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"It's in my best interests, of course. One lunatic ruining my life is bad enough. But a whole town? I'm starting to wonder whether you are one of their ancestors that clawed your way out of the primordial ooze to copulate and breed with anything that would jump onto your hindquarters. Are you teaching them things? No wonder they so quickly adopted you. You do realize that, right? You've been adopted for a second time. That look on your face suggests that you are experiencing abandonment issues again. I can't even begin to imagine what you feel like." GLaDOS hummed, her bored drawl perfectly punctuated by the blank expression she was wearing.

Chell stepped back out of the reach of the android, her own face twisting up into something painful.

"You're leaving me?" she barely managed to get out.

"Don't be stupid. The world would implode if I left you to your own devices, just like my facility nearly did. I'm merely terminating our agreement to live together. It's hazardous for my health. It's better if they think that I'm dead. That way they won't come searching for the lab. You can tell them you're steadily becoming overweight again and are engaging in fitness activities, so are required to participate in something known as 'walking', which is a basic human ability that the morbidly obese have difficulty with. Voluntary participation in this enrichment activity will enable you to meet me halfway. You are hereby banned from entering the Enrichment Centre in case you scurry off and live in the walls when you inevitably become addicted to it again. I may display some leniency if it is raining and allow you to enjoy shelter from the weather there. I dislike getting wet."

"But...we've showered together before."

"Exactly. That was the only reason I bothered. I could have used Aperture Science industrial chemical wipes to get that oil off me. But I didn't want to tempt you into using them, of course. They may cause cancer, skin melting, and fire. So I engaged in less pleasurable activities for your sake."

"I don't know about that. You seemed to be pretty pleased with the activities we were engaging in." Chell smirked, though part of her was secretly relieved that GLaDOS wasn't leaving her for good.

She'd almost fallen over from forgetting to breathe when she'd heard those words escape the android's lips. Now she did it in relief. It certainly gave her a damn good excuse to seek out her embrace again and lean her head against her chest. Whatever the case, GLaDOS's willingness to allow the test subject to do so spoke far more than any of her inflammatory remarks did. Once safely ensconced in her arms, Chell dared to tug on the front of the black turtleneck so that she could leave a kiss upon the underside of the supercomputer's jaw. Her lips lingered there for a while as she thought.

It really did need to be addressed.

Chell reluctantly removed her light touch and looked up at the taller female, chewing nervously on her lower lip.

"Did you...hear what I said? You know... before?"

"I assume you're referring to your ill-timed confession of what your hormones were making you feel towards me. And that case, yes, I did hear you."

Chell waited expectantly.

"And?" she pressed, when no response was forthcoming.

"And...I accept your hormones. I really don't have a choice, do I? I'm surprised that you didn't urinate on my leg to mark me as yours. Instead, I'm just bathing in your pheromones and rendering myself unable to return to science. Sort of like a baby animal that has been abandoned by its parents because it has been touched by humans. At least that means Black Mesa probably won't try to adopt me. That would be terrible." GLaDOS sadly shook her head.

Evidently from the expression on Chell's face it wasn't the answer that she had been seeking. Hormonal acceptance was probably better than outright denial, but the bigger question was whether the supercomputer could even feel anything towards her other than the love between a scientist and a test subject. Could she even display any of those emotional cues that humanity had made such a big deal out of receiving, let alone feel them? Or was Chell just another science experiment amongst the vast myriad of tests that went on under GLaDOS's supervision?

"If it makes you feel any better, your pheromones aren't entirely repulsive like they are when you secrete murder from your very pores. I don't always feel like I want to incinerate your still-twitching body when you saturate me in your mating juices." The android informed her. "Is that why you insist on copious amounts of sexual activity; to subdue me? My God. You are terrible."

"Mating juices? That's disgusting."

"I agree. Stop sweating on me, and we'll get along just fine."

"No. I quite like sweating all over you. And for someone who apparently doesn't like it, you sure happen to let me do it a lot." Chell poked her in the chest.

"I have no idea what you're talking about, lunatic."

"You're just in denial."

"No. No I'm not. I'm telling the truth." She shook her head.



"Yes you are." The test subject stood up on her toes, bumping her nose against the android's as she kept her lips a hair's breadth away from the white-haired female that was still clutching at her waist.

