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"S-someone st-st-stuttering"

"B…broken up s…speech as if s…someone is in a l…lot of p…pain or t…talking w…while c…coughing or t…talking w…while l…laughing or w…whatever"

"Someone-talking-so-fast-that-no-one-can-understan d-them"


"Hinata talking when harnessing the Fox's power"

"The Kyūbi talking to Hinata/Sakura's inner self"

'The Kyūbi thinking without Hinata hearing'




How Things Change:
Prologue~ The Beginning

In the very early morning of a cool winter's day, a young woman with hair the color of blood went into labor early. This woman's name was Uzumaki Seiko, and she came from The Land of Whirlpools, originating from one of the country's most prominent clans. This clan didn't have what you would call a special bloodline limit; rather they just excelled in the arts of sealing and had the unique ability to outlive most normal people. She came from the Uzumaki Clan and, unbeknownst to almost everyone, possessed the demon of the nine tailed fox within her body.

Everyone in the village, besides a select few, believed the host of the fox was a woman by the name of Uzumaki Kushina, but that was a lie. Kushina's younger sister (though not really related by blood), Seiko, was in fact the host, because her chakra was deemed superior to Kushina's at an early age. However, because her elder sister wanted to protect her from the ridicule and hate she'd receive from being the Jinchūriki, told everyone she was in fact the demon's container. Seiko's sister grew up being shunned, but Kushina realized long ago it was better it be her, than her precious baby sister.

The select few who knew the truth and helped the two sisters hide the truth were the Third and Fourth Hokage, and Tsunade and Jiraiya of the Legendary Sannin.

Seiko had entered the academy the same year as Kushina despite being four years younger because they wanted her body strong before the sealing, and there she met Hyūga Hiashi. He was arrogant, and always looked down on others. However, that never mattered to Seiko. For some reason she was drawn to him, and no matter how much he called her weak, she couldn't stop herself from wanting to be his friend.

After her days in the academy, Seiko was placed on a team with Hiashi, and they grew closer and closer (though, at the time, Hiashi would deny it), and little by little, they fell in love. They wanted to marry and have a family together.

However, the Hyūga clan did not agree with their courtship. Seiko wasn't part of the clan, and her abilities didn't stand out. She was ordinary, and the clan hated ordinary. Even though she was a skilled medic, taken on as an apprentice by Tsunade herself, didn't change their view of her.

Healing didn't make you strong, in their opinion.

Healing was for the weak.

The elders of the clan found her troublesome, weak, and much too soft to ever marry the clan head.

Seiko knew what was happening within the clan; she knew how the elders looked at her, and she knew she was just making trouble for Hiashi. So after two years of being engaged, Seiko broke it off, not wanting to cause any more trouble for the man she loved. He was constantly fighting day in and day out with his family, and she didn't want to be the cause of his suffering any longer.

Hiashi had been distraught, and felt betrayed when it happened, and wasn't in the right mind to stop what happened next. Not long afterwards, the elders had pushed him into marrying a woman in the clan, a woman that would be a much better match, in their opinions.

From the shadows, Seiko watched Hiashi hoping he lived a happy life and that he would grow to love his wife like no other.

It was only a few weeks later that she found out something surprising, though.

She was pregnant with Hiashi's child.

Seiko knew that it would only be right to tell Hiashi, but she could not bring herself to. She thought he was happy as he was. She also didn't know what would happen to her child if the elders of the clan ever found out about it. She refused to risk her baby's safety, so she chose to keep her pregnancy a secret, chose to keep it from the man she loved.

She would die before she ever let him know.

Kushina did not like the decision Seiko made as she knew how much Hiashi loved her, but in the end she accepted it; she could not say no to Seiko.

Because no one knew she was a Jinchūriki, her pregnancy was kept a secret from the rest of the village. Her stomach was sealed so as to not alert anyone.

In order to help keep the truth a secret and to help keep the village safe from the demon (for the seal was at its weakest when a woman was in labor), Tsunade and her young assistant Shizune were to deliver the baby in a secluded area outside of the village, while Kushina, Jiraiya, and Hiruzen, the Third Hokage, kept watch. Minato, the Fourth Hokage, was to stay with Tsunade and make sure the seal that kept the demon within Seiko's body held as it should.

