Hello again! So this is just a continuation of my other story because someone asked for it. It'll be set when their older in high school, and I'll give you a forewarning, this will probably suck 'cause I really just wanted to get this started so…yeah. But It'll probably get better by the next chapter…probably :D

Years pass and we grow, we change; whether it be mentally, physically, or in any other fashion, somehow there is always something different about ourselves waiting to be discovered.

Clip-clap, clip-clap. As I walked down this checkered board hallway in my worn down brown leather shoes, the light streaming in the stainless window, breaking apart in paneled gaps, I can't help but allow a wonderful feeling of accomplishment spread through my body, bubbling through my stomach, working its way up like a furnace, burning a warm smile against my face. I did it, I really, truly, honest to god did it.

I was accepted into Ouran. And with a scholarship! For once in my life it seemed like everything was just working out. Nothing could ruin this pride I held inside of me; my inability to afford the school uniform, lack of a quite study space, not even the cold, pity-filled glares of fellow students as I walked down the hall with my disheveled hair, giant squared of glasses that take up half my face, in a sweater doubled my size could disrupt this moment of pride.

Nothing, that is, until I stepped in that door. Soft red roses wisped across my face as a bright white light blinded me, as though I was walking in on oncoming traffic. And as the smoke clears I'm greeted by six friendly handsome faces.

That's when my pride is replaced with fear.

I can't explain it but for some reason I have a feeling something bad is going to happen, like when those people have a dream about a plane crash and then one does.

Their faces look crest-fallen when they see that it's just me, a plain commoner. Seems I've been getting that stare a lot today. As my eyes sweep across the room I'm meet with many different faces, from the small little blond boy perched on the tall, stoic raven haired man like a little bird, to the cinnamon twins linked together as though they were sown together. Their eyes are filled with annoyance, but somewhere in those amber slits do I see…scheming? Then comes the man-child, sitting in his extravagant chair that cost enough to feed a family of four for their life, with his golden locks free falling through his face, and his body rigid and posed. And finally my eyes meet them, those steel orbs matching with his jet-black haired held back with gel, and an air about him like he knows something about this world that no one could even begin to understand.

Why do I feel like I've seen him before…?

Before I can place him in my life he tilts his face, casting a glare over his glasses with a coy little smile on his face sending a chill down my spine.

The tall blond one started speaking "Welcome to Ouran Host Club Haruhi Fujioka…"

Host club…I think I read about this once, selling yourself off for some form of entertainment, I wonder why they'd have something like that here. Wait did he say my name, how did he now that? Did he mention my scholarship…? First day in school and I already need a restraining order.

"What is your type? Wild Man? Boy Lolita? Or… am I more your style?"

Great…my stalker is conceited and demented. What a perfect combination.

"Um…I was only trying o find my way around, I didn't mean to intrude so if you'll just excuse me." With that I bolted out of there. But not before I managed to knock over a vase. A one-of-a-kind 80,000 dollar vase. And here I thought my day was looking up.

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