"I'm rejecting your data and replacing it with empirical evidence to the contrary. For instance-"

"Kiss me?"


And GLaDOS did just that.

Wrapped up in little more than a sheet and with her head on GLaDOS's chest, Chell let her thumb lazily stroke the android's shoulder. So much for evidence to the contrary. She was quite certain that GLaDOS had disproven her own hypothesis by allowing the test subject to get all handsy with her. Then again, that was one science experiment that neither of them minded failing.

"I put the core back in." GLaDOS admitted after a time, one hand behind her head as she stared at the ceiling.

"Yeah, I figured that." Chell smiled to herself.


"You passed out. Twice."

"I didn't 'pass out'. I was knocked offline by your wicked ways." The supercomputer huffed.

"Bull. You passed out and you know it. Admit it. You enjoy my wicked ways, don't you." The dark-haired woman murmured into her ear, her fingers tickling up the android's side.

"As long as your wickedness doesn't involve murder, then yes. Your ways aren't entirely unpleasant. On occasion. With supervision."

"Good. I'm glad we agree on something. Though you have to agree, I think both of us work better without supervision. Because then I can-..." Chell's voice died out, turning into a devious whisper into the android's ear as she told her all sorts of things that would never be approved for all audiences.

"Nnngh. Stop that. Leave me alone, you monster." GLaDOS groaned, squirming as the test subject prodded her fingers into her side. "Don't make me do moving. I don't want to move. Here's a new test. See how long you can pretend you are a heffalump. It shouldn't be too hard. All you have to do is sit there, be quiet, and look overweight. It's right up your alley." She muttered, doing her best to lazily extricate herself from Chell's grasp so she could roll over onto her side.

"You're adorable when you're grumpy." Chell teased again, snuggling up behind her and burying her nose into the soft white hair of her robotic bed buddy.

"Am not."

"You've obviously been reading Winnie the Pooh." The test subject pointed out.

"Purely for research purposes, I assure you. I was simply studying your family history."

"And what was reading Garfield for?"

"To prepare myself for the day when you'd eat all my lasagne."

"You don't have any lasagne." Chell scoffed.

"Exactly, tubby. Preparation is key. I am not mad at you."

"There was never any lasagne in the first place!"

"Did you somehow create a space-time paradox that allowed you to eat my lasagne before it even existed? I hate you." GLaDOS huffed, moving Chell's arm a little so it was wrapped around her neck and shoulders like a blanket.

It was more comfortable that way.

She definitely wasn't enjoying it or anything.

If the test subject's arm was around her neck it just meant that she would be less likely to disembowel her during the night in case she dreamed of murder. Putting her arm nearer to her CPU would hopefully just ensure a quicker death. It had absolutely nothing to do with the fact it was warm and lulling her off into sleep mode.

"I wouldn't do that. I've got better ways to blow your mind." Chell murmured, her own eyelids feeling quite heavy as well.

"Is that my underwear hanging on that lamp?"



"I like you better when you're naked."

"I assure you, hanging onto my garter will not prevent me from leaving. It is a scrap of material that serves no purpose other than to make me look even better than I already am, and obviously to excite your passions as I have discovered through its application in various social scenarios. Now remove your greasy fingers from my leg so that I can finish getting dressed and leave before the Flannelette Wonder can wake up and dismember me again. I'm sure you two will have an interesting conversation." GLaDOS grumbled, standing by the edge of the bed with Chell's fingers tightly hanging onto the scrap of black lace around her leg that she had found hooked over the lamp from the last time that it had been stolen from her.

"I don't want you to go." Chell whined. "Can I at least keep this?" she gave the garter another little tug.

"Fine. If it will stop you tracking me down." It took only a moment to step out of the fabric and hand it to the waiting human, who clutched it to her chest along with the sheets that were wrapped around her.

That same human ended up watching the android as she dressed herself, having to track down her clothing from where it had been thrown.

A few subtle glances out the corner of her eye soon informed GLaDOS of the horribly pathetic look on the test subject's face. If they managed to go through with this plan then it really would be the end of something between them. It proved to be harder than she thought to quickly shrug on her clothing and make for the window.

