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The Count stood by the doorway silently as his red stare grew molten with rage. Renfield froze not daring to meet his Master's eyes, whose restraint was visibly thinning. The lunatic had failed him, the doctor and that damned Professor had tracked him down to Dracula's estate. The cool night air was tense around them when Renfield's deafening heartbeat filled the vampire's mind. Irritated and hungry in three graceful strides Dracula had crossed over to the brunette. Now fully aware of his Master's displeasure he lowered his head in a sign of submission, he had never wanted to fail him.

The Count's plans were quickly unraveling and both men knew it. The red eyed man's thoughts were piercing through the lunatic's susceptible mind, the young man with sandy brown hair winced.

"Master I did not know they were spying on me. If I knew I would never have," Renfield choked, "I simply wanted to see you." It is unfair, the madman thought his eyes burning as he held back tears, his Master could visit him whenever he pleased. But that it is the way it is supposed to be is it not? Renfield's blue eyes shot up, pleadingly gazing at the Count, his pink lips trembling.

"Please," the man begged fingers clutching at his cot so he would not cling to the vampire who appeared repulsed by him. Of all the things he had wanted the Count's company and now he was ripping that away. "Please Master I never meant to fail you. I will do anything you bid me to," tears trickled down his cheeks. His fragile heart was racing between his lungs, "Just do not leave me in this darkness. I cannot stand it without you." Dracula scowled his bright eyes darkening into a hollow garnet,

"Such a pathetic human, you are useless to me now," his voice was cryptic.

Those words sent ripples of ice across the madman's skin, he shivered his heart clenching painfully in his chest.

"No," his blue eyes fell to the floor, the vampire took another step closer his hand clasping around the lunatic's throat. "Master," his hands weakly attempted to pry off Dracula's iron grip, his feet were now a few inches off the ground. "Please," he said softly even though his windpipe was being forced closed. In a flash the Count threw Renfield onto the ground his eyes now screwed shut, repeatedly the madman's head was slammed against the concrete floor. Like acidic fingers the pain carded through his mind, the back of his skull searing from the impact.

But Renfield remained silent throughout the agonizing punishment. I thought you needed me, I thought you love- the last sane thoughts of the lunatic were blinking slowly in his mind.

"You were simply a pawn," Dracula hissed his hateful eyes glaring down at his pitiful servant. Darkness was edging into his vision, the brunette desperately tried to blink it away, but his body was no longer responding to his thoughts. A chill washed over Renfield's body, he looked up at his disappointed Master, sadness tearing at his heart.

"I was loyal to you," the lunatic murmured the light fading from his sapphire eyes.

For a moment the Count simply gazed down at the motionless man, his death had left the cell eerily quiet. Dracula finally released Renfield and crouched down next to his body, his hellish eyes scanning for movement. The vampire's knuckles affectionately brushed the brunette's blood stained skin, he loved me. No one had ever cared about the Count's well-being, not Lucy, not Jonathan, not even his wives. Sudden pain stabbed his chest, in horror and realization he fell backwards. What- what have I done? Dracula's eyes ran over Renfield's broken form and the pool of blackness that glittered around his head like a halo.

Scrambling over to him, with vain hope he tried to listen to his heart. Nothing but silence filled his ears and his body became leaden with dread. The sharp scent of his shed blood was sickeningly dense, making the Count's remorse increase tenfold. The way Renfield had obediently pleaded, the look churning deep in those blue eyes persistently repeated in Dracula's mind. You yourself never loved; you never love! The past words were haunting as he lay beside his dead companion, eyes on fire though tears would never come. The Count knew better, this pain would not lessen with the years.

Softened red eyes glanced up at Renfield's oceanic ones, hoping to catch a flicker of light in them. A man- a beast like him was incapable of love, never felt it, and could not understand it. Not until it was missing from his life, till it was torn out of his chest. Never had he been so cursed.

A/N;So this is one of my shortest stories so far, I got the idea for it after reading the entire book. Was I the only one who was sad when Renfield was killed off?