~Jingle Bells; Batman smells. Robin laid an egg! Batmobile lost a wheel and I'm writing another fic~

The Christmas spirit has possessed me to write another story w/ (who else, but) RoOoOobin! Is it too early to start writing Christmas stories? Probably. Is Robin gonna kill me for putting him through another story of endless torture? You bet. Do I care? Heck, no! ON WITH THE STORY!~~~~~~~~

T'was the night before Christmas ,and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even Dick Grayson. Actually, for multiple nights he had been sneaking out! Bruce knew that it was typical for Dick to do this. He had always been a kid whom could NEVER stay inside. However, when he returned with polychromatic bruises that matched his dry blood tightly wrapped around his tan skin, then his mentor worried beyond comprehension. Now Dick was normally really obedient, but lately,...he just refused to stay put even when yelled and pleaded to by Batman. Bruce had tried everything in his power to keep him in his room. It even came down to locking the windows and doors, but Robin, being Robin, managed to sneak away.

So here the dark knight was on Christmas Eve night looking for his ward in the bitter cold Gotham City. The first hiding places had already been thoroughly checked. He wasn't on the top of any trees ( where he sat for comfort) ,his parents' graves, nor at any of his friends' houses. It was clear that Dick was at the same place he had sneaked to for the last week...if only he knew where that place was.

~7 days ago~

"Dick, why weren't you in your bed last night," Bruce asked out of nowhere as he sat in his chair looking at the Bat-Computer. Dick was silently lifting weights behind him when the question was asked. Carelessly, Dick shrugged and simply answered, "around." If Bruce hadn't known any better, he'd have thought that there was almost a hint of cheer in Dick's tone. That relaxed him...somewhat.

"Around as in...," he asked as he turned to face Dick (who still didn't stop lifting his weights).

"As in Gotham," Dick answered honestly avoiding the question at hand.

"Doing what?"


"What kind of stuff," Bruce asked exasperated by the kid.


" What kind of things?"

"Things like stuff," Dick smiled as he placed the weights aside and headed for a towel to wipe his hard, earned sweat.

"Dick, I'm serious," Bruce warned. Normally if Dick walked...(or rather swung) around Gotham, he was upset about something. Yet, Dick seemed as cheery as usual... that was the odd part.

"Me too," Dick replied lowering to a little more serious level to match Bruce's attitude. "Look, I was just wandering around Gotham. You know Christmas lights are really worth seeing in the city. I mean, city lights are cool and all, but MAN- Gotham can decorate for the holidays!"

"That's all," Bruce asked a bit skeptical as he bent an eyebrow in doubt.

"What else would it be?"

"You tell me...," Bruce glared trying to test Dick's response.

Dick didn't pass the 'glare test'. He began to look at Bruce curious about why he continued to look at him. However, once he realized that Bruce was challenging his story by looking for any doubt in his eyes, he immediately surrendered.

"Uh, I got some homework to do," Dick lied with a small smile as he tried to run out of the Batcave.

"I thought you said you finished that."

"..Well, kind'a," Dick smiled with a classic 'guilty kid' look.

"And, that's the only thing you lied about...," Bruce asked/ said catching Dick unprepared.

Unable to respond (or rather admit that he had lied about where he had been), he turned and ran out of the awkward situation.

As the boy tuned to the elevator, Bruce targeted his eyes upon his back. Whatever he was hiding, had better not be anything that would end up harming him...

~6 days ago~

He checked his tracking device. Robin's costume was in the case like it should be. If what Dick was hiding was anything dangerous, he'd need his costume for it. He had checked on Dick about six hours ago. He was sleeping peacefully in his bed.

Maybe he had over-reacted last night. Dick was a good kid, a bit careless, but a good kid. If there was any real problem, he would tell him...unless he was black-mailed not to. Bruce stopped typing for a minute in worry. It had happened before. Not a second later, he continued his work. No, it wasn't a black-mail situation. Dick would seem much more depressed, and he was NOT good at faking moods. There was nothing to worry about. Maybe he had really just gone to see lights! He was very festive and easily excited. So it would make sense.

Suddenly, as if on cue to contradict Bruce's trust on the lad, a twig snapped causing a sound to justify someone's presence.


