Modern Warfare 3: Storm on the Asian Front

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FOREWORD: Those who played MW3 will know that after failing to take over the United States in the events of MW2, the most radical Russian Ultranationalists vowed a retaliation strike at their allies. What if one of the attacks was directly aimed at Japan? In reading this, you'll see the continuation of WW3 through the eyes of a group of familiar faces among anime fans as well as a number of OCs on how they fight in their own way to get the world they lived in back to them. Along the way, they will cross the paths of various characters from the Modern Warfare Universe.

Chapter 1: Old Acquaintances

The world as you knew it is gone. How far would you go to get it back?

October 5, 2016 – 14:45

Special Assault Team, Alpha squad

Narashino, Chiba Prefecture, Japan

About 1,000 meters away from their target, the Bell UH-1J police helicopter flew on top of one of the surrounding buildings and twelve operators from the Special Assault Team, also known as the SAT, rappelled down on the building. Lieutenant Shouji Toukairin sprinted to one edge of the roof sweeping the street and the buildings in front of him through the holographic sight optic mounted on his suppressed MP5 submachine gun. Each of the SAT operators faced a different direction as they positioned themselves in a full circle, watching for hostile enemies while the helicopter flew away. Shouji tapped on Natsumi's shoulder. Then Natsumi tapped on the operator on her right and soon all 11 operators watched Shouji intently. He pointed towards the East indicating the position of the target building and the squad was on the move.

Within 15 minutes, the squad stopped with the target building only 2 intersections away walking by the wall of various buildings in the shadows to avoid being spotted. Shouji instructed the 2 snipers from his squad to move into the building just south of the target and to keep a low profile while Natsumi would take 4 operators with her into the building to the Northwest. The rest of the team would wait in the building southeast of the target. Once they arrived in position, Natsumi and Shouji observed the target building through their binoculars from their respective positions for guards and patrols if any.

"I have 2 guards at the North entrance and no patrols in sight, Alpha 1-1." Natsumi said through her comm.

"Roger that, Alpha 2-1. I have 2 hostiles at the South entrance and no patrols either. What do you have, Sierra 1?" Shouji whispered through his radio's microphone to his sniper watching from the 2nd floor of the South building through small openings made between the panels in the windows.

"I see all hostages sitting tight in the middle of the main room with 5 hostiles on the second floor." the sniper answered.

"Copy that, Sierra 1. Tsujimoto's team will shoot the guards on the North entrance on my go. Tsujimoto and Hasegawa, there's a ladder on the Western wall. You should be able to quickly reach to the top of the building while the rest of your group sweep the first floor. My group will clean hostiles from the South. Sierra team, you drop the guards on the South entrance and you watch for any suspicious movement on the second floor until we are go for the final assault. All right, let's do this." Shouji said.

With the 4 targets within their sights, the operators waited for Lieutenant Toukairin's signal. Once he gave the "go" signal, the operators shot down the guards and moved quickly to their designated positions according to the plan. Quickly, both Natsumi Tsujimoto and Officer Ayumi Hasegawa arrived on top of the building.

"Tsujimoto and Hasegawa here; we're in position on the rooftop, Alpha 1-1." Natsumi whispered slightly in her sensitive microphone as she notified Shouji.

"Copy that. Get Hasegawa to rappel down just enough to put breaching charges on top of the windows." Shouji said as he and the 7 other operators at ground level silently shot down 10 enemies.

Immediately, Natsumi helped Ayumi to rappel herself down before the latter quietly put very small plastic charges on the upper part of the windows without alerting the enemies in the hostage room, everything under the watch of the 2 SAT snipers. The charges would not kill, but are powerful enough to blow out the windows and facilitate an insertion. Once the charges were in position, Natsumi pulled Ayumi back on the rooftop and waited for Shouji to give the call once the first floor is cleared. Finally the call came: "Natsumi, do it."

Natsumi pressed the switch on the remote detonator and the windows were blown into pieces. On the other side of the room, Shouji took advantage of the confusion to throw a flash grenade into the room to blind and deafen the hostage takers.

"Go! Go! Go!" Toukairin ordered just before Natsumi and Ayumi rappelled down into the window frames and shot down the 2 enemies closest to them while Shouji and his men shot the remaining 3 enemies. In a matter of seconds, all hostiles were down and the dummies acting as hostages were unharmed.

"Room clear!" Natsumi said.

"Home 1, this is Alpha 1-1. Hostages secured and all hostiles neutralized."

"Excellent work, Lieutenant. You surpassed the entire unit's best time in this training operation. The exercise is now officially over." a voice coming from a speaker said.

"Thank you, Lieutenant Kinoshita." Toukairin answered back.