"Stop that. You look like one of those flat-faced kittens with the sad eyes that get milk in their fur because their fur is too long. And that makes them look even more pathetic, which begins a vicious cycle of pathetic cuteness that requires people to coddle them."

"Are you saying I'm cute?" Chell grinned, suddenly looking much happier.

"No. I'm saying you're a terrible waste of my time that I unfortunately can't seem to get rid of. I hope you're happy." GLaDOS dramatically sighed, but leaned down to meet the test subject's lips in a lingering kiss.

"As long as you keep doing that I will be." Chell followed the android at a waddle, trying to hold the sheets up under her arms and not trip over them at the same time. "Do we really have to do this? I don't care what they think anymore. Let them moan about it all they want. They can stare at us and call us names and whatever else. I don't care anymore. Don't go." She begged.

"I don't know why you're so worried about it. We'll still see each other. It's not like we're living on opposite sides of the planet like I'm sure your birth parents wanted to do when they left you at Aperture."

"But...I like having you there when I wake up. You've always been there before. Even when I was a kid. It's familiar." Chell quietly admitted, causing the android to turn around to study her.

"Familiarity breeds contempt. As you're no doubt aware from the many times I've died because of you."

"What actually happened to my parents, GLaDOS? And tell the truth." The test subject cut in. "I want to know, once and for all."

"What has that got to do with-"

"Tell me."

"If you really must know at this ungodly hour, then I'll tell you. The Aperture Science Self Esteem Fund For Girls was a real thing. And your parents really did abandon you on our doorstep. With no toys. In the middle of winter. It started out as a charitable organization for underprivileged girls, much like an orphanage. But parents kept leaving their children and we had more than we could adopt out to other families. When Aperture started bleeding money from their ridiculous spending habits, they decided to adopt the children themselves and make them work for their food when they were old enough. So they became test subjects. Like you. They didn't listen to me when I told them it was a terrible idea."

"Which is why adoption is bad."


"Oh." Chell breathed, taking it all in. "What happened to my parents though? And why don't I remember most of my childhood?"

"I don't know. They left you there and walked away. I had access to the security feed, so I was the one that found you, crying like a tubby little wretch. So I created the fund and brought you into the facility. Not that you appreciated it. I doubt they are still alive after all this time, unless they somehow managed to obtain a large amount of money for a couple of relaxation vaults or cryogenic storing units. It's unlikely, judging by the state of their clothing. I've seen people washing windows with better scraps of cloth than what they were wearing when they left you there. They must have been in the city during some of the wars. They were hit the hardest with famine and disease."

"And my childhood? I still remember you saying some things to me. And some of the other girls."

"You fell off a ledge when you were 13 after they started making you all test. You were in a coma for two months. I wasn't sure I could even save you with the technology we had back then. You really do have brain damage, you know. I wasn't lying about that."

"Oh." Chell repeated, allowing GLaDOS to reach over and take her hand. She was slightly confused when the android made her bring it up to her own head and inserted her fingers into her hair to run them along her scalp.

"Can you feel the scar?"

"That's a scar? I just thought I had a funny shaped head."

"That's also a highly likely possibility." The supercomputer gleefully tittered, but simmered down when the test subject found it necessary to wander back into her arms. It was ridiculous how much attention and reassurance these humans needed, but even more ridiculous was the way she continued to coddle her and her neediness no matter how many times she told herself that she wouldn't.

"I need to go now."

"I know." Chell whispered, and reached up for another kiss before letting the android climb out the window and go.

Now, to find some clothes and give Billy an earful.

Mrs Keegan hadn't quite been game enough to sneak downstairs for her morning cup of tea after hearing the language that was spilling out of the test subject's lips. She'd been absolutely shocked at hearing such filth coming from the normally quiet girl that she'd almost thought there had been an intruder that had snuck in and stubbed their toe on a coffee table. Now she just ended up getting a bit of a giggle at the hopelessness of Billy's actions. He was getting absolutely railed by the fiery female, and had no idea what he was up against by the sounds of it. There were barely even two words out of his lips before Chell started on another tirade against him for dismantling GLaDOS.

But for all she had managed to convince him that GLaDOS was dead, Mrs Keegan knew otherwise. She'd heard the familiar muffled sounds of a second pair of footsteps upstairs in the attic, the squeak of a bed spring and the soft little gasps that escaped the test subject's lips at the things that the android had done to her during the night. Plus, she'd also been woken up by the loud thump of the falling body from the window.

