Blazerules34: My arm has recovered! In case any of you cared… Wel, anyway, to the story!

As Soul would complain for the next few days, when I gained my memories back, I also got my love of books back. Currently I'm reading 'Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter' and I so want to see the movie. But, whatever. Back to my life.

When Soul and I got backstage, a bunch of stage people were gaping at us. I didn't care; I remembered. And with my memories, I also remembered who did this to me and why.

I am so fucking pissed at my Papa.

I think Soul could sense that, so he kissed my cheek and left me at my dressing room. I walked in, scrubbed my face clean, and put on my usual outfit. Which, I now remember, I wore every day of my life before this. That's not going to happen this time.

As soon as I got out, I saw my girls waiting for me. No surprise, really. Tsubaki smiled at me, and I smiled softly back at her.

I'd done it.

I can now admit I love Soul.

Of course, neither of us did anything when we got on the bus. But we all decided to watch a movie. "OK, we have Puss in Boots, The Hunger Games, and Black Swan. "We all immediately canceled out The Hunger Games, mainly because we'd seen it so many times. The boys voted for Black Swan.

"Puss in Boots it is, "I slid the DVD in, and, as this was a favorite movie of mine, watched it sitting next to Soul with a smile on my face during the entire thing. Well, almost the entire movie. I may have had to Maka-Chop Black Star to get him to shut up… Hey, it's his own fault for being an idiot!

By the end of the movie, I was still smiling; not just because of the movie, but because in the middle Soul had grabbed my hand. This, children, is the part where you say 'Awwww, how sweet!' and go fan girl. Or fan boy. Whatever.

When the movie ended, we were about fifteen minutes from home. I took out my French braid, weaving my hands through my hair. Everyone else had fallen asleep, except Soul, of course.

"So, what now? "He asked, and one eye brow rose. "I wish I could do that, "I told him, stalling. "Do what? "He asked, completely falling for it. "The whole one eye brow thing. "I told him. He laughed. "Maka… What are we going to do now? "He whispered. I looked at him, my hand still in his.

"I don't know. "

It was ten when we finally got back, and although I was in the mood to go murder my Papa, I was put to bed. And not even by Soul; by Kid. "What are you doing?! "I asked, outraged as Kid grabbed my arm and dragged me into my house.

"You can go murder him tomorrow. Go to sleep, "He told me, and dragged me to the couch, before dumping me on it. "Fine, "I rolled my eyes at him. "Good girl, "He grinned and then looked around. "You're house is perfectly symmetrical; "He praised, and then left. Somehow, I think he dragged me in here just so he could see how symmetrical my house is, and not to make me go to bed.

Such a strange kid. Well, we're all strange in our own ways, as I always say. Soul came in, and I decided my next move may as well doom me for my life. I kissed him.

He kissed back, of course. We kissed for a bit, and then I broke off, gasping. Soul smirked. "I take it that we're back together? "He asked, and I nodded, unable to speak. Damn him and his ability to make me speechless.

Damn him for making me love him.

When I woke up the next morning, I was ready to kick some fatherly ass. I got up, took a shower, and out on a black shirt that had sleeves that ended at my elbows; some dark washed skinny jeans; and my hair up in a bun.

Soul raised an eyebrow as I walked in. "I'm ready, "I announced. "For what? "Soul asked. I looked at him. "Oh yeah. "He said. He sighed and got up, reaching for his keys.

We walked outside, blinded by paparazzi, asking questions, taking pictures. I posed for some actually. Soul shook his head at me, grinning. He led me to his motorcycle, and we hopped on, riding to where Papa lived/worked.

DWMA really needs an elevator. The stairs are exhausting. Of course, I remember them, and I remember getting used to them. That's going to take a while.

We walked through the halls undisturbed; it was a Saturday. We walked to the Death Room, where Papa was waiting. I was going to take this calmly, I told myself. That completely failed as soon as I saw the look of terror on my Papa's face.

Screaming profanities, I lunged at him, and Soul grabbed at me, holding me back. I kicked him where the sun doesn't shine, and he let me go immediately letting me. He muttered something under his breath that sounded suspiciously like 'Damn blond-headed girl… Why does she always aim there?' and I told myself that I would apologize later.

I walked coolly and calmly toward Papa, and promptly slapped his face. Hard. "Bastard, "I spat at him. And I had just forgiven him for cheating on my Mama too.

I walked out of the door without a look back, not even to see if Soul was following me or not.

Blazerules34: Erm… Yeah. I don't know what just happened….