A/N: Hello, all! This is my first full-length Psych fic! I've been working on it for awhile, and have several chapters already written, so I hope you enjoy it.

IMPORTANT NOTE: In order for this to work, Juliet needs to have lived in Santa Barbara when she was younger. I don't think this is completely un-canon. We know she moved from Miami, but we also know she went to college there, which could mean she just stayed in Miami after college until the start of Psych. Besides, the Christmas episode where her family is in town? It seems like it would make no sense for her ENTIRE family (nephews and all) to come visit her in SB if she alone could visit them in Miami. So, I think this could be possible. So just go with me on the idea that she left SB for college and then finally came back in '06.

This is BY FAR the shortest chapter I have-think of it as a prologue.

Juliet O'Hara had just sat down after an exhausting day of work at the station when she heard the doorbell ring. Groaning, she pulled herself up from the couch, trying to steady her body's weight.

At nearly six months pregnant, her center of balance was slightly off, enough for her to start having trouble transitioning from the sitting to standing position.

Once Juliet balanced herself, she quickly made her way to the door and opened it to see who was there.

At the door stood an adolescent girl, perhaps 15 or 16 years old, with wavy brown hair and blue eyes.

"Can I help you?" Juliet asked the girl after a brief silence.

"I'm looking for Juliet O'Hara."

"That would be me," Jules replied, confused by the girl's presence.

"You're Juliet? Are you sure?"

Juliet furrowed her brows: "Yeah, I'm positive. What exactly is this about?"

"Well, I'm..." The girl paused, trying to figure out the best way to phrase her response. She ended up choosing the simple route. "I'm your daughter."

Juliet's eyes widened and slowly began to fill with tears. Her daughter? She couldn't believe her baby girl was standing in front of her, not to mention that she was confused about why.

"I need you to sign this for me and then maybe give me the name of who knocked you up so I can get his signature too?"

"Wait—what? What am I signing?" Juliet asked as a pen was put into her hand. She was flustered and couldn't comprehend what this teenage girl who claimed to be her daughter was asking her.

"It's just a form terminating your parental rights so I can get emancipated. Just a quick signature and you'll be free of me. Oh—and that name."

"Uh, come in. You can sit down while I read this." The teenager sat down nervously on the couch as Juliet skimmed through the paper that her daughter had handed her. As she was doing so, her fiancé Shawn came out of the kitchen and noticed the girl on their couch.

"Hey, Jules, who's this? Oh, are you selling Girl Scout cookies? We could go for maybe four or five boxes of Thin Mints, don't you think, honey? For your cravings, of course."

"No, Shawn, this is—uh, I don't think you even told me your name," Juliet responded, suddenly realizing she didn't even know her own daughter's name.


"Right, uh, Shawn this is Amelia...my daughter."

"That's funny, Jules. You're starting to imitate my own sense of humor. I'm proud of you."

"Shawn," Juliet replied quietly, her face utterly serious, "I'm not kidding. She's here because she wants me to sign this paper." She turned to Amelia, stumbling over her words slightly as she asked, "It says here you're being emancipated from foster care? You weren't adopted."

"Ah, no, it's a long, boring story. You wouldn't really want to hear about it."

Juliet bit her lip but then signed the paper. "So...do you need anything else? Can I take you somewhere?"

"Just the name," Amelia replied. "Think back to all the guys who got you pregnant, and let me know the name of my father so I can get his signature too."

"Jules, wait a second, aren't you going to tell me what's going on?" Shawn looked completely confused as he watched the interaction between the two females who looked quite similar, one of the only differences being their hair color.

"Shawn, I'll explain everything to you later, okay? I need to help Amelia right now." Juliet turned to her daughter, still feeling quite flustered, and told her, "Your father's name is Nate Parsley. I can stop by the station and find out where he lives and then take you to him."

"The station?" Amelia asked.

"Yeah, I'm a detective at the SBPD. Uh, come on. We'll go now. I'll see you later Shawn!"

Shawn stood dumbstruck in the living room as he watched Juliet and her apparent daughter walk out the door. "Uh, bye? Um, drive-drive safe, I guess."

A/N: This idea, if you hadn't guessed by the title, came from the show Life Unexpected. Imagine that! Anyway, the first couple of chapters will be similar to the pilot of that show, but after that, it's nearly all original content. I don't own Life Unexpected (the show).

Also, some might say that Juliet doesn't seem like the type of girl to have gotten pregnant in HS, but that's why this inspiration works-because Cate (the character in the show) was the exact same way. OK, enough of the rambling...

P.S. This is Amelia: http : /brittany-online. org/ photos/ displayimage. php?pid=1156&fullsize=1 [minus spaces] (it's actually the same girl who played this character [her name was Lux] on the show, but on the show she was blonde)