A/N: Hey everyone! Sorry that this is just a summery of Bella and the Cliff. I wanted to refresh you on it so that this story will make a little more sense. So here's the summery.


Bella jumps off a cliff and instead of Jacob saving her Edward saves her. Then Edward takes her back to his house and Carlisle diagnosis her with hypothermia and a broken ankle. Jacob then enters the house and demands that Edward gives him Bella. They get into an argument and Jacob gets so peeved that he phases right next to Bella and ends up almost killing her. Edward runs to Jacob and kills him by breaking his neck and the bites Bella all over and plunges a syringe into her heart that held his venom to save her.

The chapter after that is when Bella was dead and she was in Heaven. She sees her grandparents and God. God then tells her that it isn't her time for death. She asks him if vampires do have souls and he told her to trust her heart.

When she wakes up from the transformation, she doesn't remember a thing and she attacks Edward. Emmett then throws her off of him and Edward gets angry at Emmett. Then Edward suggests hunting to Bella. When they tell her that they hunt animals, Bella automatically thinks they eat squirrels. Her memories start to come back really slowly. She remembers Edward and she walks over to him and smacks him, then she knees him in the groin, and as he is bent over in pain, kisses him on the cheek and pushes him over. (Sorry if I offended anyone in with that part of my story. It's just… I think that would be the way New Moon should have gone. :D )

When Bella takes off running into the forest after she trashed Edward, she comes across a human who she identifies as Charlie. She kills Charlie and the Cullens then have to relocate and they decide to go to Alaska until the house in Chicago is ready.

A/N: So that's the simplest summery I could come up with that held a lot of the important facts in this. ~JerinAnn