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Chapter One

A man and a woman stood at the end of the pier. The man's posture spoke of a military background, the way his eyes scanned their surroundings spoke of his unconscious protective nature. The way the woman's body curved into his and her eyes was closed as she rested her head his shoulder spoke of her trust and contentment with him. His lips brushed the woman's forehead and her lips curved into a smile. The man watching from a distance could stand the scene no longer and ducked his head as he walked away.

Annoyance gnawed at LAPD Detective Marty Deeks and he climbed in his car. 'This has to be an OP. This can't be real. Kensi and Callen isn't a real couple.' He reminded himself. 'Still, it's not like you have any claims on Kensi, you don't even have the balls to tell her you have feelings for her.' Frustration at watching Kensi and Callen as a couple, when she'd always fought him on them posing as a couple even for a moment, had him balling his hands into fists. With lightning speed he repeatedly punched the steering wheel. With each blow the tension from his body lessened.

Panting slightly, he rested his head on the steering wheel and closed his eyes. Moments later knocking against the passenger window had him bolting upright. Kensi looked anxious as she looked at him through the glass. But her lips were curved into a smile, something he rarely saw.

"Open up." Kensi said, grasping at the handle. Deeks ran his fingers through his hair and sighed. For a moment he considered just driving away, but he couldn't resist Kensi Marie Blye. He hit the unlock button and Kensi quickly climbed in.

"Are you alright? What are you doing here? I thought you were still undercover with the LAPD." She said. The concern in her voice was mixed with curiosity. Deeks was usually a happy person, someone who wasn't easily angered. But seeing him so angry had her worrying her for partner.

"I got back two days ago, if you would know if you answered your cell." He said simply; temper still flaring in his deep blue eyes.

"Deeks, I couldn't answer my cell and I still can't. I'm on an undercover Op with Callen and will be for some time." She explained.

Relief coursed through Deeks and the knots in his stomach began to unwind. He blew out a breath. "Then what are you doing here Kensi? Aren't you putting your Op at risk by being in a car with me?" he asked.

"Kind of, but I saw you as we headed up the pier and you looked angry and I was worried, you don't get angry too often. And it's been three months, and as much as I hate to admit it, I was bored while you were gone so I was happy to see you." Kensi admitted, surprising Deeks.

"You should go, Kensi." Deeks found himself saying. Knowing if he looked at her, he would probably ruin everything by doing something stupid; like kissing her.

"Deeks…" Kensi said, surprise ringing loudly in her tone. She turned to face Deeks, to try to get her to look at him, but he kept his head down so his now shoulder length blonde hair covered his face. She waited a few moments, waiting for him to look at her and smile. But he didn't, he refused to give in. Kensi felt disappointment and sadness rush through her. Fighting back tears, she scrambled out of the car. Anger at the fact he could make her cry replaced her disappointment.

"Grow up Deeks!" she spat at him as she slammed the door.

Deeks barely glanced for oncoming traffic as he peeled away. He turned on the radio and found a hate filled metal song and turned it as loud as it would go, using it to vent his anger. Deeks drove to the beach and walked down the sand, cursing himself with every step.

'You're an idiot. You probably just blew the entire relationship you established with Kensi because you got jealous over a make believe coupling.' He thought. 'You deserve it too,' his lips curved into a sneer, 'treating her that way, acting like a spoiled child.' The realization hit him like one of Kensi's kicks to the nads. He needed to grow up.

He dove into the surf and swam and few laps as a plan began to form. By the time he walked back to his car, threw a towel on seat and drove back to his apartment he knew exactly what to do.