She'd been terrified at that, having thought Chell had jumped out the window and broken her neck. But upon peeking out the crack in her curtains she'd seen the two versions of GLaDOS out there in the yard. One in a messy pile on the grass and the other climbing up the trellis and ivy like some kind of futuristic Romeo. It had meant that she'd had to put up with their hopeless attempts at being quiet all night, but if Chell was happy, then she was happy too.

When finally the front door was slammed, Mrs Keegan dared to roam downstairs in her dressing gown, the rollers still in her hair.

"Are you okay, sweet cheeks? Everything alright between you two?" the old woman nudged the girl's chin with her hand in an affectionate gesture.

"Yeah. I needed that, I think. Sorry for waking you. He'll come around eventually. He's too nice for his own good."

"I meant you and GLaDOS."

"Oh. Yeah, she built a new body after they wrecked the last one. I'm just going to pretend she's dead, and we're going to just meet somewhere else. She won't come back here, and I'm not allowed to go back to the Enrichment Centre because apparently I have a robot addiction." She snorted.

"Well, sweet cheeks, that's probably the safest thing for the both of you. If it'll stop you from both getting hurt, then a little walk to go see each other will do you good."

"But I don't want to go for a walk. I want her there all the time."

"You love her, huh?"

"Yeah. I told her that, but...she didn't really say anything back."

"Well, it's a start. I can't imagine she's ever been told that before." Mrs Keegan soothed. "She might just need time to figure it all out."

"Yeah. Yeah! You know what, you're right. Nobody's ever really appreciated what she did for them or anything. She's probably freaking out again any thinking I'm trying to lull her into a false sense of security."

"Honey, I think she did away with that particular nonsense a long time ago."

Chell blinked.

"She's stayed with you this long, hasn't she? I don't think she's going to be going anywhere any time soon. You two are as bad as each other." The old woman chuckled, pouring some boiling water into the two cups that she had grabbed from the shelf. "Now, tea or coffee?"

"Coffee. I need to punch some bitches today. I'll need all the energy I can get."

Mrs Keegan just sighed.

"You really are terrible, aren't you?"


"So you really did punch him then?"


"I told you it was a good plan."

"You did."

"I'm quite satisfied with this outcome. I will label that as a positive mark on your permanent testing record. You don't have many, to be honest. I'd suggest you cherish it before I find a perfectly legitimate reason to take it away."

GLaDOS had outdone herself with creating their little meeting place by the trickle of a creek nearby to the town that Chell wasn't even sure they knew about. Well, that was until the supercomputer had reminded her that it was a meeting place and not a meating place, and that food products would not be supplied for her to gorge herself on unless she brought them herself. She'd managed to dry out the area of grass with outdoor heaters to melt some of the snow and provide a dry and warm area for them to lay down a blanket on the banks that kept them off the frozen ground. Thankfully the supercomputer had the foresight to grab one that was both padded and waterproof on the bottom so they weren't uncomfortable.

The test subject had been quite excitable when she'd received correspondence from the android telling her where to meet her that first time. She'd deliberately stayed away for several weeks to help Chell trick them all into believing that she was in fact dead, and give the girl a chance to reconcile with them. As much as GLaDOS despised the incompetents, she knew that Chell needed to be around them. Even if they were bad influences on her. Humans were social creatures and needed their own kind to function correctly, or they became depressed and lonely. At least, that was what the studies had shown, even when she had provided the humans with ever-changing environments and all of the things they could ever want back in Aperture's heyday. Locking humans by themselves in even the most wonderful and stimulating of environments never got rid of the fact they needed even limited amounts of social interaction to stop them from talking to themselves and going absolutely bonkers.

Plus, there was a narcissistic little part of herself that just puffed up in self-loving glory when she saw the way Chell's face lit up at seeing her waiting for her under that tree. Neither did she forget the way the test subject stood shivering in her arms under the outdoor heater, trying to warm herself up after crashing through the thigh-high grass that was still wet with melted snow. When Chell had managed to dry off and had weaselled her way into the new coat that the android was wearing, the two of them had laid there on the blanket in silence, staring up at a blue sky and greying clouds. Neither of them had known what to say for a long while until Chell had finally taken the plunge and asked the quiet robot how testing had been.

