Andrew Lloyd Webber has once again left everyone hanging in Love never dies and for me, there were several questions that needed answering. What would happen to Erik and Gustave? Certainly Raoul wouldn't just let Gustave out of his life after spending 10 years with him. Most judges back in that time period, would have insisted one of the men be married to provide a good home for Gustave. If so, would Erik have the chance to love again?

I own nothing, except Idonea.

Chapter One

A carriage in France, Erik's point of view

"Tell me," Gustave asked. "did you ever care for Idonea as much as Christine?"

"I loved Idonea very much."

"I loved my mother too, but Idonea was much stronger than her." Gustave said slowly. "But there was one thing I always did wonder about. Though… I'm not quite sure to ask about it."

"Ask away." I said. "If I were fifteen years younger, I'd threaten you into silence."

Gustave chuckled before turning sober. "Did Idonea ever….hate or envy you? I mean, for your relationship with Christine?"

I hesitated. "I don't know." I said honestly. "She said she was resigned to it. But only God knows the mind of a woman."

"She was a special woman." Gustave mused. "Those eyes…. so-"

"Intriguing." I finished. "Mysterious." I leaned back into my seat and gazed out the window. I could just see Idonea's beautiful violet eyes in my mind.

"Are you still missing her that much father?" Gustave asked gently.

I couldn't face him, for fear he'd see the tears in my eye. I could only manage a nod. It had only been a week. Nevertheless, the pain in my chest was sharper than a knife. "Like one would miss breathing."

"More than...Christine?"

"Christine...ceased to exist...when I found my life in Idonea."

"I'll be silent now." Gustave said. "Leave you to your thoughts." He settled back in his seat.

My thoughts for the third time strayed away to those days so long ago. Days that seemed to be lived on a Russian stage. Each day a terrible drama filled with pain, and heartbreak.

However, it was the days of those French love stories that stayed with me. All too soon, I saw the dark, sandy beaches of cony island rise up before my eyes.

Many years ago,

Christine stifled a cry and I leaned her back. Her blood oozed over my fingers. I applied pressure, but I knew it was useless. Madame Giry hadn't returned with help and I couldn't stop the bleeding. She was going to die, in my arms. No! I had to be strong for her sake! I couldn't start thinking like that!

"Come closer…. I beg you." Christine said as she gripped my arm in pain. I leaned so my face was inches from her. "Closer still." She breathed faintly.

I hesitated, but I obeyed, and leaned until our noses almost touched. Christine touched my mask and said gently. "Remember, love..…. never…dies." I nodded, barely. "Kiss me," she pleaded with tears in her eyes. "one last time."

I hesitated. It had been so long since I kissed her. But I knew, it'd be the last time that I'd kiss her again. My lips would be the last she'd taste on this earth.

I leaned forward and kissed her gently. Christine gripped my arm and I deepened the kiss. Sparks flew and the very stars in the skies fell as our passion was revised again. I heard her moan and I gathered her tighter in my arms as her grip grew weaker.

I felt the life leave her before I felt her pulse or looked at her face. Christine and I had always been one, in body and soul. We were all we ever had. So when her soul left the earth, I felt it leave.