Part IV

A/N: Set 6 months after the family is reunited.

6 Months Later

The festivities on the day had wound down and the oldest Toretto child was sitting gleefully in her father's lap as her mother sat bouncing her baby brother.

Isabella was chatting it up with her Uncle Thiago as she looked at him across the table.

"Tio! Você como meu torta?" (Uncle, do you like my cake?)

"Sim Bella. É delicioso. Você como vossos dons? (Yes Bella. It's delicious. Do you like your presents?)

"Sim. Papai tem uma barba como Tio Vinicius." (Yes, my daddy has a beard like Uncle Vinicius)

"Sim, menina bonita, mas ele não é tão bonito como me." Uncle Vinicius interjected, causing Bella to clap and giggle. (Yes pretty girl, but he's not as handsome as me.)

"Is it weird that my daughter speaks better Portuguese than me?" Dom asked, looking at the exchange between the three in awe.

"Yes, Dom, it is. If you had listened to all the things mom said around the house, you'd have perfect pronunciation. And be an expert in reprimanding." Mia smirked, causing his uncles to chuckle to themselves.

"Who's team you on?" Dom asked, cutting his eyes playfully as Bella laughed at her father.

"I'm on their team," she admitted, pointing to their Uncles, "Because they are on Letty's team." She smiled.

"I'm on Letty's team, so I guess we're all on the same team." Dom figured, taking a drink of his Corona.

"Damn right." Letty replied smugly, kissing baby Gabriel's hair.

"A Beleza!" Uncle Vinicius smiled, looking at Letty across the table as he raised his glass to her. "We could not have picked a better wife for you, Dominic. If she were single, I'd make her mine. The mischief in your eyes alone makes you fit for a Mata." (The other beauty).

"If there was no Dom and I was a bit naughtier, I'd take you up on that old man."

"O Meu coração ferido." He feigned, clutching his chest in despair (Oh, my wounded heart.)

"Stop flirting with my wife."

"Ah respect your elders. Be thankful that you have a wife we want to flirt with. She could be fat and ugly. Like your father." Uncle Thiago faux gagged, looking at Mia as she laughed out loud.

"Are these guys always like this?" Brian whispered, rocking Bryn in his arms.


"Hey, don't talk bad about my pop." Dom warned, sitting forward with Bella.

"Não falar mal de Caramelos Tony. Torna pai louca." Bella said matter factly, her head going up and down as her hand went to her hip. (Don't talk bad about Grandpa Tony. It makes daddy mad.)

"What she said!" Dom confirmed, grabbing her tiny hand and removing it from her hip and into her lap. He shuddered at the adult gesture, sighing at the thought of her growing into a woman before he knew it.

"Your father was a stuck up know-it-all. He took our Isabella and hid her away in the Angels and we only got to see her sometimes. He was high and mighty. We were more down to earth." Uncle Vinicius explained, causing his brother to nod his head in agreement.

"First of all, it's Los Angeles. And second, my dad was great. He was not stuck up, and my mother was happy." Dom challenged.

"Yes, yes, we know Dominic. Except she never got to see us."

"You two tortured him. Treated him like he was common filth."

"He was common. That's for sure." Thiago laughed, halting when he caught Letty's glare.

"Tio!" She hinted, looking at Bella and Bryn as they listened to the opinion of their grandfather.

Dominic stood on the doorstep to his Uncles' estate, waiting for the door to open. His father's hand on his shoulder was almost tense as they waited for the butler.

"Remember what we discussed, Dominic. I don't want you getting enchanted with this lifestyle. Your Uncles are family, but they are no role model." Anthony Toretto reminded.

"Aye husband, my brothers are not so bad." Isabelle smiled, hitting his chest softly.

"Says who? They're tyrants. If not for you, there's no way I'd leave my son to them for an entire summer."

Before Isabelle could reply, the door swung open.

"Welcome home Beleza! Your brothers have been anticipating your arrival." Enrique smiled, gesturing for the three to enter.

The house was enormous and very Gotti-like. Dom looked around in awe at the appearance of it all, completely impressed at 14.

"There she is!" Vinicius clapped, standing when he saw the arrival of his beloved sister and her family.

"I see you still haven't come to your senses and left this God awful husband of yours. No money, no power and no class. A commoner." Uncle Thiago sighed, shaking his head.

"Knock it off you two and give your baby sister a hug." Isabelle smiled, opening her arms as her brothers engulfed her in a hug.

"Sim beleza, we've missed you so much." Thiago murmured, kissing her hair. Vinicius stepped away to eye Dom, a serious stoned face was only interrupted by the humored gleam in his eye.

"Dominic, you're getting bigger and stronger. How many girlfriends do you have?" He asked, lip curling into a knowing smile.