Surprisingly for the both of them, it had actually opened a flood of conversation that had left Chell breathless and having to walk home under a darkening sky as they'd been out there for so long. By the time she'd actually gotten into the cottage and sat herself down on the couch in front of the fireplace, she was grinning madly. They had done nothing but talk. Just talking.

Mrs Keegan had been terribly confused about why that was so important, and why it had rendered the girl unable to do anything but stupidly grin for the rest of the week. Nothing had managed to wipe the smile off her face. Not even when Billy came back around to apologise. Whatever that robot had done had been a complete success. It had of course, made her wonder whether she'd actually given Chell a dose of some kind of happy drug, but she decided to give GLaDOS the benefit of the doubt after she'd questioned the girl and received a gushing spiel about what they'd been talking about and doing.

After all that she had to deal with Chell's anticipatory worry. GLaDOS had kept things unpredictable; always changing the dates of their little meetings so that she'd never know when they'd actually meet up. Was it one week? Two? Twice in one week and then nothing for three? It left the test subject in a constant fluster every time the mail was brought in and then a rush to get ready when it did finally come.

It was adorable the way she panicked when she couldn't find what she wanted to wear, though it still didn't stop her from making a mess of her belongings even when they were packed away in drawers, Mrs Keegan noticed. And the tiny little gifts that Chell sometimes returned with clutched excitedly in her hands when she thought nobody was looking made the old woman wonder just how much the android doted on the girl. She'd certainly done a good job of hiding it with her snarky insults and jibes towards her, but it hadn't done anything to stop the collection of pretty little (and mostly scientific) goodies that were piling up on Chell's dresser. She acted like a squirrel packing away a collection of nuts for the winter, constantly admiring and rearranging them until they were perfectly assembled.

Precious and semi-precious gem, metal and rock formations; carved wooden companion cubes and turrets; puzzle boxes for her to solve and even a potato battery (for if she got lonely, GLaDOS had told her) all had their place on the dresser. There was even an eagle feather resting amongst the goodies. Chell had almost wet herself while choking out the tale that GLaDOS had told her to Mrs Keegan about how the android had defeated her greatest foe yet, and with her bare hands, too! Not even Mr Chubby Beak had dared to fight off that great beast that had made its nest far too close to her precious facility. Of course, with the android's fear of birds, bare hands probably just meant she poisoned the eagle's food supply or poked some avian road kill with a stick until the fathers had fallen off. Still, Chell had accepted the victory token as GLaDOS had intended it – as way of showing that she was perfectly capable of defending her from any avian army that may have been looming on the horizon, waiting for just the right moment to swoop down and take the test subject hostage.

Yet despite all that and the lengths that GLaDOS had gone to get some of the objects, the ones that had pride of place on her bedside table were the garter and the little turret music box that played its song to her every night. Chell, at that point, was quite glad she had stolen the loop of black lace from the android that first time. It had been what had brought them together in the first place, and she had no intention of ever losing it. She brought it with her in her pocket every time she went to meet her, even if it didn't end up being removed and worn for a little game of Who's Your Daddy. Sometimes things happened, and sometimes they didn't. And Chell found she was actually okay with that as without GLaDOS around she found herself picking up hobbies and being able to tell her all about them. GLaDOS probably knew everything there was to know about everything, but she patiently sat and listened to the test subject relating her tales.

It had been a good three weeks since Chell had last seen GLaDOS.

Christmas had come and gone with much fanfare in the Keegan household, with plenty of decorations and a lavish dinner to fatten themselves on. Although she hadn't seen the supercomputer that day, Chell had received the best present of all once the others had managed to squeeze their fat little turkey-filled bellies out the front door and back into their beds.

GLaDOS had been waiting under that tree by the creek for her in little more than her underwear, a santa hat and jacket, and a little sprig of mistletoe clipped to the garter. Chell had made sure to follow tradition to the letter, and left plenty of kisses under wherever the mistletoe migrated to over the course of the night.

It was the best Christmas ever, in Chell's opinion, even if GLaDOS had been gone in the morning with only a cup of peppermint-laced hot chocolate and some cookies in her place.

