Back to the present,


Gustave's words caused Erik to stop looking out the window of his carriage to see they had finally arrived at the docks. He nodded and climbed out of the carriage, his old bones protesting rather loudly at the actions. He wanted to get back to Phantasma and away from Paris. Paris had brought him nothing but misery, but it was Phantasma that had such wonderful memories for him of his wife and family.

The years had been kind to him and he'd been so blessed to have two more children with Idonea. She was a lovely woman and she had to ability to make the world seem like a beautiful place when she was with him. She was strong, but she had a large heart and her heart was very fragile. Even though she grew increasingly tired, her eyes never lost that sparkle, nor her voice that warmth. He remembered when Dr. Gangle told him that her heart wouldn't last long; his own heart almost failed then and there. Still, he refused to let Idonea how hard this news was on him, especially when she needed him to be strong for her. But as always, Idonea knew him like a book.

However, she didn't die as soon as Gangle predicted. She always defied unimaginable odds. They had many years together and she lived to see all of her children marry and have grandchildren.

Forcing his mind back into the present, he looked down at his ring and fingered it. He closed his eyes and relaxed his mind. He loved windy days, he could almost feel her touching him. However, this peace of mind only lasted for a brief while He felt a horrible pain in his chest and he gasped loudly. The last thing Erik would remember was falling forward and everything going black

As his body rose upwards, he remembered looking downwards and seeing his son desperately trying to revive him as people milled around him. He always drew the crowds attention when he was alive. Ironically, he still attracted them in death. Couldn't he have died peaceably at home? That thought fled from his mind as the world slipped away to white fog.

"Erik?" He knew that voice anywhere. Slowly, he spun around to see Idonea, his beloved wife standing there, radiant and glowing. She held out her hand to him and he cautiously approached her. The moment they touched, she trembled lightly. "I've been waiting for you." She breathed.

Unable to resist the urge, he pulled her against him and hugged her tightly. As always, his heart soared as he felt her return his touch. Now, they would never be parted again.