"I know those are paintballs, that we have balaclavas and protection goggles. But why do we have to be cannon fodder for this? It hurts like hell." the JGSDF soldier acting as an 'enemy' said as he got up at the end of the exercise.

"Perhaps because you look more convincing as a baddie, Suzuki. But for me, I won't complain too much since I get well enough paid for this job. I'd rather take paintballs than real bullets if I were to get shot." the other JGSDF Special Forces Group soldier said.

"At least, we have the opportunity to measure ourselves against professionals with a military background and see what we are made of. You never know if you have to face ex-soldiers someday and if you need to be dropped at some distance from target to avoid being detected." Shouji answered the 2 soldiers.

On the other side of the military complex hosting the urban combat training ground, Lieutenant Kinoshita was watching the whole training operation through the monitors in a control room alongside military officers. They were really satisfied to see how successful Lieutenant Toukairin was in conducting the operation.

"If I didn't know better, I'd say this particular squad is as good as any other top notch Special Forces squad I trained with in terms of precision, stealth and execution. And that includes Delta and SAS when I say that; they have shown it for 3 days straight." JGSDF Lieutenant Nakamura said.

"Indeed, they are really good. The commanding officer was officially recruited into the SAT only a year ago, but he didn't take time before imposing himself as an effective leader and he took over the leadership of the team after the previous squad leader had appendicitis." Lieutenant Kinoshita answered.

"What are the names of that young officer and his second-in-command on the team?" a man with an English accent asked.

"The commanding officer is Lieutenant Shouji Toukairin. His second-in-command is Sergeant Natsumi Tsujimoto."

"Toukairin you said?" both Nakamura and the Englishman asked at the same time.

After a debrief a few hours later, all SAT officers were returning to the cafeteria for dinner in the early evening. Natsumi and Shouji were taking a little walk on the military base, still smiling at the shining success of their training session.

"That was really awesome; we really got them off guard with your plan, Shouji." Natsumi said.

"You weren't bad either in rappelling down into the windows after you volunteered yourself to blow windows to create the element of surprise, to let me throw the flash grenade and finally you make the jump in that room. That 3-step course of action was your idea after all, Natsumi. I guess that all the courses on climbing and rappelling down ropes on a wall were a great help."

"Not only that, I had the best teacher I could find around to get it right." Natsumi hugged Shouji who returned the favour before they gave a small kiss to each other.

"Hmm, Hmm." someone interrupted.

Around the corner, 2 military officers caught the couple by surprise. This interruption got Natsumi and Shouji moving away from each other and turning to the officers. "We were doing nothing, really. We…" a blushing Natsumi said.

"Toukairin! It is really you." said Lieutenant Nakamura.

"How have you been, lad?" an English sergeant added.

"Nakamura… Sergeant Newcastle… That's a real surprise! What are you doing here?"

"We were both supervising the Special Assault Team's training operation alongside Lieutenant Kinoshita from the MPD. Personally, I came back from England since a year ago to work here as an exchange instructor with the local Special Forces to train their operators to be as good as the pride of Her Majesty's armed forces. You looked brilliant out there, and we could see that you haven't lost much of your touch from the time when you were just a F.N.G. in the Special Forces Group after a quick successful training with the 1st Airborne Brigade." Sergeant Newcastle said.

"Excuse me, Shouji. Who are these 2 men?"

"Natsumi… this is Lieutenant Nakamura from the Special Forces Group and this is Sergeant Newcastle of the British 22nd Special Air Service Regiment. Lieutenant Nakamura, Sergeant Newcastle, this is Natsumi Tsujimoto. She is my…" Shouji said before he paused in his words, not wanting to disclose the nature of his relationship with Natsumi to them.

"That's all right if you don't want to tell us. All we will say is that you two have an excellent chemistry and we will deny any further detail if someone asks us." Nakamura said.

"Pleased to meet you, Miss. You made quite an excellent jump through that window after you blew it; you and your friend looked like a pros on the jump." Newcastle added as he bowed to Natsumi.

"All pleasure is mine, Mister. Did Shouji really say Special Air Service… the SAS? The same unit which took down the Russian Ultranationalist leader 5 years ago?" Natsumi asked.

"I did not take part in that op, but a number of my mates were. Peace to the souls of the fallen." Newcastle answered.

"I am really sorry, I didn't know." Natsumi answered to the Englishman as she understood that many of Newcastle's friends in the SAS never made it back home after saving the world from Imran Zakhaev's madness. Afterwards, she shifted the focus of the conversation towards another subject: "By the way, how did you and Shouji meet each other?"

"Why don't you tell her, Toukairin?" Nakamura asked.

