I actually wrote this a few months ago, so no one can yell at me for not doing my NaNoWriMo. Just got bored and decided to post my randomness. But what else is new? No, the reporter does not reflect my personality in anyway(cough cough) and I only own her in this entire thing that may or may not borderline crack.

My name is Andrea Doyle, researcher extraordinaire. Actually, most people would call me obnoxious and extremely big headed. I just think that they were jealous of my journalism skills.

William McKinley strikes a chord with me. According to Sue Sylvester, the school is filled to the brim with unhealthy and unstable relationships. More specifically, the Glee club that resides within the school walls, New Directions. The members of the club along with their director have immense amounts of dead end and unstable relationships. It's my goal to spread to the world the kind of relationships or teenagers are getting into and how adults can encourage students to follow the wrong path.

Actually that isn't really my goal. The news just wanted a fluff piece. I'm good at fluff pieces. It's how I got my name in this business.

Finn Hudson is my first target. As the quarterback of the football team, he gets quite the attention around here. He seems like a good place to start my investigation.

Also because he just walked right by me.