop this, losing control.

What should I, how can I.

I'm not...

I Love You.

I've been fighting from the start,

I'm shooting for your HEART.

I didn't want this ever to ever end this way.

My skirt flutters in the wind,

I can't lose you again.

I'll steal your gaze through the crossfire.

Prepare to intercept.

I'm fighting a battle I can not hope to win.

Love is blind.

Your sweet kiss will wake me up from this dream!