Those people were the only ones who knew she was pregnant with Hiashi's child, and that she was a Jinchūriki.

"Seiko-chan, you must push now," Tsunade gently whispered to her patient and student.

She had taken Seiko on as her apprentice many years ago, and it was because of her and Shizune that she never left the village after her brother's and lover's deaths. Had they not been around, she would have been gone long ago.

"I'm t…trying T…Tsunade-sensei b…but it h…hur—AHHH!" Seiko screamed out.

"I know it hurts, Seiko-chan, but the longer you keep that baby within you, the longer you'll suffer!" Tsunade exclaimed as she saw the right contraction show up on the monitor Seiko was connected to. "You need to push. Now!"

Seiko's back arched off of the table she was on slightly as she pushed as hard as she could. Seeing this, Tsunade slowly counted to ten.

When she reached ten, she whispered, "You're doing fine, Seiko-chan, you can breathe now. You've gotten the head out. At the next big contraction you'll have to give me one more big push and the baby should be out."

'And hopefully that's all…' Tsunade finished in her head.

She didn't want to think about what would happen if the seal didn't hold.

Seiko nodded her head as tears filled her eyes. She inhaled a big breath and slowly let it out.

Tsunade looked to the monitor once more and again she saw the contraction she needed start up.

Turning her head back towards her student, she said, "Alright, one has just started. One more time, Seiko-chan, you can do this! I know you can!"

Seiko held her breath as best as she could and pushed. It hurt, but she was happy to feel that once the head was out the rest was much easier.

Tsunade smiled, the baby was finally out. Minato wasted no time in checking on the seal. As he was doing that, Tsunade did a quick check up on the baby.

'Whisker birthmarks...?'

Tsunade shook the thought from her head as she cut the umbilical cord.

"Congratulations, Seiko-chan, you're now the mother of a baby girl!"

Seiko was very worn out, and her body felt weak, Tsunade could see, but even so, Seiko smiled at the sight of her newly born baby. She was sad that she would have to raise her without her ever knowing her father, but she was also happy that she was given this gift. She had been given one final present from Hiashi and it was one of the best gifts she could have ever asked for.

"C…check my b…baby girl o…over," she whispered.

Tsunade nodded, slightly worried about her student.

She seemed too worn out.

"Shizune-chan!" she called out.

A young woman with hair the color of a raven walked towards her.

"Yes, M'lady?"

"I need you to clean up Seiko-chan while I clean and look her baby over." Tsunade stated.

Normally she'd have Shizune look the baby over while she took care of the mother, but Tsunade knew this is what Seiko would have preferred. If Shizune ever made a mistake while tending to her child, Tsunade knew that Seiko would never forgive her.

"Alright." Shizune said, as she got to work.

"What do you plan on naming her, Seiko-chan?" Tsunade asked before she got started on her own work.

Seiko thought for a moment then said, "Hinata. Her n…name will be Uzumaki Hinata."

She was going to be named after her late mother.

Tsunade smiled and nodded, and as soon as she saw Shizune working on Seiko, turned and placed Hinata on the table near her to do an in-depth checkup. As she placed her hand above the baby warm, green chakra surrounded her hand. Tsunade was very happy to see that the baby was completely healthy; she had wondered if the demon's chakra would affect the baby at all, and she was happy to see that it had not.

During the checkup, Tsunade soon realized that Hinata had inherited the Byakugan. Since she wasn't full Hyūga, and since her mother's chakra was more dominant than her father's, they weren't sure if she would inherit the Byakugan or not. They were hoping she wouldn't as it would make keeping her heritage a secret easier.

'We'll figure it out.' Tsunade thought.

After continuing on with the checkup, Tsunade realized that Hinata had also inherited her mother's strong chakra. Even as a child, Tsunade could tell that her chakra coils were really developed, and the more she grew up, the larger her reserves would get.

'I wonder…will she inherit her mother's excellent chakra control?'

Tsunade was just about to finish vaccinating the child when she heard Shizune yell, "Tsunade-sensei, something is wrong and I do not know what to do!"

Tsunade turned around and ordered, "Shizune, finish vaccinating the baby!"