Dom didn't answer, instead remained silent, giving his Uncle a look that spoke volumes.

"The little Latina still following you around?" Thiago inquired, turning his attention to their conversation as he extended his hand to Anthony in greeting.

Dom grimaced at the mention, and nodded his head slowly.

"She's a pain, but dad says I have to let her hang around. I don't know why she wants to play in the garage instead of dolls with Mia." He huffed, causing his Uncles to exchange a knowing glance.

"I bet you 5 dollars that one day you're going to want to play with her." Uncle Vinicius chuckled, causing Anthony and Isabelle to give them stern looks.

"Ok, why don't you run up and pick any room you want in the West wing and allow the adults to talk, nephew." Thiago suggested, as Dom nodded and walked up the stairs.

Once he was out of view, they gestured Dom's parents into their private study and closed the door.

"How bad is it?" Thiago began, taking a seat at his desk, pulling out a Cuban cigar and cracking the tip.

"Stage 4. I start treatment as soon as we get back. Mia is in Puerto Rico with Letty for the summer so Tony and I can focus on me getting well. So far, the kids have no clue." Isabelle advised, allowing Tony's hand to find hers and intertwine their fingers.

"Deus! It makes me sick to my stomach to hear this talk." Vinicius said, turning to face the wall lines with books. (God!)

"We appreciate you guys taking Dom for the summer. It's been hard keeping up appearance for them. But when she loses her hair and starts looking sick, we won't be able to. Hopefully the treatment will work and we tell them if we have to." Tony confirmed, squeezing Isabelle's hand.

"Well, we love our niece and our nephew. We will make sure he has the time of his life. That way, you two can rest assure that he is doing fine and enjoying being a kid." Thiago offered.

"Don't have my son getting accustomed to your way of doing things. We're family, but we know what you do and how you get all of this. My son is not a gangster or a criminal. Keep it that way!" Anthony warned as Isabelle turned to look at him in shock.

"Anthony!" She gasped.

"He is my son!" Anthony growled, his eyes serious and threatening.

"Americanos! Nenhum repeito! Sem honra! Ele e nosso sobrinho, Isabelle. Nos nunca iria prejudicial-lo. Nos te amo demais para isso. Tome seu marido arrogante daqui antes de fazer also que voce nunca vai perdoar-nos para. (Americans! No respect! No honor! He is our nephew, Isabelle. We would never harm him. We love you too much for that. Take your arrogant husband from here before we do something you'll never forgive us for.)

Isabelle bowed her head and sighed, before lifting it with fury behind her orbs.

"Ele e mau marido! Os tres de voce precisam descobrir como chegar. Posso nao eataraqui muito mais tempo. Eu preciso saber o que voces vao ficar juntos." (He is my husband! The three of you need to figure out how to get along. I may not be here much longer. I need to know you guys will stick together.)

"He was a good man. Like you Dominic. He was loyal, and honorable and upstanding. We couldn't have chosen better for our baby sister. We just missed her is all. In our eyes, no one was good enough." Uncle Vinicius amended, watching as Mia's eyes twinkled at the compliment.

"Mia, you look just like your mother. Thank God!" They laughed, causing Dominic to scowl.

"Alright, to bed you two." Letty said, looking at the Uncles.

"Won't you come read us a bedtime story." They teased, causing Letty's eyebrow to arch.

"As long as I can let my .22 turn the lights out, sure." She smiled sweetly, causing them to mumble while laughing and standing.

"No thank you, Beleza. We love you all. Goodnight." They bid, walking into the house.

Dom and Letty knew they would be gone by morning. A lifetime of stealth teaching them how to move in the shadows. They also knew it'd probably be another lifetime before they saw them again, if ever.

They sighed as they watched everyone else get up from the table, one by one going to the house for bed.

"Okay, switch." Dom asked, trading kids with Letty.

"Hello Gabe. How are you son?" he asked, bouncing Gabe softly in front of his face as the infant made smiley faces at him.

"Mom, can I have a sister now? Gabe is a boy." Bella asked, reaching up to play with Letty's hair.

"What's wrong with boys? You daddy is a boy?" Letty reasoned.

"No, mommy, daddy is a daddy. I want a girl like me." she pouted, looking at Letty with begging eyes.

"Uh, Dom? A little help here." She asked, caught off guard with the question.

"We'll see Bella. Daddy would love twins next time. Girls, pretty just like you." He teased, watching as Letty covered Bella's ears and growled at Dom.

"Not that kind of help, asshole." She hissed, watching as he lay Gabe against his chest and stood.

"Hey, I'm with Bella. I want more babies too."

"I don't know about that Dom. Let's focus on your son and getting him to be potty trained before we add to the family. Talk to me in like three years." She sighed, standing and putting Bella on her feet.

