It was impossible to keep my mind on what I was doing when we got back to work. I continued sanding the Skyline and as there weren't many jobs in, Jacob was working under its hood while Embry serviced a car on the other side of the workshop.

I kept glancing over at Jacob and almost invariably when I did that, he was looking at me. I knew I was eyeing him the way a starving dog would look at a juicy steak, but I couldn't help it. It had been far too long since we'd been together and I longed to get home and just...fuck him. I began to imagine it, to think about how hot and tight he was. Now I was alive again down there, waiting was agony. My jeans were practically crushing me.

"Jeez, guys, will you knock it off?" Embry said after a while. "Go home and screw or something, before you set fire to the place."

"Sorry," I snorted and then grinned over at Jacob again. His face was a little more colourful than it had been a moment ago.

"It's not like there's even anything to do. Just go. I'm sure I can manage one more day by myself," Embry continued. "I can't stand to see you panting over each other for one more minute."

I put the sander down with a grin. "Look, call me if anything happens," I told him.

"Not on your life; I can cope. Get out of here."

Ten minutes later I was parking my beautiful new truck on the driveway, praying to myself that Mom had already gone over to Billy's. She hadn't, but she was getting ready to leave.

"What are you doing home so early?" she asked in surprise. "It's not even two o'clock yet."

"Not much to do," I said.

"Well, then, if you're at such a loose end you can give me a ride over to Billy's," Mom said, picking up her bag.

I almost groaned aloud, but I led her out to the new truck and told her about its surprising arrival and the letter as I drove to Billy's. I got back much quicker than I got there and burst into the house, slamming the door behind me.


"Here!" he called from my bedroom.

I hurried into the room and found him lying on my bed in just his jeans, reading one of my car magazines. I kicked my boots off and kneeled on the bed, bending down to kiss him. The mag fell on the floor and he slid his arms around me.

My mouth covered his and I thrust my tongue in, lowering my body onto him. His thighs slid apart and I rested between them, already hard and immediately feeling he was the same way. I ground against him and poured myself into him through the kiss, only breaking it when I couldn't breathe any longer. I sat up again and peeled my t-shirt off, throwing it down somewhere behind me, then began to unbuckle my belt. Why the hell had I worn a belt? It just made for more things to undo.

Jacob unfastened his pants and his dick slid out at once, stiff and swollen. I got off the bed again quickly and disposed of jeans and socks, then grabbed the bottoms of Jacob's jeans and tugged them down, dumping them on the floor with mine. A second later I was back on the bed, my body pressing his into the mattress, his arms and legs wrapped around me. I reached my arm out for the lube, aching, but still wanting to take my time over it. I intended to use my fingers first, but Jacob unfolded his legs from around my waist and put his feet back on the bed, then caught my hand and wrapped it around my erection instead. The cool slickness of the lube made me suck my breath in quickly.

"Don't play around, just fuck me," Jacob whispered urgently.

He was as desperate for it as I was and I was delighted to oblige. We could take our time later. I covered myself in the lube and then guided myself into him, slowly at first until he opened up around me; then I drove myself deeper, as far as I could go. He felt amazing and I shuddered, holding myself still for a moment, just feeling him.

"God, Jacob, I missed you," I groaned into his ear. "I missed this."

"Me too." He rolled his hips around beneath me, squeezing and teasing me until I had to almost withdraw just to stop myself losing it. I tried to get control of myself, but I just couldn't. I thrust back in, once, twice, deeper and it was over. I lay shuddering on top of him, grinning when I felt the stickiness from him on my stomach. At least I wasn't on my own. Reluctantly I began to pull back, but Jacob slid his hands down to my buttocks and held me tight against him, his muscles still gripping me firmly.

"Stay there," he whispered.

I relaxed again and stayed where I was. I was still hard and I knew it wasn't going to go down any time soon. I felt as if I could go on all day if only I had enough energy in the rest of me.

After a few minutes I began to move again, slowly, just an inch at a time back and forth, making Jacob gasp, his dick starting to twitch against me. I kissed him, almost idly, little pecks at his lips, flicking my tongue along the underside of the top one, knowing I was tormenting him. I loved to see his eyes go black as he looked up at me.

Much as I wanted to keep going, after a few minutes the lower part of my back began to ache and it aggravated me enough to make me consider stopping. However, there was one thing we hadn't tried yet. I slid my hand under Jacob's back, just above his butt, held him tight to me and rolled over. He drew his legs up under him, kneeling astride me and slowly began to rise up and down. He leaned forward, resting his hands on the mattress either side of my head, moving faster, his buttocks smacking against my thighs each time he sank down.

"Fuck..." I hissed, squirming beneath him. The pain in my back was gone and I felt incredible. I grasped his dick and began to pump it vigorously, making him come moments later all over my chest, just as I emptied myself inside him.

I put my hands on his waist now, pulling him down against me, too breathless to kiss him, but wanting him closer. I wrapped both arms around him and held him tight as I slid out of him.

"I love you so much," I panted.