She then went over to Seiko's side; her breathing was irregular, as was her heartbeat and pulse. She was also very pale.

She noticed that Minato looked afraid, and a terrible feeling settled in her gut.

"I don't think she's going to make it, Tsunade, and I have a feeling the fox is going to try to escape when she nears death! I could try to keep the demon back, but I doubt I could. I don't have the same chakra as Seiko or Kushina. I think the only thing I could do is reseal the demon." Minato said, worried.

Tsunade frowned and ignored him as she tried to help her student. The fox was trying to weaken her in her already weakened state. Tsunade had no doubt that Seiko would survive if not for that damned fox. As a medical ninja, Tsunade knew she wasn't going to make it, but some part of her couldn't help but hold onto the hope that she would. Even though she knew she probably wouldn't last more than a few minutes, she tried to stabilize her.

"It's okay Seiko-chan, everything will be just fine," she said even though she knew it wouldn't be. "I'll save you."

She stated as she focused her healing chakra to her hand.

Seiko shook her head. "No Tsunade-sensei, n…not even you c…can save me. I knew h…having a baby w…would be d…dangerous to my health. Even though m…my chakra was strong, I k…knew my body was weak. Y…you cannot waste y…your chakra w…when the demon I p…possess may escape."

"Yes I can!" Tsunade yelled as she put her now glowing hands over Seiko.

"N…no, you can't, a…and I would never forgive you if you w…wasted your chakra on m…me and ended up killing another b…because of it." Seiko murmured. "Please, listen to a d…dying woman's wish and get out of h…here. I c…cannot hold it b…back much longer."

The chakra in Tsunade's hand began to dissipate and she could feel tears welling up in the corners of her eyes. She wouldn't let them fall; she had to be strong for Seiko. She could cry later.

Seiko smiled weakly at her teacher.

"I w…want to see my Hinata-chan one l…last time."

Tsunade nodded, still trying to keep her eyes dry, and turned to Shizune who had wrapped Hinata up into a blanket. She was fast asleep. Tsunade was sad to see that Shizune crying.

She then picked the baby up and turned to place her into her mother's arms.

Seiko looked down to her baby and the tears she managed to hold back fell freely.

"I am s…sorry that you will have a h…hard life, my Hinata-chan, but this is the o…only way. I love you."

Tsunade watched in amazement as Seiko focused her chakra; brilliant, golden chains encircled Hinata, embracing her, before being absorbed inside of her small frame. Hinata emitted a golden hue for a moment, before it too disappeared. When the glow caused from Seiko's chakra dissipated, a small seal had been left in the chakra's wake, right above Hinata's bellybutton.

Seiko, looking much frailer, turned to Tsunade.

"The fox is going to have to s…sealed inside of h…her. Only an Uzumaki c…can contain the Kyūbi and Kushina is much too old now to d…do it. She'd never survive." Seiko said.

It was true that Kushina would more than likely die if she tried to seal the fox inside of herself. There was a reason Seiko had had the demon sealed inside of her at a young age, and it was not only because Uzumaki Mito was close to death. It was because a child was more likely to live through the sealing process as their chakra coils were not yet fully formed. Mito was an exception to that rule as her chakra was far more potent than any other who had been born into the Uzumaki clan.

"I've sealed s…some of my chakra into Hinata to help with the s…sealing…" Seiko trailed off.

She hoped that her chakra would help keep the Kyūbi at bay if Hinata ever decided to try and gain control over the fox.

It would also give Hinata a chance to meet her mother later on in life.

"Tell K…Kushina that I love her."

Tsunade's eyes widened, tears filling her eyes. This was really going to be the end. The one she thought of as a daughter was being taken from her, just as Dan and Nawaki were.

She was about to say something when the Third Hokage appeared.

"A masked man attacked, he was trying to get here. We're not sure why, exactly, but we believe he's after Seiko. Kushina and Jiraiya are holding him back. Has anything unusual happened here?"

Tsunade's tears began to fall. She could not hold them back any longer.

"Seiko is going to die, I cannot save her. The fox is going to try to escape at the last moment and Minato says he can't hold it back. The only option is sealing the fox, and Seiko says it has to be in Hinata."