Shouji took a deep breath before he started telling the whole story: "When I turned 20, I joined the 1st Airborne Brigade and my progress as a recruit impressed many officers, so much that they recommended my name to the Special Forces Group a year later. Nakamura was in the same platoon as I and his name came up too, so we joined the SFG together. Sergeant Newcastle came from England to work as an exchange instructor to train our unit and his experience in the SAS pushed us to our own limits. During a day of training, Nakamura and I flew in 2 different helicopters, but the one I was in had a problem and crashed in the mountains in the Toyama Prefecture. I was the only survivor, but I broke both my legs in the process. As I was freezing to death up there, a mountain rescuer saved me… it was my old friend and senpai, Mr. Ikenaga. He made sure I'd not freeze to death and thanks to him, the rescue teams got to us after he made the call. It took me 6 months of rehab to learn how to walk again. Anyway, that was not a pleasant memory and I really hated to be sidelined for that long."

"I can understand why you did not tell me anything about this. I'm surprised you don't look really anxious when getting on a chopper. I would have been traumatized if such accident happened to me." Natsumi said.

"I didn't show it, but I was scared of flying in helicopters for quite some time. That was until you convinced me to join the SAT when Lieutenant Kinoshita came to me. Since then, your presence alone helped me getting over my fear of helicopters little by little." Toukairin said.

"Good old-fashioned counter-conditioning making wonders. By the way, how did you end up in the police?" Newcastle asked.

"After my rehab was done and after I resigned from the JGSDF, I wanted to specialize myself into mountain rescuing and follow the footsteps of my old friend. He taught me a lot about mountains in my youth, but I didn't think I'd be like him until that accident. Just the thought of saving lives by doing something I know since my youth was appealing. Then, I became a specialized police officer and I worked as an instructor in rescuing techniques at different places, especially in Tokyo where I met Natsumi. When she was transferred to the SAT from the Traffic Division, she gave so much into her new job that I was impressed by her prowess. And as I said, Lieutenant Kinoshita looked at my records, she called me, I put some thought into it, I joined in taking it as a new challenge and I really enjoy it since that day."

"At least, the transition wasn't difficult here either since it is something you were really good at back in the days. Since you enlisted yourself in the SAT, did you ever consider coming back to the Special Forces?" Nakamura asked.

"Honestly, no. I always like serving my country, but I feel myself more useful doing it in my country, serving the citizens close to them at home when they need it. And besides, it's not like Japan might go to war any time soon."

"I hope you're right, but I will admit that what happened in Russia less than 2 days ago gets me nervous. I truly respect your decision after what happened up in the mountains, but my own take for my own career is to do something which would allow Japan to better be safe than sorry. Anyway, we are both serving our country by doing what we do best." Nakamura said.

"I think we will let you go have dinner. Knowing your appetite, you would not be happy if they get short on food." Newcastle said.

"Thanks for reminding me that." Toukairin said before he laughed at the remark. The 2 police officers parted ways with the 2 military officers and Natsumi got a few more answers from her boyfriend later on.

Later in the evening, Natsumi got back to her room with her roommate Ayumi Hasegawa. Ayumi only entered the Tokyo police less than 3 years ago, but she displayed the same energy Natsumi had back in the days in Bokuto and the younger officer's excellent service records in high-difficulty operations against the yakuza quickly caught the attention of Lieutenant Kinoshita, which led Ayumi to join the SAT just 6 months ago. Natsumi really recognized herself in Ayumi.

Natsumi told everything about the encounter with Shouji's old friend in the army and the English instructor.

"Wow! I can't believe it. A real SAS operator working on the same base as where we are... What did he think of our little stunt, Natsumi?" Ayumi asked.

"He surely appreciated it. He said we were like pros out there." Natsumi answered.

"About Toukairin, I knew he looked natural as a SAT operator out there. But I never thought he was once training to be a Japanese Delta, especially not with his background in the police. He really didn't tell you anything on it until today?" Ayumi asked.

"Absolutely nothing. I can understand him, especially when everyone around him was killed and that he was sidelined for that long. He is just like me when it comes about the need to be active and feel useful to someone, and that's something I like about him."

"You two have been dating for quite some time now and you enjoy every bit of good time together when you're off duty. Have you two any plans of getting married soon?" Ayumi asked Natsumi, who showed a little blush on her cheeks.

"Well… I have nothing against marriage at all, and I would love it if he proposes to me. It's just that both of us are in the best years of our careers and I'm sure he wouldn't want to be the reason why I'd have to cut my career short." Natsumi answered.

"Well, there's nothing against being married and working nowadays. Also, Toukairin is supporting you in every single decision and that's the best thing you can ask of a boyfriend. By the way, is Sergeant Newcastle single?" Ayumi said.