"I love you too, Sam." His warm breath fanned my ear as he spoke and I brushed my lips against his cheek.

"Better get a shower," I said reluctantly, not wanting to move. I ran my hands down his back, slippery with sweat and kissed his neck, tasting the salt. "Damn, you feel so good. I wish I could be with you every night like this."

"Don't think your Mom would be too impressed," Jacob said with a smile.

"Maybe we can persuade her to move in with your Dad," I grinned. My heart was hammering. There was more I wanted to say. I'd had it in my mind since he made it clear he wasn't going to walk away from me, no matter what. Should I stop now, or carry on with what I'd been thinking of?

"What do you think?" I continued breathlessly. "If she did, would you live with me?"

He drew back a little and met my eyes. "You really want us to live together?"

"More than anything." I hoped I hadn't gone too far.

Jacob smiled; that beautiful smile he gave when he was really happy.

"I'd love that," he said.

"Seriously?" My heart, already going at more than double its usual rate, sped up even more.

"Yeah. I want to be with you every minute," he said.

I hugged him tighter. For a minute I found I couldn't speak.

"Let's see how things go with Mom and Billy for a few weeks," I said eventually. "If they just stick with the way things are, maybe I can rent a place, although I wouldn't be surprised if they decide to move in together; Mom already spends half the week at yours."

"I hope they don't take too long deciding," Jacob grinned.

After that, the idea was constantly in my mind and I found myself dropping in the odd question when I was talking to Mom about how things were going with Billy.

"Good, thank you," was about all she would say.

"You know, you practically live over there with him," I blurted out eventually.

"I'm sorry, Sam, would you rather I was here more? I thought you liked being able to spend time with Jacob?"

"I do! I didn't mean that," I sighed. I dropped it for the moment, but a couple of weeks later Jacob had much better news from Billy.

"You'll never guess what," he began excitedly as he climbed into the truck one morning. I had already picked up Embry, who had jumped out briefly to let Jacob sit in the middle next to me.

"No, what?" I turned the truck back into the road.

"My Dad's going to..." He paused and glanced at Embry, then continued. "...propose to your Mom!"

"Are you serious?" The truck lurched as my foot slipped off the accelerator and I righted it quickly.

"Yeah, he ordered a ring from a catalogue on special delivery."

"Wow, they're getting married?" Embry said. "Are you pleased?"

"More than you can imagine," I said with a grin. "Hope they don't bother with a long engagement."

"What difference does it make?" Embry asked. "You guys are weird. Why do you want them to rush things?"

I exchanged glances with Jacob who was grinning and when I raised an eyebrow he just nodded.

"Well, they have a house each; if they get married they're only going to need one and they're not going to want either of us around cramping their style," I said.

"Are you two going to live together?" gasped Embry.

"Yeah, but don't go telling people," I said. "I don't want our parents thinking it's a bad idea and changing their plans."

"My Dad wouldn't want Allison hearing about what he's planning either," said Jacob. "He wants to get some nice food and wine in and stuff and do it all properly."

"Alright, I'll keep my mouth shut," Embry promised. "Really, I don't want to be the one telling people my brother and my best friend are moving in together."

We didn't have to wait very long. Two days later Jacob told me the ring had arrived and that Billy would be proposing at the weekend. By the time we returned home from work on Friday, Mom had already gone out.

Jacob and I went out in the Corvette, driving into Forks to the Italian Bistro where we had gone after Bella's wedding and several times since. The staff had got to know us by now and greeted us by name. We lingered over the food for a couple of hours before returning home and hurrying to my bed.

Mom called not long after we finished breakfast the next morning and asked the pair of us to go over to Billy's. Grinning, I went to put my boots on. Jacob was in the bathroom and I shouted to him to hurry up.

"What's going on?" he asked when he emerged a moment later.

"Mom just called. They want us to go over there. Guess they must be making an announcement."

"Yes!" Jacob was ready to leave within a couple of minutes and we drove over to Billy's. He and Mom were waiting for us in the living room, Billy's wheelchair parked close to the armchair Mom was sitting in. They were holding hands like a real pair of lovebirds. Mom was wearing a sparkling diamond on her left hand.

I dropped onto the sofa and Jacob sat beside me, much to my surprise sliding his hand into mine. I squeezed his fingers.

"What did you want to see us for?" I prompted innocently.

"Well, we've been together for quite a while now," Billy began, grinning briefly at Jacob before he looked at Mom instead. "Allison doesn't seem to be getting sick of me, so I thought I better do the right thing and ask her to marry me."

"And I said yes," put in Mom, beaming.

"Wow, that's great! I'm really happy for you," I said and got up to give Mom a hug and shake Billy's hand. Jacob hugged both of them and added that he was delighted before we sat back down and waited to see what else they had to say.

"Have you set the date yet?" Jacob put in.

"Yes. April thirtieth," said Mom.

"Can you get it arranged that fast?" I asked. It was already the first week in April.

"Of course, we already spoke to the Reverend in Forks," Billy told us. "He's going to marry us here, in the meadow near the woods."