Hiruzen frowned sadly and he looked to Seiko who was approaching death quickly.

"Are you sure this is what needs to be done?"

Seiko nodded, "Y…yes."

Minato looked to the Third and said, "I'll seal the fox—"

The Third shook his head, and cut Minato off.

"You're not the only one Kushina taught the sealing arts to, Minato. I will not allow you to seal the fox, not when you're so young. You and Kushina have much life ahead of you, and I will not let you ruin it. I will do the sealing; I'm an old man and have lived a long and fulfilling life. Now it's your turn to do the same. Not only that, but the village needs you. You just recently became Hokage; you cannot abandon the people now. The village is in need of a young Hokage, I'm at my limit. My rule was long and prosperous, but now I need to let the village's fate be entrusted to the next generation."

Minato was going to argue, but realized there was some truth in what the Third said. He would be the better candidate to seal the demon.

Minato felt guilty for thinking it, but he didn't want to die because he didn't want to leave Kushina behind. He wanted to have a family with her, and wouldn't be able to if he was dead.

Hiruzen, seeing the guilt in Minato's eyes, said. "Don't feel guilty, Minato. Just promise me that you'll look over Biwako for me when I am gone."

"I promise I will watch over her. I will keep her safe, I promise on my life!" Minato said, meaning every word.

While Minato and Hiruzen were talking, Seiko turned to Tsunade, and smiled.

"Tsunade-sensei, I'm g…glad I was able to l…learn the healing arts from y…you, and I h…hope one day you c…can teach Hinata them. I love you." Seiko closed her eyes in pain, "I c…cannot h…hold it much l…longer! Run!"

Hiruzen looked to Tsunade and Minato, "We need to get out of here now, and once the demon has appeared I'll seal it. First it has to be completely free, though."

Tsunade kissed her student on the head, and whispered, "You are like a daughter to me, Seiko-chan, and I love you too."

She then, like the others, ran away. She was carrying Hinata who was fast asleep in her arms.

When they passed Kushina and Jiraiya, they were all happy to see that they were unharmed. They were both out of chakra, yes, but they both were safe and that was what mattered.

Kushina looked horrified when they approached, and was going to rush back to her sister.

Minato, however, knew this was likely to happen when they approached and was ready to handle it.

Disappearing from sight, he used his speed to appear behind Kushina before she could react.

"I'm sorry, Kushina…" he whispered in her ear, before knocking her unconscious.

Had he been looking into her eyes, he would have seen the betrayal she felt reflected in them before they rolled into the back of her head.

Minato felt guilty for doing what he had, but he knew she would have died if she had gone back. She was weak, and almost out of chakra. She would not have survived, and Seiko would not have wanted that.

'I hope you will forgive me.'

Picking her up bridal style, he continued on with the rest of them. They needed to reach the village.

Before they made it, a shrill scream filled the air, and then it became silent once more.

Tears fell down Tsunade's face. 'Seiko….'

However, it was only silent for a moment.

The next sound she, and everyone else heard, was the roar of a demon.

Even though it wasn't smart, Tsunade turned to look at the demon in the distance. It was evil, she could tell, and she could feel the killing intent radiate off of it in wave. It wanted blood, and it would get it.

While looking back, she also noticed something the others did not.

There was a man next to the fox; the strange and unbelievable part was that he seemed to be controlling it.

Her eyes widened.

'The masked man!'

It was going to be a long and bloody night, Tsunade realized.

When they reached the village, Tsunade and the others quickly explained what had happened to Jiraiya, and he did the same.

Jiraiya told them that after Hiruzen disappeared, so did the masked man. He had no idea who the man was, but he couldn't help but feel as if he was familiar somehow.

Tsunade then explained that she saw him near the fox. When she did so, Minato was very quick to begin the evacuation of the civilians, and sent any ninja available to watch the village: Jōnin and ANBU were on the front lines and the village's Chūnin backed them up. Because they were so young and inexperienced, the Genin were to guard the civilians. It was a good thing Tsunade saw what she did and was able to warn the Hokage because only moments later and the village was in chaos.

