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Chapter 1

The Arrival

Bella Swan had been a vampire for almost a century and she had been alone the entire time. She ran into other vampires from time to time, but they were always different then her. They hunted humans, she never did. Her human life had been taken from her, but she would never do that to anyone else. So she didn't hunt or kill humans, instead she hunted animals.

She had discovered the option of hunting animals all on her own. As a newly turned vampire, she had been abandoned. The first few days, after going through the fire of the change, had been very confusing and it wasn't something she liked to think about. After killing one human, regret had gripped her. She only knew she never was going to kill a human ever again, so she noticed that she could also survive on animal blood.

Still the first weeks of her immortal life were not something she wanted to think about. It was just too painful, but sitting in the car she let her mind wander. She sighed.

Bella was moving to another city, as had been her routine since she noticed she wasn't aging. So every few years, sometimes nearly a decade, she moved to a new city, a new house to call home. She sighed again.

This time she had looked for a place with bad weather and a lot of forest, so she could try to be normal and attend school. High school, again. But still it would be good to interact with humans on a daily basis. At least that's what Bella tried to convince herself off. So the place she was going now was Forks, Washington. Apparently it was always clouded and rainy there, surrounded by forest.

As soon as Bella arrived in town, she saw what kind of small village Forks really was. She didn't mind though, less humans to stare at her. She drove through the town without the need for a map. She had studied it before leaving and with her perfect memory she didn't need it anymore.

She pulled up in front of a small house on the other end of the town. She looked at it from the front. Ithasacertaincharm,she thought. Sothisistobemyhome.

It was a small house, but Bella liked it. It was cozy. Too Bella it was like every other small town house. She could she herself living in it, even if it was just for a few years. It was on the edge of town, surrounded by forest, so that was convenient. Now she could walk off in the forest to hunt, without anyone seeing her or suspecting anything.

Bella arrived at the high school the following day, a bit too early. She was expected to go to the administration for her schedule and what not. She drove on the lot and searched for a place to park, while more looking at the other cars. Hers was by far the most expensive, except for a silver Volvo, parked at the other end of the lot.

Bella stepped out of the car and let her eyes swoop across the campus. There was a building with a sign "Front Office," so she decided to start there. She walked at human pace, feeling no hurry to begin with her school life.

Every student she came across stared at her and made sure to be out of her way. Bella bit back a smile.

Standing in front of the office she took a deep breath before entering, filling her lungs with clean, forest-smelling air. Then she stepped inside the warm, small space.

The woman behind the counter looked up and gasped at Bella, before she could control herself. When she regained her speech, she said, "Uhm, hello there."

"Hello, I'm Isabella Swan," Bella introduced herself.

"Ah, of course, I'm Mrs. Cope," the woman said. "I have your schedule here." She began digging through the papers that lay on the counter and gave Bella a piece of paper. "And a map from the school."Another piece of paper. "Also this, for your teachers to sign, bring it back to me at the end of the day."

Bella took one glance at her schedule and at the map. It would be very easy for her to find everything, especially because Forks High School was a very small school with few buildings. She was already mapping out the best routes to each class in her head.

"Do you need me to go through your schedule with you?" Mrs Cope asking, drawing Bella attention back to her.

"No, thank you, I think I'll be alright." Bella smiled politely to the woman.

"Okay, I hope you'll like it here, have a nice day."

"Thank you, you too."

Bella quickly walked out of the office and glanced at her schedule for the last time. Her first class was English. She walked tobuilding 3 at human pace, not hurrying again. She knew this year was going to be easy, but she had remind herself of why she was doing this. She did this to be around humans, even if being close to one set her throat on fire.

She got to the building. Inside she carefully sniffed the air. The humans'scent was very intense in the air and was, for Bella, very painful and mouth watering. It sent fists of fire down her throat.

The classroom was small. People stopped just inside the door to hang up their coats on a long row of hooks. Bella copied them. While she did she looked at the other students. A lot of them had a very light skin. So her paleness wouldn't stand out completely.

Bella took the slip up to the teacher, a tall, balding man named Mr. Mason. He gawked at Bella, not something she hadn't seen before, but still if she could have blushed she would have. He sent her to an empty seat in back without introducing her to the class. She was glad with her seat, now it was harder for everyone to stare at her. Bella just let her eyes go over the reading list the teacher had given her. It was basic: Brontë, Shakespeare, Chaucer, Faulkner. She already read everything, but then again it was hard to find a list she hadn't read. So this was going to be easy… and boring.

When the bell rang, a nasal buzzing sound, one of the human boys looked at Bella and she could she see the decision whether or not to talk to her being made. She smiled politely at him, but she had no desire to talk to him.

"Hello, you're new right?" he asked nervously.

Everyone in a three-seat radius turned around to look at the boy and Bella talking. Curious humans, Bella thought almost irritated.

Bella put on another fake, polite smile and nodded. "It's Bella."

"I'm Eric," the boy said. "What's your next class? Maybe I can show you the way."

Bella didn't have to look. She knew her schedule, but she made a show of pulling it out of her bag to check. "Um, Gorvernment, with Jefferson, in building six."

"I'll walk with you."

They got their jackets and walked outside, into the rain, which had picked up. Bella knew all the humans around them were looking, almost close enough to listen in on their conversation, not that they had one. The human boy, Eric, was too nervous to talk and Bella was just bored. She tried not to stand too close to his warm body.

In her peripheral vision Bella saw Eric open his mouth and close it again. She smiled. It was a human instinct to be nervous around her, around vampires. Bella just thought it was humorous, how nervous the human was. He had every right to be, of course, but still… humorous.

They walked to the building in silent and when they arrived at building six, they parted ways. Bella smiled at him and thanked him for his help.

The rest of the morning passed in about the same fashion. Only one teacher, Mr. Varner, made her introduce herself in front of the class. After two classes Bella started to recognize several of the faces in each class. There was always someone braver then the others who would introduce themselves and sometimes asked questions about how Bella was liking Forks. Bella had her story straight and ready, so nothing they asked surprised her.

One girl, named Jessica, who had two classes with Bella, walked with her to the cafeteria. Bella had considered skipping lunch, but it was all part of the human experience and to look normal, lunch and eating was part of that.

So far nothing really interesting or surprising had happened. But as soon as Bella got to the cafeteria she could smell several different scents and recognized one she had not expected. She froze. It was a very sweet scent, which was almost pressed away by the human scent.

She knew instantly what it was.