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In a cold sweat the Count's eyelids fluttered open, his breathing was ragged as he subconsciously clutched his chest. Vampires did not dream, it was a fact Dracula reminded himself of. He had had a vision; his aching mind and sore heart were proof of that. Emotionally wrung he crept out of his coffin and leaned against the peeling walls. Milky moonlight washed over his pale face, he sighed pinching the bridge of his nose. Dracula's ruby eyes gazed out of the window focusing on the cool beams,

"I thought I lost you," he murmured. Feeling lighter he honed all of his senses on the light, eventually his flesh faded into night air.

Within seconds he had transported to the asylum near Carfax. Still only particles in the moonlight the vampire let his thoughts emanate to the anxious, still breathing Renfield. The brunette's head shot up when heard the soothing yet alluring voice of the Count echo in his mind, Evening Renfield. Even though the other no longer needed permission to enter, he still politely waited outside. His faithful servant cracked the window open with a wary smile on his face. Dracula could practically smell his fear and sense his hesitation, reforming into a man the vampire took a step closer. Like a hummingbird's the man's heartbeat filled his ears,

"Do not fear me," he said softly.

A sudden calm washed over the usually over-zealous man, tonight he had feared his Master would disown him and leave him to rot in the asylum. Even in their first meeting, Renfield had never seen the emotion that stirred him so, alive in those hauntingly beautiful eyes.

"Master," the other man exhaled but before he could continue the vampire pressed a cool finger to his lips. The brunette then noticed the faint familiar footsteps of Dr. Seward and immediately lay in his bed feigning sleep. His patient heard the door being unlocked and the slight creak as the doctor scanned the room for anything suspicious. Thankfully in a matter of minutes Dr. Seward had left, the night was running short.

There is no need for apologizes, Dracula's voice was soft and warm in his mind. Reappearing from the shadow he had skillfully hid in the vampire wrapped his arms around the other man, mind focused on his rhythmic heartbeat the Count inhaled. Renfield heart swelled as he relaxed into the intimate embrace, without a word sweet lips pressed against his. The blue eyed man felt warmth bloom in his chest,

"So affectionate tonight Master," he murmured against the Count's cheek. With more passion and need to it the brunette initiated his own kiss which was a surprise to the vampire. Ruby eyes met navy blue ones,

"I never want to lose you."

A smile curled on his lips when he heard the man's heart flutter over his confession. Does that mean- the brunette thought.

"Yes," Dracula breathed, "I will make you my fledgling," he paused. "At first you will be weak and unskilled, but soon you will be able to walk by my side at night." A wide grin stole Renfield's expression, his eyes glittering with happiness he coiled his arms around the Count's waist and buried his face in his chest, hiding his tears of joy.

"To be by your side Master would give my life great purpose." The love that echoed behind his words made the vampires skin glow with Renfield's body heat, making his head spin with an unfamiliar emotion.

Craning his neck Dracula pulled him into a slow kiss, the shorter man opened his mouth slightly his slick tongue tentatively tracing those soft lips. The vampire bit back a moan when he felt his companion's tongue enter his mouth and curiously lick at his fangs. Adrenaline lacing his blood he pulled away, he could not stand the idea of allowing his lover to waste away for another night in this decrepit asylum. Drink. Renfield's gaze fell upon the pale skin of Dracula's exposed wrist, he looked up for conformation to what he had heard, his pink lips soon closed around that bit of flesh. There was only the minute pain of the brunette's dull teeth breaking his skin, the vampire watched with fascination as the human peacefully drank his blood. Strange pride boiled in his lungs, long lashes fluttering deep blue eyes caught his, Renfield pulled away dark blood dripping from his lips.

In an instant Dracula caught those lips enjoying the way the man's body trembled in response. Blue eyes flashing with amusement and hunger a breathtaking smile curled Renfield's lips. The vampire could not help but to smile, soon the urge to claim the other man came upon him and his lips ghosted across his lover's throat. A mouthwatering moan danced in the Count's ears as his fangs sank into the brunette's warm body. Lustful pants and cries came from him as Dracula drank, clutching at his back. Suddenly he pulled away, not wanting to give into Renfield's physical yearning just yet. He cupped the blue eyed man's face and gently kissed him, savoring the last few beats of his heart as their blood stained lips met.

"Yes Renfield, this makes you mine."

Feeling something was amiss Dr. Seward hurried back to Renfield's room, it was much too quiet. Opening the door he blinked, the window was wide open moonlight was washing through the bars and into every shadow. Panic flooded the doctor's mind and he ran down the hall to the guards his heart nearly beating out of his chest. Renfield was gone. With five guards and Professor Van Helsing, Dr. Seward searched for any signs of the lunatic and they all checked outside of the Count's Carfax estate. Hair prickling on the back of his neck Van Helsing followed the sensation until he felt his stomach flip. There in the trees he saw the two men kissing softly, then suddenly fiery eyes bored into him. The sinful sight was sickening to the Professor, but then again who better to sin with than the devil himself?

Neither the Count nor the missing Renfield moved, the search party took no notice to the Professor's wandering off.

"Van Helsing," Dracula's voice was calm but the underlying air of hatred lay behind it. "I will leave your England," he said smoothly, "and leave little Mina untouched." The Professor nodded firmly, he would not take the promise of a monster as truth, but at the moment he was unarmed and had no other choice. "But if you dare try to disturb me and my life I will leave your rotting corpse for my wolves," he finished darkly. A chill crept up Van Helsing's spine and he nodded again, not able to think of a response. He blinked at the empty darkness only the hush of rustling leaves filled the silence. They were gone.

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