The boy gaped in awe as he gazed the room up and down willing his azure eyes to observe every nook and cranny of the room, everything from the wooden chairs to the chandeliers looked expensive, even the vases looked as if that the blond wouldn't have been able to afford them even if he had worked flat out for like a year and a half.

"To your liking I assume?" The boy asked, raising his head blue eyes meeting those of the blonde's his voice seeming a little blunt. Blank even and to the point.

Alois paused before nodding twice, even three times a broad smile on his lips "It is indeed beautiful Master!" He replied beaming.

Ciel seemed a little taken back by the cheerful response but nodded all the same motioning with a flick of his silver fork for the slave to take his post at the end of the table, as ordered the blond flopped down instantly crossing his legs as if on instinct. The food served looked divine, the most delicious food he had ever laid his eyes on... yet this was for him? He suddenly felt confused.. He was a slave not a member of this family so why was he being treated to such luxuries.

Before the young slave-boy could air his complaint the butler began to speak in that eerie voice that sent shivers up his spine "After dinner, you shall be escorted to your quarters by one of the other servants, My Master will not be requiring your services again until after tomorrow's arranged breakfast".

Alois was awe stricken, No work! What the hell was going on here?, Usually he would spend the night in the bed of his Master doing all kinds of un-speakable things.. that he himself would have rather forgotten yet now he was being let off the chain, he was like a dog that had been caged all his life and was now being set free... he had no idea what to do and this whole situation was now feeling a little uncomfortable.

He had found he was poking vigorously at his food but not picking a piece up to eat, this bothered his master and was rather irritating "Is it not to your liking?" The Earl questioned his fine brow cocked, in an arched manor.

"E—Eh! What no um! Its great really.. im just... a little tired" The blond layered lie ontop of lie to covered up for the confusion he was feeling, he felt his cheeks turn a light dusty shade of pink as he lowered his head to avoid the smaller male's cold blue stare.


The butler instantly raised his head, red hues meeting his Master's gaze "Take Trancy to his room for the evening" He instructed now pushing away his plate as he got to his feet, the blond was curious now!

He wanted to know where his Master slept.. what he did all night, but instead of being allowed to follow he found himself being wheeled back into the bedroom in which he had previously had a chance to explore.

The butler flashed him a creepy smile "Do sleep well, Trampsy".

Ick, He truly hated that nick-name and how the butler knew it was beyond him... He waited until the footsteps of the raven haired male faded before wrapping his fingers around the golden knob and giving it a furious turn.


Damn it...

Kicking off his boots he began to strip down until he lay in his knee highs and boxers eyes fixed on the roof top... for now it looked like he was going to have to play along with these new rules if he liked it or not.