Much blood was spilled, and many innocent people died, civilians and ninja alike. It was too late to fully evacuate the village, and for years the night would be known for its bloodshed. No one alive would be able to forget it, and for years to come it would be taught in classes to students.

Tsunade and Shizune and the rest of the medical ninja were at work all night taking care of the wounded. There was so much blood and death and injury, that it was a nightmare for all who healed—especially when someone on the team saw their very own husband or wife or child or mother or father or brother or sister. No one could hold in their tears at that much suffering.

Tsunade saved many people, but she also lost just as many, if not more.

Jiraiya was unable to help in the battle as he was nearly drained of chakra and was forced to wait it out; he realized he'd get in the way more than anything if he tried to go to battle. So, instead he helped Tsunade out by holding down the patients who needed holding down, and bandaging up the less serious cases. He couldn't do that many medical related tasks as he was never trained in the healing arts.

The battle was a hard one and the village suffered many casualties. The village would have suffered even more if it weren't for the fact that Minato, and a conscious Kushina (whose special chakra regenerated much faster than Jiraiya's) accompanied the Third Hokage to where the demon was at. Minato used his technique to teleport them and the demon from the village and he was the one who chased the masked man away.

Kushina then had the task of using her chakra to immobilize the demon for as long as it took for Hiruzen to seal it. It was only because of Minato's and Kushina's help that Hiruzen was able to seal half of the fox's chakra into the death god, and the other half into Uzumaki Hinata. Not only that, but they were also the last people to see Sarutobi Hiruzen, otherwise known as the Third Hokage, alive.

Minato used the distraction of the Third Hokage's death to hold a secret meeting with his wife, Tsunade, and Jiraiya. He knew that they wouldn't be able to keep it a secret of what happened and they had to figure out what to do. They had kept it a secret that Seiko was pregnant from everyone, even the village elder's. It was planned that Hinata's birth would be an unexpected surprise, that not even the mother knew about it. It took a very powerful seal to hide her growing belly from everyone. However, that plan died as soon as Seiko did.

Everyone would realize that Kushina was not the host because Kushina was still alive and breathing, while Seiko was not. People would stop looking at Kushina with hatred, and instead tarnish the memory of her baby sister with terrible gossip about how she planned it from the very start just to watch the village suffer (of course they'd know not to do so in front of Kushina in fear of being punished by the Fourth).

However, even though they couldn't keep the fact that Seiko was a Jinchūriki from the villagers, what they still were going to do was hide that Hinata was Seiko's and Hiashi's child. If people knew Hinata was Seiko's daughter, they were more likely to treat her even worse than Kushina was ever treated. It was, in a lot of people's minds, Seiko's fault that the village suffered.

Nobody knew Hinata existed, and no one knew she was a descendant of the Uzumaki clan and the Hyūga clan. If they sealed her Byakugan away then no one ever would (not until they wanted them too, anyway).

It was planned that as soon as Hinata could protect herself from her father's clan (who would probably try to put the cursed seal on her or assassinate her if they ever found out about her existence) then they would unseal her bloodline trait and allow her to take her place in her father's clan. Hiashi deserved to know who his daughter was, but they didn't want him to until she could protect herself. He was a very busy man, and he was unlikely to be able to protect her as well as he would want.

Tsunade wanted to take her from the village with her, and Minato almost agreed, but he realized that Hinata would be safer in the village as he never knew what happened to that masked man. Tsunade couldn't stand the thought of remaining in the village that killed her brother, lover, teacher, and student, so knew she would be gone by morning. She felt like she was abandoning Seiko's daughter, but she couldn't help it. The village killed all of her precious people, and she couldn't stand staying any longer.

Even though she knew Hinata would receive some of the same treatment Kushina did when everyone thought she held the demon in her, she felt leaving would be alright as she knew that Minato and Kushina would be there to care for her. Because, after all, who, in their right mind, would try and harm the baby that the Hokage and his wife were surely to adopt?

Tsunade left the village in such a hurry to try and rid herself of the pain she felt just by being there, that she never even thought things wouldn't turn out the way they should. Her heart was broken.

Minato was sad to let her go, but realized he couldn't keep her. She needed her space to heal. He did, however, get her to promise him to come back one day and take Hinata on as an apprentice. Tsunade requested it to be after Hinata's Byakugan was unsealed, as not only would it help her with her training as a Medic, but also because it would probably allow her to stay away from the village for a longer period of time.