"I don't think he shares his life with anyone at the moment and his divorce probably allowed him to focus only on his job. Shouji told me that Newcastle's ex-wife even donated the car after the divorce so other SAS soldiers could perfect their training with explosives." Natsumi said and the 2 women laughed at the last anecdote. Soon after, Ayumi left to take a shower while Natsumi dialled a number on her cell phone as she wanted to talk to a long-time friend.

Miyuki Kobayakawa was still working in the Traffic Division at Bokuto Station, in the Sumida Ward, Tokyo. Saori Saga, who was considered as Natsumi's spiritual successor in Bokuto, was still working as Miyuki's partner. On that late evening around 22:00, the whole station was busy working on a very strange case as weapons were found in a truck which was stopped by Miyuki after a speedy chase. All officers were asked to remain at the station to work until they might find leads in this case. As Miyuki was sinking into her work, her cell phone rang.

"Hello, Miyuki Kobayakawa's speaking."

"Hi, Miyuki! Is that you? How are you doing?"

"Oh, Natsumi! Hi! To be honest with you, I'm a little tired today. There's a case which is really bugging everyone in Bokuto and it forced the top brass to keep everyone at work trying to find leads. I'll even be forced to sleep only a few hours in the station's resting quarters tonight."

"What happened?" Natsumi asked.

"There was a truck that crossed the intersection on a red light. I don't know what got in the driver's mind to do that in broad daylight, but he was clearly in a rush. Saori and I chased the truck in pursuit for some distance before we finally stopped it. After we apprehended the driver and his friend, backup arrived and we inspected the cargo inside the truck. I can't tell you the badly surprised look on our faces when we saw the content… crates filled with lots of customized Russian-made AK assault rifles." Miyuki said.

"Unbelievable! Where were they taking such weapons to?" Natsumi asked.

"The suspects didn't say much except that they were part of the Japanese Red Army which vows to overthrow the current government, monarchy and all Americans out of Japan. But that's impossible considering that all people associated with the JRA have been imprisoned since 2001. The most troubling part is they told us that a huge event changing the face of the world is bound to happen soon." Miyuki answered.

"That's troubling indeed. Speaking of which, they intensified the Special Assault Team's training sessions recently as if they expect us to be ready for anything happening."

"With the sudden disappearance of Russian president Boris Vorshevsky 2 days ago before he could reach the peace summit in Hamburg, I'm not surprised they are keeping the state of readiness with the SAT. I hope this is not the prelude to another war, especially after what happened in the United States in August. Even our friends from the LAPD are really concerned right now when I wrote e-mails to them." Miyuki said.

"I also hope it isn't the case either. However, I don't see why anyone would attack Japan unless that person is a mad man with world domination in his mind. Everything should be all right." Natsumi said. "Let's change the topic and talk about something happier. How is Saori doing?"

"She's doing great and she took your place as Bokuto's tough woman really well. You really prepared her well for this job being compatible with her energetic personality. I've heard that you are acting as the senpai of a young female rookie in the SAT; is it true?" Miyuki said.

"Ayumi is a very good officer in my unit. Since she's the only other woman in my unit, it wasn't long before we became friends. She reminds a lot of me when I started in Bokuto, but she also knows how to keep her cool when needed and her ascension to get this job is spectacular. This girl will become as good as me in no time. You should come to visit us someday." Natsumi replied.

"That sounds good… I guess I'll hang up and have some sleep for some time."

"Me too. They are planning another training session early tomorrow morning, so I'll keep the discussion about our respective love lives for tomorrow, Miyuki. I hope Nakajima and you have made it to the next level."

"You haven't changed that part of you at all, Natsumi." Miyuki said as she chuckled a little. "Goodnight, Natsumi. We'll talk tomorrow."

"Goodnight, Miyuki." Natsumi finished before she ended the call. Immediately, she went on to sleep knowing a big day of hard training is coming ahead.

In the middle of the night, Natsumi woke up as someone was making an announcement through the speakers in the quarters where the SAT operators were sleeping in. She looked at the clock and it was barely over 4:00. Ayumi also woke up in total confusion.

"All Special Assault Team operators are requested to be present in the briefing room in full equipment by 4:30." said the voice as the message was repeated over and over again through the speakers.

"Natsumi! Ayumi! Wake up!" Shouji said as he knocked at the door of the 2 women's room.

Natsumi went to open the door still confused about what's happening. "Shouji… what the hell is going on here? It's barely over 4:00 AM and we were not supposed to wake up until 7:30."

"I don't know anything either, Natsumi. All I can tell is that they are asking everyone to be ready in full gear by 4:30 and this doesn't look to be a drill. Something's going on and it's real." Shouji said.

Immediately, Natsumi and Ayumi quickly cleaned themselves up and got dressed with their full equipment ready. No one knew what is going on, and no one was aware that they were about to see History being written before them soon.