A silent response dawned on the situation for a few minutes until the boy entered from the chilled shadows to admit him being there. "H-hey, Bruce."

He wasn't in his Robin outfit. It was a red hoody with sleek, black gym-pants. He still had a mask however. Seeing the mask, it was clear to Bruce that he had intended to go out as Robin. Dick just didn't wear his Robin outfit because he didn't want Bruce to follow him due to the tracking system sewn in it. That was what worried him the most. What was so important that Dick found he couldn't trust him?

"Going somewhere?"

"Oh, uh...none of my Pjs were clean so,...well this had to do," he explained referring to his clothes.

"Right," Bruce stated in sarcasm. "And, you normally wear your mask when you sleep?"

"Oh, uh...," Dick stammered as he tore off his mask.

At this point Bruce had been walking off of his computer chair and towards Dick. He remained silent allowing the kid to make up an excuse for where he was.

Once he reached near Dick, he placed his gloved hand on his ward's head. "You seem awfully cold from just coming out of bed."

"Well, uh," he stammered with a smile. "I wasn't exactly in my bed."

"Oh? Then where exactly were you," Bruce asked bending eye-level to him.

"Just, y'know...on the roof."

"Hmm." That really should have brought up another lecture, but sadly it really wasn't that surprising coming from Dick. The kid was a natural born daredevil! He'd rather not live at all than not being able to risk his life everyday. "And, that's all?"

"Cuh, sure," the eleven-year-old guaranteed with his constant reassuring smile.

"So, you haven't been anywhere but your roof?"

Robin's strong smile slightly faded when he saw that Bruce was about to ,somehow, use his words against him. He had seen Bruce use that trick all the time when he interrogated criminals into squeezing their information out like a sponge. "Uh,...yeah..."

"So then, how do you explain this," Bruce asked struggling to remain calm and collective as he raised Robin's bleeding arm.

Robin's throat felt like it was just about to choke on his own worry! He had been caught completely off guard by his own body! His head shot at the glance of his bleeding arm. He thought he had just aided that! It wasn't suppose to bleed already!

"I...," he tried to explain, but the loss of words (and blood) caused his face to start shading a pallid color.

"WHERE DID YOU GET THIS?" He was dead. An injured Robin meant an angry Batman and an angry Batman meant well..., proper threats and torture were unnecessary to think about at this point.

"Nng," Robin grunted as Batman accidentally squeezed too hard. He tried to reach for his bleeding arm to push Batman's grip off, but batman just held it a little lighter.

"I want to know where this came from, and I want to know now, Dick." The 'Batman' tone was active now, and so was the fury of the night. The situation had now slipped into complete danger that neither of the two were prepared for!

Sweat began to grasp onto Dick's red face. He was panting heavily and Batman had something new to worry about. He was worried at first by Robin's lies, but now he was entirely frightened for the boy's life, and Batman is the last one ANYONE wants to frighten (especially with Robin's safety.)

"Ggg, I...," he tried to start, but his eyes began to fall back and his eyelids began to droop. "I..." Images Dick saw began to blend together into a whirlpool of confusion. It felt as though his brain was flushing away all of his awareness as he started to tremble on his knees. He was going to pass out, despite his refusal to give in.

"ALFRED," Batman yelled as he tucked the collapsing Robin into his arms and ran him over to the medical table. "ALFRED!"

Dick's slow pants began to indicate his losing of consciousness as Batman tenderly laid him on the table. He tried to pull his eyelids open, but they grew to heavy for his confused brain to order to do so.

"Dick, stay with me- stay with meā€”Alfred!" This was not good! His blood started to drip on the plastic on the table.

"B-Bruce...?" He pushed his dark eyelashes to reveal his pitiful icy blue eyes.

"Dick, stay calm; you're alright," Bruce reassured more to himself than to Dick.

"S-sorry..." Then before Dick could pronounce half of his apology, everything drained out of his brain causing him to fall into the abyss of dark sleep.

~I was gonna have this just as one story w/ no chapters, but I think I'll just display this in different chapters! I'm a very festive person so I just HAD 2 write a Christmas story with Dick in. Hang in there, Dick! AND STOP SNEAKING AROUND! You're worrying Bruce sick! R&R