Jiraiya also left the village just as Tsunade had because he was going to figure out as much as he could about the man in the mask. He, unlike Tsunade, however, was going to keep in touch with the village as much as he could to keep them informed. He had a spy network set up all over the countries, so he was their best bet at obtaining information. He was just as much a spy master, as he was a famous toad sage.




Three days had passed since the village was attacked. The village was still repairing itself, and the people were still mourning and burying all of those who perished.

Both Tsunade and Jiraiya had vanished without a trace, but no one paid any attention to that. Everyone was just too busy to worry about a couple of people disappearing, even if they were the Legendary Sannin.

On the third day after the attack, the elders and Minato decided it was time to discuss what would happen to Hinata, the baby whose body now contained the demon of the nine tailed fox.

Everyone in the village would know Hinata was the container of the fox, but they would know her as Akane Hinata. The night the fox attacked, it was decided that she wasn't going to be known as Uzumaki as it would put her more at risk than anything.

Minato and his wife planned on adopting Hinata, but both had a felling it wouldn't work out.

Kushina was heartbroken that her sister had died, and that her daughter was going to suffer as she grew up. She was still angry at Minato for what he had done.

Kushina would have liked nothing more than to bring Hinata home with her to raise her, but knew it probably wouldn't go as planned. And just as Murphy's Law states, if anything can go wrong, it will go wrong. And wrong it most certainly went.

The village elders fought and argued with them for many days.

They came up with the excuse that if they were going to adopt one child who was left orphaned from the attacked then they would have to adopt all of them. They couldn't give just one orphan special treatment, not when so many others would suffer just like her.

They couldn't show favoritism like that to one child, not when so many others lost their parents. It wouldn't be right as Hokage.

The Hokage had to put all people in the village first, not just one child.

Neither had any connections to the child, the elders believed, as they were told that they had to grab the closest baby, whose mother had just died. The elders had trouble believing that story completely, but it helped them win the debate.

Seeing no other choice, Minato and Kushina decided to find the best home for her. And that's when they found out about The Nobuo Home for Orphaned Children. It was one of the most reputable orphanage's in the village. Because of its reputation, Kushina and Minato decided to place Hinata there once the Orphanage was rebuilt. Until then, they were allowed to watch over her.

Even though Kushina and Minato wanted to, they just couldn't keep an eye on Hinata as much as they would have liked. Kushina was still an active shinobi, and because she was one of the strongest, she was sent out on missions to keep up appearances that the village was still strong. They couldn't risk letting other countries know just how weak they were, after all. And Minato, being the Hokage, was always busy. He had a village to repair.

It became even harder to keep an eye on her when Kushina got pregnant and gave birth to her own son, Namikaze-Uzumaki Naruto.

However, they still managed to check up on her at least once a month, and whenever they did, she seemed fine albeit a bit shy and withdrawn. The caretaker, Nobuo Kuro, always seemed friendly enough, also.

However, things were not as fine as they believed them to be.

Hinata was not cared for as well as she should have been. She got plenty of food and water, but she wasn't getting much love or affection.

Kuro in the beginning tried to treat her like the other children, but soon found himself doing what he swore he would never do, drink. The alcohol slowly changed him, and it was because of that that he began to seclude and neglect her. And, only on the days he drank too much, did he hit her. While he didn't beat her severely, the smallest of taps could feel horrible to a child, especially when they didn't feel loved.

The fact that she was also confined to her own separate room and was rarely allowed to interact with the other orphans didn't help matters. It was because of that that made her withdraw inside of herself.

The only time the orphanage owner made her look like she was being properly cared for was when the Hokage or his wife came for their monthly visit. During this time she was allowed out of her room and was allowed to play with the other children, though it felt awkward for her. She never said much when she was around them, and they never said much to her.

They were part of different worlds.

There was them, and then there was her.

The other kids knew she was different, knew there was a reason she was to be ignored. They just didn't know exactly what it was. However, that didn't stop them from learning to leave her out of things.

