A line appeared on the canvas of the blond's face as he was led into a new room, this one lined with expensive paintings as far as the eye could see, the walls painted a porcelain shade of white.

Knee high black leather boots, heels that left imprints in the carpet behind them tapped lightly on the polished floor boards at which they now stood, a ribbon of a purple shade twisted the two front halves of the boots together.

Alois had worked at an array of places yet this appeared to the be the most exquisite place yet, everything seemed to fit into place from the golden window frames to the rich, vibrant red curtains that lined the arched windows.

Light peered inside dappling the ground on which he stood, dancing around his tip of his black heeled boot, He was told this was where one rich Earl lived "Ciel Phantomhvive" Was the name the blond was given.

Heh, probably another spoilt rich brat. He had at first thought, but the boy who descended the stairs looked much younger then he had expected. Only twelve... thirteen, no older. He frowned. He'd never worked under someone so young and he didn't know how to react.

Alois watched as the male approached, soon standing in front of him. He was at first surprised by his employer's appearance, he had blueish gray hair cut in a bob like style, one blue eye that gleamed out but the other covered by a midnight black eye patch.

His brow furrowed a little as he looked the blond up and down, the gaze made Alois feel uncomfortable and soon he found his lanky fingers slid under the band of his shorts, fabric that ended half way down his thigh.

"So, You're the one then?".

His voice was blank, almost emotionless yet laced with a definite sense of power that made the blond want to shrink back, Gulping forcing down the lump that hard formed in the core of his throat he clearly replied.

"Yes, Alois Trancy, That is I".

The Earl simply nodded turning on the heel of his boot and making his way up one of the staircases, not bothering to look back at the blond male. "Sebastian Will show you to your room".

Azure eyes blinked twice and Alois glanced from side to side trying to locate the one Ciel had called "Sebastian". Then from the corner of his eye he spotted a shadow that drew his gaze in.

A male, clad in a black suit with matching raven locks and piercing blood red eyes gazed down at him wearing a smile that seemed a little too cheery.

"Welcome, please follow me".

And soon he found himself following this strangely dressed butler up a different set of stairs, he was already sure that this was going to be very interesting.