Summary: A different spin on Dom and Letty and what happened after Los Bandoleros.

A/N: This is finished. There are Four Parts. I will post them at my leisure…and you know what motivates me

Mia smiled warmly as she looked out onto her porch, watching as Dom stood vigil of the driveway.

Although these gatherings were becoming far and few in between, she knew they kept breath in Dom's lungs.

Brian busied himself behind her bouncing baby Bryn is his arms as Mia continued staring out the window and Dom continued looking down at his watch. She could hear the other guests in the family room, their hodgepodge family brilliant in all its dysfunction.

She noticed when Dom's face lit up, a bright smile blossoming on his face before he walked out of view and she knew their last guests had arrived. She quickly dried her hands and turned the water off in the sink before brushing past Brian and making her way to the door.

"God, I missed you." Dom professed, his eyes closed as he inhaled Letty's shampoo and pulled back to place a kiss to his daughters cheek.

"Come see Papi!" He cheesed, holding his hands out as his four year old threw herself into her father's arms. He peppered kisses all over her Bella's face as she giggled and squirmed in her father's arms.

"Letty!" Mia called, smacking into her best friend as Dom stepped off to the side with his ultimate prize, still kissed her cheeks and tossing her into the air.

The two women embraced tightly, before Mia took Letty's hand to guide her back into the house, wanting to catch her up before everyone else realized she was there.

Before she could get away, Dom reached out grabbing her other hand before shaking his head to Mia and pulling Letty into a kiss.

If she hadn't have been knowledgeable about their current obstacles, Mia would have rolled her eyes, but in all essence, she was happiest when everyone was happy.

So she smiled warmly, grabbing her niece from Dom and walked inside with her, ignoring the fact that Dom now had Letty pressed against the side of her car, with her legs wrapped around him in an intimate grip.

After dinner and family time, Letty and Dom sat out on Mia's porch in a swing while Dom held his daughter to his chest and his wife to his side.

"You okay on money?" He asked, kissing her forehead.

"No matter what I say, you're still going to stick a wad of cash in my duffle, Dom." She smiled, poking his stomach as their daughter slept.

"She's getting so big. I get scared she'll forget me." He admitted, turning his eyes back to his precious gift.

"That will never happen. She covets you like most kids covet Dora the Explorer. Its borderline sickening. But I'm glad she loves you so much."

"What about her mom? She still riding with me?" He asked, looking down at her.

"Ride or die." She promised, interlacing their fingers as she spoke.

"I'm getting tired." He sighed, his fingers playing with the band on her left finger. "Every day I don't get to wake up with you or play with her is killing me."

"So what are you saying, Dom?"

"I don't know. I don't fucking know. I just can't keep making you a single parent. It's not fair to you and it's not fair to her."

"I don't see an alternative, Papa. We agreed when we found out I was pregnant that the best thing to do was to separate. It's not about what I want or what you want. We have to make sure she's safe."

"I know that, Letty. But I want my baby girl to know she has a father. I want my wife to know she has a husband. "

"Dom." She sighed, sitting up to look at him and gasping when he tugged her into his side, knocking her off balance as his lips covered her in a passionate kiss.

"I miss making love to you every day. I miss waking up to your hair in my face. I miss your cold feet on my feet. I miss your laugh. I miss hearing you tell me I drive you crazy. I miss us, Letty."

"I miss you too, Dom. I know it's been a while…"

"Three months, 8 days."

"I know. But don't give up. We made mistakes and this is what we have now. We stick together no matter how far apart we are. Your daughter will always know you Dominic. And nothing will keep me from making sure you're in her life. She needs you. I need you."

"I'm working on something." He admitted, looking away from her and out at the water. She felt her breath hitch as she looked into his face, her hand going to Bella's back, rubbing it soothingly.

"Either way it turns out in my head, I win."

"Keep going."

"I was approached in Rio. A message sent through the underground from a guy named Hobbs. What he does is irrelevant to me, but he works for the FEDs."

"You're dealing with the Feds Dominic? Are you insane?"

"About you? Yes! I'd deal with the devil if it got me back to you two."

She bit her tongue, deciding it was better to let him finish before she jumped down his throat.

"They know I know shit and I can get them where they need to catch a bigger bad than me."

"You're not a narc, Dom. That's not part of the man you are." Letty reasoned, causing him to smirk.

"This is why I love you. You know me better than anyone ever will." He smiled, pulling the back of her hand to his mouth and placing a kiss there.

"The guys they want are the Mata brothers." Dom smiled, watching as Letty's mouth fell open.

"You mean your Uncles?" she squeaked, sitting up in complete shock and confusion.

"Yea, two and the same. When my father told me my mother's brothers were bad news, it always made me want to visit them more. That summer you went to Puerto Rico and I went to Brazil was probably what made me a thug." He laughed.

"So you're going to turn in your Uncle Thiago and Uncle Vinicius?"

"No, of course not Letty. But we're gonna let the Feds think I am, and they're going to murder me in the process."

She didn't say anything. She sat back in her seat heavily and sighed pensively.

"Nobody searches for a dead man. You're going to fake your own death?" she summed, watching as he nodded his head.

"And you will have to play your part, Letty."

"Grieving widow?"

"You got it."

"So what's the catch?" she asked, looking at him squarely.

"When this starts, I won't see you guys for at least a year." At his words, she sucked in a breath, her stomach dropping to her feet.


"But it'll be the last time we're apart Letty. I promise you."

"And your Uncles have promised your safety?" She asked, looking at Bella then back to his eyes. He nodded, studying her features.

"Do it. But I want to talk to them first." She asserted, causing Dom to laugh.

"Letty. They have my back, they're family."

"So, Uncle Thiago is as loose a canon as you and Uncle Vinicius is wreckless at best. They're old men, but they never played by anyone's rules."

"But you like them?" he poked, snickering as the corners of her mouth began to curve up.

"Love them. But they're scared of me. I need them to know if this shit falls through, they won't have to worry about the Feds. I already know where they live."

Dom laughed loud and throaty, pulling her into him as he kissed her soundly.

"Done. Any other requests, Mrs Toretto?"

"Just one: Let's go put mini me to bed, so I can put you to bed." She smirked, standing and leading him into Mia's house.