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Chapter 9

Visions: A Future set in Stone?

Alice (third person) POV

Alice was walking through the corridors of Forks High School, a few days after Bella and Edward had their friend talk (something that always made Alice smile while feeling frustrated at Edwards denial of his own feelings).

Jasper was walking by her side, gripping her arm by her elbow, to steer her in the right direction. Alice had spent every minute that she was away from Edward (which was quite a lot, since he was always with Bella), searching for the future. She wanted to know what would happen between Bella and Edward. She knew that it would affect the rest of the family as well.

After the friend talk, Alice had seen several different possible futures and not all were good. Several had displayed a meadow, which Alice knew was one of Edward's favorite places here. So, he was bound to take Bella there at some point. Not all of those had gone well.

There also was a regular vision that always displayed in a clearing that Alice vaguely knew, because it was the place where the family always played baseball. Again, these visions had both gone bad and well. But the time was always different and that was both very strange and unnerving.

Alice worried very much about her brother and his happiness. She knew that if anything went wrong now, he would blame himself until the end of time, maybe even literally. So Alice searched the future again and again, until she would become to frustrated and irritated with the lack of information her visions were giving her.

Focusing on the present again, Alice noticed that she and Jasper were now walking along the side walk, in the direction of the cafeteria.

"Are you alright, darlin'?" Jasper asked her, noticing that she had pulled herself out of her visions.

"Yes," she said, but she started to pout a little. Her visions have never let her down, why did that have to start now?

"It is not your fault, Alice," Jasper told her, reading her emotions with his extra sense, though he really didn't have, he knew Alice very well, so he knows what she is thinking. "Your visions are not all-knowing. You are too depended on your visions. Just relax and wait, for once." He chuckled softly as Alice really pouted at him this time.

Then she sighed. "Fine, I'll wait. For now."

They walked into the cafeteria and got themselves some food that they weren't going to eat, before they joined the rest of their family and Bella at their usual table. Ever since her first day, Bella hadn't once sat again with the humans she sat with then. Not that she, or the Cullen's for that matter, really cared.

"Hi," Alice greeted everyone, while she and Jasper sat down. Rosalie and Emmett greeted them short and then went back to their conversation. However, Bella and Edward both greeted them a lot more enthusiastically.

"Hey, Alice, Jasper," Bella said.

"Hi," Edward said, "we were just planning a big hunting trip this weekend. Do you want in?"

Alice looked at him, then at Bella and finally at Jasper. Jasper nodded, just the slightest movement of his head, letting Alice know that he would be fine with whatever she wanted. Alice smiled, thinking Edward and Bella deserved some alone time to get to know each other.

"No thanks, we're good," she said, with Jasper nodding along.

The look on Edwards face was almost relief and Alice felt Jasper laugh beside her, until Edward sent him a glare. Yes, alone time with Bella certainly would do Edward some good, Alice thought.

When the Cullen's arrived home, well four of them anyway, after school, Alice and Jasper went upstairs to their room. Rosalie and Emmett disappeared in the garage, where Rosalie was working on her car. Esme was also occupied else where. Edward had gone with Bella, not even bothering to come home first. Carlisle was still at work; he had the day shift these weeks.

So with everyone busy and in their own world, the only one that noticed Alice's grim and frustrating mood was Jasper. He was slowly getting more and more concerned about his mate, as she walked slowly though the house and into their room, content on staying there for a while.

Alice wanted to use this Edward free afternoon to search for his future and the future of the rest of their family, without him hearing or someone interrupting her. Edward always watched when she was having visions. She never blamed him, but like the privacy without him all the same.

Alice started pacing, walking through the room in a slow fashion for a vampire, under the watchful eye of Jasper. She flipped through all the visions she's had since Bella's arrival.

Normally, she wouldn't have been so worried, but she hated to be unprepared and surprised by the events that were yet to come. She sighed. Before they had met Bella, it was always Edward that was concerned about that. But now… now he was distracted. Alice knew that his feelings for Bella went deeper then he wanted to admit, not even to himself.

She sighed again, she couldn't help it. Edwards denial had the future all tangled up, it was very frustrating for her. Her visions made no sense half of the time.

She continued with her pondering. Then Jasper saw Alice's gaze over and knew she was having a vision. Alice's body stiffened and he quickly walked to her side. He wanted to be close, in case she needed him.

Alice didn't notice anything of this. She was pulled in her vision and was suddenly unaware of everything except her vision. It was a heavier, more emotionally loaded vision, than the ones she has had recently.

She saw a field in the forest and it was green, no snow, so during more warmer times. Alice recognized the field. She and the Cullens had played baseball there a few times before. That was strange, no one had made a conscious decision to go back there anytime soon.

Then figures came into view in the vision. They were not just any humans, they were vampires. There were four of them and the first thing Alice noticed were their eyes. They were red, so the strange vampires were human-hunters.

She watched as one of the four, slowly came forward, with a strange expression on his face. It was hard for her to read and thus to know what he was thinking.

As she watched him, she got the most peculiar and familiar feeling. Though, Alice was certain that they had not yet met each other, there was something strange about her.

The vampire stopped just a few feet in front of her and stopped moving altogether. Alice got a safe feeling, so she focused on the others. As she concentrated on them, she noticed she could not see them clearly. It startled her, she didn't really know what to think about it.

Somewhere from behind her, sounding very distant, she heard a fierce snarl.

Then, as she turned around to look from where or rather from who it came from, she was hurled out of the vision, back into her body.

Alice looked up and blinked a few times, unnecessary. What just happened? She was feeling a bit disorientated, more so than with other visions. It was then that she saw Jasper hovering over her in a protective way.

"Calm down, Jazz, I'm fine," she said as she walked towards the bed and sat down. "It was just a vision."

"What did you see?" he asked, not at all reassured by her previous words.

"I see nomads coming," Alice told him, to calm him down mostly, "but it's different from other times, somehow." She frowned, pondering about the possibilities. She replayed the vision in her head. Now, it struck her as obvious. This vision or rather these nomads were different from others that had past them. One of these nomads seemed to have more of a goal in coming here than the others in her vision. Almost like he was looking for something or someone, but she didn't recognize him.

"How many?" Jasper interrupted her thoughts. Normally, he wouldn't have done so, but he sensed danger and if that was the case then he must know.

"Not many," she answered, still half trapped in her thoughts. "Just four."

"Good," Jasper said. "That's nothing we can't handle."

"I'm not sure if we should view them as a threat," she said slowly, watching for Jasper's reaction. "This vision is different, but I can't quite put my finger on it." Alice was starting to get frustrated again by the lack of information her visions gave her nowadays.

"Darlin'," Jasper interrupted her again, sighing. He could feel her frustration and tried to calm her somewhat. "Don't stress yourself. We can handle whatever comes our way. Stop worrying yourself."

Alice nodded absentmindedly. She went through the vision one more time. The feeling it gave her, it was familiar. She was sure that this was not the first vision that made her feel this way.

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