CAUTION: SPOILERS for the mini-episodes on series 6 DVD. Go and watch "First Night" and "Last Night" on Youtube before reading this! Go watch them even if you don't read this!

Not much story here, but I like these two together. Slight reference to The Room; could be read as a follow up. Chapters 1 and 2 are unchanged (just split). Chapter 3 is new.

I don't own these characters, or even a DVD of them. (Although I think Moffet got the title for 'First Night' from me...)

Nostalgic Idiot

"Give me just a minute," she begged as she grabbed the silky green dress from its hanger. "I won't make us late."

The Doctor watched River disappear around the corner and let out a deep sigh. The thought that they would come back here on their last night together filled him with both warmth and pain. He wondered why he did it (although now he knew he had to do it because he had just seen that he had done it...) Maybe it was just to get that last glimpse of the beginning, the true beginning, before the inevitable end. Maybe he was a Nostalgic Idiot; guilty as charged.

Faster than she promised, River came out, wearing the same dress he had seen only moments before on her older self. She had swapped her boots for a pair of sparkly high heels and he paused to relish the sight of her. So young, so innocent (well, relatively speaking...) and so eager to see the universe with him.

"Good thing there's an elevator to the top of the mountain – I'd hate to have you wear yourself out before the evening even starts." he said.

"Oooohhh..." she smiled, "You have it all planned, do you?"

"That I do," he reassured her. "First the trip to the summit to view the stars, then an intimate dinner in a little hideaway I know of, (one of the few NON chip shops), then back here for cozy cup of cocoa, and...well... I don't have the next part planned per se, but I have a few ideas to run by you when we get to that point..."

"Well, then, what are we waiting for?" River was half-way out the door and gave him a giddy glance. The Doctor jumped off the platform to catch up.

The stars of Calderon Beta were as magnificent as promised. The Doctor was glad that he had waited to share this experience with River. It was perfect for this, their first real night together. Sure, they had had plenty of adventures already, or at least he had with an older version of her, but this was their first time alone together in her timeline.

He wanted to make it special for her, in part to make up for the 1200 consecutive life sentences she was embarking on at StormCage. This first night was his commitment to her; his promise to make her time in prison as meaningful as possible for both of them. She was in there because of him, for him, and he was determined that she would never feel abandoned or alone.