Salvatore Family Values

by Erin Salvatore

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Note: Okay, guys, you've requested it, so here it is, the sequel to "In Session." It's going to be Delena, with a blend of the adventures that the younger members of the family have. Thank you to everyone who have contributed to the success of "In Session," and encouraging me to write this sequel. No spoilers, except the action takes place 7 years after the first story ends.


Chapter 1

Salvatore Mansion – Saturday Night

Kaylee and Amanda Salvatore tried to be quiet as they walked down the stairs. They were sneaking out to meet Todd and Brandon Coleman, twin brothers from their school. It didn't matter to them that these boys were seniors. All they knew was they were hot as sin and every girl wanted them. However, their plan was about to backfire on them, because no sooner did the girls get to the bottom flight than their father, Damon looked up from the newspaper he was reading.

"Kaylee, Amanda," he said. "Where are you going?"

The girls looked at each other and then said in unison, "Nowhere, Daddy."

Damon, of course, had a hard time believing that. Then again, they were fourteen, and girls that age were capable of just about everything. He got up from the chair and approached them, seeing how they were dressed. Kaylee wore a pink halter top that left nothing to the imagination, black leather skirt, fishnet stockings, and black thigh-high boots. Amanda was wearing an outfit similar to her sister, only her halter top was blue instead of pink.

"Nowhere, huh?" he said. "Well, it looks to me that you're going somewhere, judging from the way you're dressed." He saw that they were about to explain, but he raised his hand to shush them. "Don't tell me, it's boys. You two are sneaking out to meet boys, aren't you?"

"Not just any boys, Daddy," said Kaylee. "They're the most popular guys at school. They're seniors, and they play football."

Amanda nodded. "Yeah, and we really like them."

Damon listened to them and he didn't like what he was hearing. He pointed toward their stairs. "March yourselves back up those stairs right now. No daughters of mine are sneaking out to meet boys. I don't know them, and until I meet them face to face and find out what their intentions are, you're not going anywhere."

"What?" said Kaylee. "Daddy, you're not being fair!"

"Oh, I think I'm being very fair," said Damon. "Now, get going." The girls groaned as they went back up their rooms. "And don't let me hear any complaining either, or I'm taking your phones away."

The only response he got was a collective slam of both doors. As he walked back toward the study, Damon shook his head. When did all this happen? Kaylee and Amanda used to be such sweet little girls. Now, they were teenagers and thought they knew everything. He shuddered to think about what would happen once Stephanie, his precious little niece, reached that age. If only there was a way to keep children at their cute ages and prevent this from happening.

No sooner did he get to the study than Elena walked in from the dining room, where she had been looking over some new files. She had heard the doors slamming upstairs, but didn't know what had happened to cause it.

"Damon, what's going on? I heard noises coming from upstairs."

"Kaylee and Amanda," he replied. "I caught them trying to sneak out to meet boys."

"You mean the Coleman boys?"

Damon raised an eyebrow. "You know them?"

"Not personally, but the girls have told me about them," said Elena. "Apparently, they're quite popular."

"I hate this, Elena," said Damon. "I mean, why couldn't they have stayed the little angels they were when I met them? I wasn't prepared for teenagers. I shudder to think about what Stephanie will be like when she's a teenager. Stefan and Lexi are going to have a terror on their hands."

Elena went over to her husband and hugged him. "I know, baby, it's hard for you to accept the fact that our little girls aren't so little anymore. Believe me, I'm having the same trouble." She sighed. "I guess we'll just have to take it as it comes."

Damon was about to answer her when the phone rang. Elena excused herself and picked it up. "Hello?"

No sooner did she pick up than whoever called hung up. "That's weird. That's the third time this month."

"What?" said Damon. "What's going on?"

Elena sighed. "Apparently, someone has been calling and I don't know who it is because the second I pick up, they hang up. And it just so happens that I started seeing this new patient last week who..." Her eyes went wide. "Shit."

Damon grew concerned and gently grabbed her arms. "Elena, talk to me. What's the connection between your new patient and these strange phone calls?"

"I...I think he's the one who's calling," she replied. "Of course, I don't know for sure, but during the session, he keeps looking at me in a very creepy sort of way. I tried to tell him to stop, and when I went to get up, he pushed me back down onto my chair and told me that he'll do whatever it takes to defeat you, even if he has to use me to do it."

Damon growled as his wife told him about what happened. He then remembered something that Elijah had told him a while ago about an estranged brother of his who had escaped from prison about a month ago.

"Did he tell you his name?"

"What does that have to do with it?"

"I just want to be sure I know who I'm dealing with here," said Damon. "Did he tell you his name?"

"I think he said his name was Klaus," said Elena. "Why?"

"Elijah told me that he has an estranged brother who escaped from prison last month."

Elena gasped in terror. No wonder he had been looking at her so maliciously. "What am I going to do, Damon? He's supposed to come back for another appointment next week. How am I going to go in there knowing that he's dangerous?"

"Let me handle him," said Damon. "Nobody threatens my family and gets away with it. If Klaus wants a fight, he's going to get it."

Note: Thus begins the sequel to "In Session." Intense, huh? I know only Kaylee and Amanda were present, and I only mentioned one of the younger kids, but I will bring the others in. This is just the starting point.

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