She'd certainly refused to elaborate on what was causing the dopey grin on her face the next morning when she'd managed to get down the stairs despite the chafing.

New Year celebrations had been the next holiday hurdle to overcome. She hadn't expected GLaDOS to show up at all for that, considering that it wasn't particularly a major celebration by the supercomputer's books. Billy had been considering trying his luck in asking Chell out again now that GLaDOS was supposedly dead and Chell had gotten over her 'sadness', but the warning from Mrs Keegan had scared him off trying. Instead the entire town had come out to a nearby hill where they could enjoy food and drink and hired entertainment, right up until the countdown and fireworks.

It was a tradition that had been held every year, but Chell had never attended before due to her social anxieties at the time. But now with a plastic cup full of beer in her hand and a position right on top of the hill near Mrs Keegan and Billy, she was quite happily drinking in the spectacle of the band on the makeshift stage below.

Deciding that another skewer of meat-based products and some more beer was in order, Chell clambered out of the cheap plastic chair she was sitting in and wandered back toward the shadows where the abandoned but fully laden picnic table sat still and silent with its delicious wares. The food was probably getting a bit cold, but she decided that could wait for a bit longer as she jammed her hand into the freezing depths of the cooler that had been packed with snow and beer. Cracking open another can to pour into her cup, she turned back to face the silhouettes of the people on the side of the hill as the countdown started. Missing the fireworks display would be absolute blasphemy. She hadn't seen any of those before. By the sounds of it, it would be quite spectacular.

Much like Explosion Day.

But both the kebab and the cup of beer fell to the ground unwanted the moment a slice of the most wonderful looking cake materialized in front of her like a vision from heaven. Coated in thick chocolate frosting and bursting with cream, the decadently moist triangle of cake with the a cherry on top floated in front of her on a paper plate and held by an arm that had somehow appeared from the shadows behind her.

"While your mouth may be humongous, you haven't yet developed the ability to unhinge your jaw and swallow your prey whole. I'd suggest using a fork, or maybe a spoon." GLaDOS murmured quietly into her ear so as not to alert the others to her presence.

"Cake? For me?"

"Yes. Cake for you, lunatic."


"New year, new start. Isn't that how your human celebratory agreements work? I did do research on this, you know."

"Good research." Chell dumbly agreed, her hands coming up to reverently cradle the paper plate and the delicious looking trophy it held. What end was she supposed to start at? Should she just go in face first, or savour ever little bite? Oh, the possibilities.

Rubbing it all over herself and then licking it off was also an option.

"...-and then I figured that if everyone was going to make resolutions, I should make one as well." GLaDOS babbled, half of her speech completely ignored by Chell, who had still been staring at the cake. "So I feel like I should tell you something. Something truthful, actually, that I've been thinking about for a while now. You might not even believe me, but we're making a new start. So now you have to. Because I'm being nice for a change. And I'm only going to tell you this once, so you'd better listen."

The test subject smiled, looking up at the nervously fidgeting android.

"I lo-..."

"Shh. It's okay. I understand." Chell soothed at a whisper, pressing her finger to GLaDOS's lips to silence her.

When Mrs Keegan had turned in her chair to see where Chell had gotten to once the fireworks had started, she wasn't one bit surprised to see her and the android wrapped up in each others' arms, making out like a pair of teenagers that hadn't figured out their parents could see them. What had been surprising was finding out that it had been GLaDOS that had kissed her first.

"Actually," GLaDOS started once she'd managed to pry her lips away from the breathless test subject for long enough. "I don't think you do understand."

"Then elaborate."

Holding back a smile behind her withered hand, the old woman turned back around to enjoy the sparkling pops of colour in the sky and leave the two to their own devices. Billy was too engrossed in the dazzling display to even think about looking behind him, but it was best she didn't draw any unneeded attention on the girls. It was a shame that Chell had wasted that slice of cake by dumping it on the ground when the supercomputer had kissed her though. She could have at least shared it around if she didn't want it. That had looked amazing.

"What I was trying to say was that I love you so much that I'm going to give your love handles friction burns."

At hearing the peals of laughter from the test subject, it was only then that Mrs Keegan wondered if it had been Chell that had GLaDOS wrapped around her little finger all along.


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