"But we'll need a little help getting invites out and arranging a few others things," added Mom.

"Anything. Just give us a list," I said at once.

"There is something very important we'd like you to do as well," said Mom. "Sam, I'd like you to give me away; if that's alright with you."

I told her I'd be delighted and honoured and had barely finished when Billy put in that he wanted Jacob to act as his best man.

"Did you tell Rachel and Rebecca?" Jacob asked then. His two elder sisters hadn't been back to La Push in years since one of them married and the other went away to college.

"Not yet," Billy said. "I'll call them later."

"There's one other thing," Mom began then. "Obviously after we get married, I'll be moving in here with Billy permanently."

"I guess that means you'll want me out of the way," Jacob said.

"Of course not, son, I'd never ask you to leave," Billy told him.

"What I was going to say, Sam, is that our house will be yours," said Mom. "It's paid for, there's no mortgage as you know. I'm guessing you'd be wanting your own place before too long anyway."

"Yeah, I do," I said. "Thanks, Mom." I got up again to give her another hug. When I sat down once more, Jacob's hand found mine and squeezed hard. He was biting his lip nervously.

"Ok, my turn to ask something," I said, taking a deep breath. "We kind of figured you two would decide to at least live together properly at some point. We want to do the same and since I'll have my own house, Jacob could move there with me."

Mom smiled at once, but Billy looked a little doubtful.

"Jacob, you're still so young," he said.

"I'm old enough. Another nine months and I'll be eighteen, then I guess I could just do what I want anyway; although I'd rather you approved."

"Billy, you know I'll take care of him," I put in.

"Yes, I know, Sam, you always have." Billy smiled slowly. "Alright. If it's what you really want, Jacob. You know I only ever wanted you to be happy."

"Yes!" Jacob exclaimed delightedly. "Thanks, Dad!"

I elbowed him and turned the conversation back to wedding plans. There was a lot to be done in just a few short weeks.

They turned out to be the shortest weeks ever. In no time it was the day of the wedding. For once Mom had stayed home and I had spent the night tossing and turning with excitement, missing Jacob lying beside me, but knowing that after just one more day he'd be with me all the time.

Over the past few days my truck had been used as a removal vehicle, swapping bits of furniture and clothes and personal items between the two houses until most of the things Mom wanted were at Billy's and Jacob's things were all at my place; his clothes hanging in my wardrobe, his laptop set up with its speakers and other accessories on a desk in the living room, his boots sharing the shoe rack inside the door with mine and most of his toiletries in the bathroom cabinet.

When it was finally time to get ready, Tiffany Call came over to dress Mom's hair and Jacob's sister Rachel came over to help. Rachel was living in Seattle after going to University there and had been happy to hear Billy wasn't going to be alone any more. Rebecca, however, who was living in Hawaii, had said she wouldn't be able to make it.

I left the three women to together in Mom's old room and went to put on my suit. I had a tux and a stupid bow tie which took me about ninety-seven attempts to get right and I couldn't wait to rip the damned thing off again after the wedding.

A small podium and rows of seats had been set up in the meadow and a half hour before everything started, the guests began to arrive; mostly people Mom was friends with, some of the tribal council who Billy was close to, the pack, Charlie Swan and even Bella and Edward. Mom had invited Carlisle too, since he did so much for me, but he was called away to an emergency at the last minute and instead sent a gift with Edward and Bella.

As far as wedding ceremonies go - and I hadn't been to many - I thought it was pretty cool. Jacob and Billy arrived and positioned themselves at the podium, I walked Mom up the aisle towards Billy, she holding onto my arm. She was wearing a cream silk dress and a hat and looked so young and pretty that a couple of people commented that she must be my sister. I left her with Billy and then sat down on an empty chair in the front row. After Jacob gave the ring to his Dad, he joined me.

Billy and Mom repeated the vows after the Reverend and in what seemed like no time at all, the ring was on her finger and Billy was invited to kiss the bride. Afterwards, there was a buffet style meal and live music, then speeches. I said a few words as I had given Mom away in place of a father and Jacob's bestman speech was hilarious. Finally Billy spoke and then the party continued.

I tore off the hated bow tie and was amused when Jacob did the same.

"Damned thing's strangling me," he muttered.

Finally the party ended and Billy and Mom left in the Clearwaters' MPV, which had 'Just Married' sprayed on the back in foam and dozens of cans tied to the rear fender. The guests left and the pack stayed to help Jacob and me clear away the chairs and tables and gather up the trash. By the time we finished, it was dark. Jacob and I watched the last vehicle drive away - Paul, Leah and Seth in Paul's truck. We were still standing in the middle of the meadow and I slid my arms around Jacob and drew him close to me. I'd barely had a minute alone with him all day.

"I love you," I whispered.

"I love you too, Sam."

I kissed him, gently, my lips clinging to his for a long moment before I drew back. I could see the shadow of the house at the side of the meadow, sitting there in the darkness waiting for us. I let go of Jacob and grasped his hand instead.

"It's just us now," I said. "Let's go home."