Seeing the fury on Tim's face, well it wasn't like he was so perfect, but then she never caught him, the only thing that gave him away was Nat getting pregnant. Seeing him come storming over to the bed, she actually felt scared. Seeing the redness in his eyes, she realises he is drunk. "Your drunk Tim"

"Not enough it seems, I can still see you and him in our bed, Christine of all people Spiros, how, why." He bellows "Get out of my house" marching over to Spiros, picking up his clothes, he throws them out the bedroom window. Pulling the sheets back off the bed, he turns away, the last thing he wants to see is Spiros with no clothes on. Standing over the bed his breath reaking of alcohol, all he wants to do is punch him in the face, how could she, how could Christine do this to him, what will this do to his already in tatters career, wasn't it enough he wanted his job, but his wife.

Seeing Spiros get out of bed, and turn to Christine, the look in his eyes and her, he walks over to Spiros, punching him in the eye "Get out of my house and away from my wife, stay away from my wife" lifting up his arm again, this time Spiros is quicker to respond, blocking his punch. Furious even more, he lunges at him. Ignoring the cries of Christine "Stop it Tim, please stop it. Spiros please."

Hearing Christine yelling out, Spiros, stops "Tim I'm not going to fight you, im not going to do that to Christine" Seeing Christine get out of bed, putting some clothes on, she goes to follow Spiros out, feeling Tim's hand gripped firmly on her arm she turns to face him "Get your hand off my arm" "Where do you think your going?" he growls at her. "Im not going to be around you when your drunk and like this, I'll speak to you in the morning?" she replies calmly.

"What do you expect, I come home and find you in bed, with another man, not only another man, but the man who got me sent to Singapore. Not only has he ruined my career, but hes trying to steal my wife, how did you expect me to react?" he yells at her "I'll speak to you when your calmed down, Tim its not like you have never cheated on me before and not only once. Spiros did not get you sent to Singapore" replying as calmly as she can. "Im not letting you go anywhere, your staying here with me" Tim replies angrily.

Trying to release his grip "im going, until you calm, down, I'm not talking to you when your drunk. Let go of me" Feeling his grip tighten "Tim, your hurting me" she cries out.

Hearing Tim yelling, followed by Christine crying out, Spiros runs back upstairs seeing Tims grip on her arm "let go of her" "Get lost" Tim yells at him. Seeing the look on Christine's face he releases his grip on her.

Running down the stairs, following Spiros out to his car. Driving away from the house, Spiros turns to Christine "want me to take you to a hotel or back to my place?" Seeing her shaking, he pulls the car over. Pulling her towards him, he puts his arms around you "your safe now Christine, I won't let him hurt you" kissing the top of her head.

Seeing tears in her eyes "I can't blame him, I never wanted him to find out that way, what if it was me, walking in on him. Spiros what have I done" Snuggling into his arms, she has to admit she feels safe and secure and loved. Looking up at him "your place, at least I have some things there."

Arriving back at his place, they walk towards the front door, looking around, Spiros half expects Tim to jump out at him.

Catching the lift up, and walking into his apartment, Christine heads out to the balcony "Never tire of looking at this view." Feeling Spiros arms wrap around her waist, drawing her back towards him "I never tire of this view either" Laughing and slapping his arm gently. Feeling his lips upon her ears she turns around to face him, tilting her head upwards, she feels his lips come gently down on hers "want to finish off what we had just started" he whispers to her.

Feeling torn, part of her, would love to finish off what they were just starting before Tim stormed in, but deep down, she can't. "Sorry, i do want your arms around me though" Holding her tighter "they will never let you go" he whispers as they walk back inside.

Lying on the bed, her eyes open, a million thoughts going through her mind, is this the end of her marriage, is this the end of her and Tim. Creeping out of the bed, the dressing gown wrapped firmly around her body, she gets a coffee before walking out onto the balcony, looking around is this her home now, where is home. Tears starting to well up in her eyes she never wanted to hurt Tim, but she can't deny how she feels about Spiros.

Not hearing footsteps coming up behind her, she feels Sprios arms wrapped around her waist drawing him towards her, as he pulls back her hair nibbling her ears, sighing she leans back towards him as she feels his lips moving down her face, she turns around facing him "you are so beautiful Christine".

Smiling up at him, as her lips meet his, bought back to the present, by yelling coming from downstairs "Christine, get down here now, you're my wife, Christine" then into the intercom "Spiros let me up, we need to talk. Spiros"

Turning to Spiros, as she closes her eyes, knowing this nightmare is only just beginning.