Hinata was afraid to say something to the Hokage or Kushina in fear of being punished even more. She also did not want to risk never seeing them again.

She never realized that they would have gotten her out of there no matter what had they known what went on.

Hinata liked it when they came, but she hated to see them go more for she knew what was going to happen as soon as they left.

She would suffer from mental pain and, on occasion, physical pain as well.

Too many nights to count, she cradled one of the few toys she was allowed to have, a ratty old stuffed fox (her caretaker, Kuro, had given it to her one night when he was drunk because she was a demon and deserved only the company of a demon). However, she didn't care what it represented, for she was too broken to.

No one loved her, no one cared for her, no one wanted her around (except maybe the Hokage and his wife, but she hardly saw them…she assumed they only came to see her once a month because they felt sorry for her, not because they loved her).

She was alone.

She would always be alone.

She would never get the attention or respect or love she wanted or deserved.

Or so she thought.





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Also, something I should add so not to confuse anyone. Hinata was born in the December of the same year as Neji, Tenten, and Lee so she is the oldest out of the rookie nine instead of the youngest. That's how the fox was able to attack before Naruto was born, not after.

And Seiko and Kushina aren't really sisters, just saying that in case anyone missed it. They're really close and consider themselves to be even though they are not blood related. Keep in mind that I will refer to them as being sisters even when by blood they are not. So, even when I say they are sisters, no one has to worry about incest happening when Naruto and Hinata get together as they weren't really sisters by blood, but only by the strong bond they shared with one another.

One last thing, here is the character profile for Uzumaki Seiko:

Name: Uzumaki Seiko

Age: 24; Deceased

Academy Graduation Age: 6

Chūnin Promotion Age: 14

Special Jōnin Promotion Age: 15


Mother- Uzumaki Hinata- Deceased.
Daughter- Uzumaki Hinata (Named After Mother)


Seiko, even though she was a Jinchūriki, had surprisingly good chakra control. Because of that, she joined the Medical Corps in hopes of becoming a great medic. She liked the idea of helping others more than hurting them.

A few years after she joined, Tsunade, who was in charge, realized that she held great promise, and decided to take her on as an apprentice.

She became one of the best Medics in the village under Tsunade's tutelage.

Because she specialized in Medical Ninjutsu, and her other skills were lacking, she only ever made it to the rank of Tokubetsu Jōnin.


Seiko was a shy and polite girl who had grown up with Kushina, who was four years older than she. Even though they were not related, she thought of Kushina as her older sister.

At a young age, Seiko was chosen to become the next Jinchūriki for the nine tailed fox. Kushina realizing the kind of life she would have if anyone found out, went with Seiko to the Hidden Leaf Village and decided that she would not let her sister live that way. Kushina swore to always be by Seiko's side and protect her as she did not want her to be alone.

No one in the village realized Seiko was the Jinchūriki because of Kushina. They all thought Kushina was the Jinchūriki. Kushina was able to talk Hiruzen into making everyone believe she was the fox's jailor. Kushina argued with him that it would protect Seiko even further if no one realized that she was the Jinchūriki (as seen later when Kushina was kidnapped). Hiruzen saw the logic, and agreed to the request; he couldn't say no to her will of fire.

Even though Seiko was four years younger than Kushina, she entered the academy the same year so her body would be strong enough to hold the fox. She was four years old, and Kushina was eight. They only spent two years in the academy.

In the academy, Seiko couldn't help but want to befriend Hyūga Hiashi, no matter how stuck up and full of himself he was.

After graduating at six, she was placed on a team with him. During the next ten years, they became friends, and sometime after they both became Chūnin they began falling for one another.

When Seiko was twenty one, Hiashi proposed to her and she accepted immediately.

However, through the years, Seiko realized how much trouble she was putting Hiashi through. The elders of the clan despised her, and were fighting to cancel their marriage. They wanted nothing to do with her.

Because she felt like all of the fighting was her fault, she canceled the engagement after two years, hoping that Hiashi would find happiness within the clan.

However, a few weeks later, Seiko realized she was pregnant with Hiashi's child. However, because Hiashi was soon to be wed to a woman in the clan, Seiko wanted to keep the pregnancy a secret from him. She did not want to ruin his chance at a family.