"Run in the house and grab your jammies. You and Bryn are going to share a room tonight so Aunt Mia and Uncle Brian can get a good night's sleep." Letty informed, watching as Bella's eyes lit up at the thought of a sleepover scenario.

She took off into the house running through all of her balloons and decorations and up to her room.

"Good job on the party. She had lots of fun." Dom complimented, grabbing Letty's hand as he walked his son and wife inside.

"Yea, give Mia most of the credit, she's a slave driver. We need to do something nice for her. Show her our appreciation."

"Yea, that would be good." Dom agreed, pausing their movements. "Hey, I love you."

"This isn't the part where you ask me for another baby, is it?" She asked, looking at him out of the corner of her eye.

"No. Damn!" He chuckled, pulling her into his side as he lowered his mouth to hers.

"Okay, I love you too, sucker." She whispered against his mouth. Dom handed Gabriel over to his mother as they walked into the house and he went in search of his eldest.

He found her and her cousin Bryn jumping playfully on the bed, both girls giggling like two school girls.

"Uncle Dom? Can you read us a bedtime story?"

"Sure. You guys get 5 more jumps then you're in the bed." He advised watching as both counted out their last jumps before falling out over the bed, causing Dom to attack them both in tickles.

"Daddy, I like the one about Baracoa." Bella smiled, yawning in her tiredness.

"I like the one about Mexico." Bryn challenged, causing Dom to chuckle.

"How about we stick to princesses tonight?" he advised, pulling a book from Bella's shelf.

"Is Cinderella prettier than mommy, daddy?" Bella asked, looking up with wide brown eyes.

"Nobody is more beautiful to Papi than mommy. Well, except for Bryn and Bella, or course." He smiled, causing both girls to swarm in their giggles.

"Ok, Cinderella! We want to hear that one." Bella clapped, settling down next to her younger cousin and waiting for her father's voice to tell the tale of the peasant turned princess.

When he walked into his bedroom, Gabriel was in his bassinet next to the bed and Letty was sprawled underneath the covers watching him.

He didn't say anything, he just began stripping his clothes as he crawled over her, sinking on top of her body and kissing her with a demanding passion.

"What's gotten into you tonight?" she smiled, kissing him back and wrapping her arms around him.

"Not enough of you. We've been so busy with the kids and family, I haven't gotten any quality time." And he was back to kissing her again, his hands roaming everywhere as he squeezed her breast, pulling her shirt over her head as his lips trailed quickly down her neck.

Pulling back, he got up and locked his bedroom door, pushing his jeans off as he turned to look at her.


"Do I ever?"

"Good girl. Who knows how long we have until someone either knocks or Gabe wakes up." He said, pulling the covers back and climbing back over her body.

"You know, this idea of 'quickie' is new for us. I don't think we've ever gone less than an hour before we had kids." She laughed, moaning when he bit into her skin playfully, sliding his swollen members into her depths.

"In my father's garage?" he grunted in question, watching as she hissed as she accepted his powerful thrust.

"We always went multiple rounds there. Never just one. Even that time we got caught we kept going."

"I blushed in front of Mrs Lopez for years. I could never look that lady in the eye."

"She had no problem looking at you after that. Old bat used to stare at your crotch." Letty groaned, pressing her lips into his as he increased their pace.

"You feel fucking amazing." He grunted, his forehead resting against hers as her hips moved in circular motions under him.

"Harder!" she barked, her fingers biting into his flesh as her orgasm began.

"Fucking harder Dom." She goaded, watching as his hips flexed faster into her, her nails digging into his bare ass to push him deeper.

He watched in pure male satisfaction as she stiffened beneath him, before bucking up, her body crashing down in waves.

He dipped his head down to suckle her nipples, entranced by the way her walls were constricting around him as he slowed his thrust.

He pulled out of her and flipped her onto her stomach, and pushed into her from behind.

He smiled when he heard her swear into the sheets, trying to remain quiet so the youngest Toretto didn't stir.

"Feels good?" he asked, causing her to moan in reply.

"Read my lips." she replied wantonly, causing him to grab her hips and push hard into her.

"Which ones?" he growled.

"You pick."

He didn't say anything else, simply continued to thrust into her, the smacking of their bodies like music to his ears.

When his orgasm approached he reached around her, rubbing her where she needed, helping them both careen over the peak of fulfillment.

He collapsed beside her, rubbing her back as she kissed his mouth, then cheek.

"This is the goddamn life, Dom." She sighed, enjoying his hands on her as she fell into a comfortable after glow.

"Who you tellin?" he grunted, his breathing returning to normal.

"Let's go to sleep and get up and do it all again tomorrow."

"I'm game, as long as we end the night this way again."


FIN...I fell in love with these uncles...btw... they may show up again!