Man, this place look's really familiar, almost like the one in my….no it can't be, don't be silly Haruhi.

The weekend had finally come, and it was at this moment that we saw Haruhi making her way up the endless walkway to Kyoya's house. She'd finally reached the door, and was about to rind the door, when it was suddenly opened by a man in a tuxedo.

"Miss Haruhi I presume?" The butler asked.

"Yes, I'm Haruhi. And who are you?" She asked skeptically.

"Master Kyoya has been expecting you; he is waiting in his room. Follow me, I'll show you the way." He continued on as though she hadn't said a word. The walked on in uncomfortable silence, Haruhi staggering behind the unnamed man. The walls were a bare white, which stretched on for what seemed like forever. Every now and then there'd be a family photo hung on the wall, in it she could blurs of raven hair and gleaming glasses, but she could never get a good look before she had to run to catch up with the unnamed man.

That hallway, those pictures, this house. Why do I feel like I've seen it all before? Before Haruhi could put much thought into it she was torn from her thoughts by the unnamed man.

"Here we are." At that he turned on his heels and walked down a hallway, just like the one they left.


"Enter." And so she did, slowly opening his grand oak double doors that reached to the Heavens. As she walked in she looked surveyed his room, definitely large enough to fit her small apartment in here at least once, if not twice, but other then it's vastness there wasn't anything particularly special about it. He had plain white walls, with bare wood floors, with a sitting section below and his bed at the top of some short stairs. Everything seemed very plain, nothing to really make it special from any hotel room, but the little things. Spread throughout the room there were tiny little treasures, proving that someone lived here, liked the framed pictures standing proudly on his bedroom drawers, and the tea stains on his couch from where Tamaki had probably spilled his drink during one of his fits. There were also the normal things, like clothes strewn around the floor up by his bed, and the fact that his sheets were still crinkled and in a messy heap on his bed.

For some unknown reason, this made Haruhi happy to notice these things.

"Haruhi, hello. How have you been?"

"Fine, and you?"

"Same." After they got their pleasantries out of the way, they started talking. It started off being business, but with these two there were ways that it could become side tracked. And Kyoya knew that this was the only person he wouldn't mind wasting time on pointless things with.

After about 2 hours of pointless chatting Kyoya's phone began to buzz in his pocket. As he took it out you could visibly see him become agitated as his shoulders tensed and his eyes narrowed. He quickly flipped it open and hit ignore. Haruhi, figuring it was nothing continued on, that is until Kyoya's phone began to ring again, and again he hit ignore.

"If you need to talk to someone, don't mind me." She said.

"No, that's all right, it's just Tamaki so it's probably nothing just him wanting to tell me about some new commoners treat he's found."

"If you're sure..." So their conversation continued forward, until about five minutes later it began to ring again. "Kyoya why don't you just answer it, he'll just keep pestering you unless you do."

"You do bring up a good point. Fine, I'll be right back." So Kyoya got up, walked to his door, exited and began dealing with the Tamaki's latest problem.

Haruhi decided that she might as well kill time by looking around a bit, so she got up and walked over to his dresser to start looking at some of the pictures. The first one she looked at was one of all the boys, in their uniforms posing for the camera in the host club room. The next was a picture of Kyoya and Tamaki in their swim trunks standing by some beautiful, clear blue ocean someplace warm. Both boys have their arms slung lazily over the others shoulder, with water droplets falling from every strand of hair. Something seemed slightly odd about this picture, and it wasn't until then that Haruhi realized what it was; Kyoya wasn't wearing his glasses. In it she could finally see his dark coal eyes that would seem harsh to some, but it cases like this, with his best friend by his side and a hidden paradise beneath his feet, they held an unchained happiness matching his bright, face stretching grins that pull so far up his face you can tell that his face must hurt, but in that instance it doesn't even matter.

As Haruhi was to put it back she accidently knocked over another picture, having it fall clumsily to the floor. As she picked it up to inspect the damage she was happy to see that it didn't break so she went to put it back, until she saw the picture it contained.

On it you could see the two most adorable little kids. One boy with spiky raven hair, sharp steel eyes with a warm smile gracing his face, and a soft blush adorning his cheeks. The other, a girl with chocolate brown hair reaching her shoulders, and a matching set of eyes, looking no older than 5 years.

The little raven haired boy, and chocolate eyed girl from her dream, but what were they doing in a picture frame on Kyoya's bureau?

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